Embassy of Belgium—How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Manila

Did you ever dream of going to Europe? To just travel and see the sights, from the tulips in Holland, to the ruins in Greece, the canals in Italy, and the wonderful castles in Hungary? If you have ever wondered how to apply for a Schengen visa in the Philippines, this post can help you.

Like most Filipinos who have to work to make a living, I thought that getting to Europe just to travel is a pipe dream. Getting a Schengen visa, in the first place, is like a roll of dice. Only those who get lucky (like me) get it for the first time. (Of course, Filipinos with millions in the bank or in positions of power are not included in this statement. But they’re the exception.)

But you know what? I applied for a Schengen visa in the Belgian embassy last December, and less than a month later, I got the much-longed for email: “Visa Approval – Embassy of Belgium.” Here’s what I did.

Philippine passport

You would need a valid passport!

Choose Where to Apply for a Schengen Visa

There are 26 countries which belong to the Schengen area. These are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, German, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Choosing where to file depends on some factors. If you’re filing a tourist visa, for example, you can file in the country that you’re entering first, or where you’ll be staying longest.

Some people also chose the embassies where they heard were less strict. However, remember that the requirements and the process of filing for a visa remains the same whichever embassy you choose.

I filed in the Embassy of Belgium because my sponsor is a national there.

Types of Schengen Visa

There are many types of Schengen visas. I applied for the short-stay one, which is valid for a maximum of 90 days. Since I had a sponsor, the visa I chose was “Visit a Friend.” Other kinds include Tourist, Fiancee, Family Visit, and Family Reunification visas, among others. There are other requirements for these kinds of visas, so make sure to check the embassy’s list of documents needed. This post is for the visit visa only.

A sponsor can be anyone, not just a partner, as long as they can provide the requirements and the justification for their invitation to you. They also have to give assurance that they’ll make sure you’ll go back to the Philippines before your visa expires. This is very important, as most developed countries seem to think that given the chance, all Filipinos would want to stay illegally outside the Philippines.

Flag of Belgium

Flag of Belgium. ©fdecomite

Requirements in Filing for a Schengen Visa

In the Embassy of Belgium in Manila (and in others as well), the following requirements are basic:

  1. Personal appearance to file the visa. Applicants are required to set an appointment through the following contact numbers. Calling to set an appointment costs P35/minute (at least with Bayantel) so make sure you have your passport in hand when you call so that you won’t waste time (and money) looking for them when you get connected. PLDT—1 909 1014545, Bayantel—1 903 1014545, Globe—1 900 1014545.
  2. Passport (valid for at least 3 months on the date of intended travel)
  3. Filled up application form. You can download it with your embassy of choice.
  4. Recent 2×2 photos (2 copies) with white background. It would be best to use a collared shirt when you have your picture taken although it’s not expressly stated in the requirements.
  5. Visa application fee of 60euros. At the time I applied, I paid P3600.

I also submitted the following which were provided by my sponsor:

  1. A letter from him explaining the reason for his invitation + an assurance that I will not overstay there.
  2. Proof of his financial capacity. He sent me his payslips for the past 4 months.
  3. Original Affidavit of Support certified by his municipality.
  4. His Family Composition certified by his municipality.
  5. Photocopy of his Belgian ID card (front and back).

Aside from these basic requirements, I also submitted the following:

  1. My cover letter stating why I wanted to go to Belgium
  2. A travel booking (just reservations, not confirmed tickets!)
  3. My Certificate of Employment (with approved leave of absence; this is very important as well to establish the fact that you would be coming back to the country)
  4. Payslips for the past 3 months
  5. Credit card statements for the past 3 months
  6. Bank certifications (dollar and peso accounts, time deposit)
  7. Income Tax Return for the past year (ITR)
  8. Photocopy of my passport + all visas and entry/exit stamps of all countries I’ve visited (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore)
  9. Proof of relationship with my sponsor (photographs, etc.)

Once you have all these, photocopy them because the embassy will ask you to bring one original and one photocopy. In my case, I brought three copies because I wanted to keep one for my file. However, the embassy personnel only asked me for the original, so I have two copies with me now (which I’ll bring on my trip, just in case they’re needed).

The Process of Filing for a Schengen Visa

On the day of my appointment (7 December 2011, 9am), I arrived an hour early and had to stay outside the building while waiting for the embassy to open at exactly 9 o’clock. The Belgian embassy is at the 9th floor of the Multinational Bancorporation Building, 6805 Ayala Avenue, Makati. If you’re taking a cab from EDSA, get off at the last bus stop just before Gil Puyat (Buendia) Avenue.

Once inside the small room, you will see two embassy officers; one takes care of the application of seafarers, and the other takes care of the other applicants. Be at your scheduled time because if you’re late, they won’t accommodate you anymore.

When you’re called, submit all the documents that you have. They will look at it first and will call you again. The embassy officer will interview you on the spot (in full hearing of everyone else), so make sure you’re ready to answer questions. Since they are Filipinos, you can also speak in Filipino if you’re not comfortable speaking in English. Some questions that I remember were:

  1. Purpose of my stay
  2. My employment
  3. Details about my relationship with my sponsor, how we met and if we’ve seen each other in person
  4. My financial status
  5. My family composition
  6. Our plans when I’m there

After I paid the visa fee, I was given a receipt. You need to keep this as they’ll take this back when you claim your visa. I was told that they’ll email me the results. I applied on December 7, and got the email on January 3, 2012. The waiting time was almost one month, but it was okay, since they granted me the exact days I applied for—70 days! My dream to backpack in Europe was really coming true! It was the perfect gift for the new year.

Before they issued the visa, though, they asked me to email my tickets and insurance coverage for 70 days. I booked at Qatar Airways (return ticket: P52,000+), and got my insurance with Chartis in Cubao, Q.C. (P5,600).

I’m leaving in less than 2 weeks for Belgium, and it will be an epic journey that I can only be grateful to my sponsor about. When the 70 days is up, I’ll be back in the Philippines, dreaming of (and saving up for!) another trip, perhaps to Australia/New Zealand or India, or perhaps back in Europe again. Only time will tell.

Disclaimer: This post is based on my experience filing for a Visit a Friend visa in the Belgian Embassy in Manila. The details may or may not be relevant to your specific needs. Always check the website of the embassy where you’re applying to make sure you have all the requirements they specify for your application.

 Aleah Taboclaon is a freelance writer and editor. She likes running (completed one marathon, training for the next!), diving (PADI open water diver), and traveling with her Kindle. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can also email her; she would love to hear from you!


    • Julius says

      hello po Aleah, may tanong lng po sana ako. Uhm by month of June mg aapply na nmn ako for Belgium tourist shengen visa. And it is my 3rd times, the past application was rejected. Paano po if student pa po ako and my plan to apply by month of June. Do u have any ideas what is the necessary reqs for my applying n the embassy again? I need ur reply po,. And god bless u.
      Nakakatulong po etung blog nyu :)

  1. says

    Aleah, i have concerns with the Schengen visas. when you applied at the Belgian Embassy, the visa they gave you include which countries? Ilan countries sya at ung 70 days na un, u can enter other Schengen states or dun lang din sa mga states that you applied?

    When you applied at the Belgian Embassy, does it only give you enough leeway to include other countries nearby or just Belgium lang talaga and when you arrived there, you can go to other states na?

    thanks for this ha. I am wanting to see Europe pero un nga, the visa is one obstacle but this post is useful indeed.

    • says

      hi ma’am, I have concern, I have plan to apply the Visa in Belgian. I have a boyfriend thier who envite me to visit him, what kind of Visa should I apply? Because I choose Tourist Visa. Hope to hear you soon

  2. says

    Hi Aleah,

    Enjoyed your eye for detail in the post and learned a few things as well. Hope you have a lot of fun in Belgium and Europe. Sniff some tulips for me in Holland, and should you make your way to Slovakia, get yourself some of their cheese. I can’t remember how it’s called, pero it’s easy to spot them ’cause they look like a braid of hair. haha.

    Safe Travels!!!
    Shawi recently posted..Frankfurt: How to Be a German for a Day

  3. says

    Hi Aleah!

    An informative post indeed! I will go on a trip of my own for Europe this summer and though I’ll be applying to France, just thought it would be nice to see how yours went. 😉

    Just be prepared for the weather dear. Mainland Europe is colder than the UK. Sila na ang may snow ngayon! hehehe I know you’ll have a wonderful time!

    Catherine recently posted..Bohol: A 3D2N Adventure!

  4. Moon92111 says

    I am sure you will have great time in Europe. And you have explained everything succinctly in this piece, this will help many people in the future.

  5. says

    This is a detailed information on how to get entry to other countries. This is very informative. This is what I like for fellow bloggers who are very willing to help their fellows. Well-taken. I would say, “approve without thinking!”

  6. Rafael says

    Aleah congrats! I just got back from my 2 week Euro trip. It’s actually easy to apply for it as long as you have all the docs required. It is relatively easy to apply for a Schengen visa except for France, Italy and Germany. The rest would be very easy. If you do not have a sponsor, as long as you have a round trip ticket booked, insurance and accommodation, it’s really easy. I applied mine through the Netherlands Embassy. AXA Life has a 30 Euro travel insurance with a coverage of 30k Euros as required. Bank accounts as I notice wasn’t much of an importance, I literally had 20k pesos in my account when I applied :).. Anyway hope you enjoy Europe! If you stay there until August we can meet!

  7. says

    This post makes me want to try my luck with the Shengen states as well! Maybe after my graduation from college, who knows. 😉 Thanks Aleah for all the information and congratulations in getting approved! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures.

    So far I’ve only been to England and that was an educational trip (I was 16 back then). It looks like I’ll be needing something similar to a CoE, so the dream of going back will have to wait.

    Good luck and have fun! :)

  8. says

    @ Rafael: Just two weeks? Where did you go that time? Good to know you didn’t have difficulty. All of the people I talked to really had to go through the eye of a needle to get the visa. I think there may be other reasons for your easy approval, like if you have a US visa already, or perhaps Canada or UK. :) And I only have 70 days, so by August, I’ll be in the Philippines. Hope to see you in CS meet-ups!
    @ Ryan Mach: Sure, you can also share this to friends.
    @ Stef: Thanks. Just remember all the preparations prior to applying for a visa :)
    Aleah recently posted..Embassy of Belgium—How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Manila

  9. says

    @ Pehpot: Yeah, if work-related it would be very easy as your employer would verify it. Unfortunately, if you have a conference for example, the visa would only cover one extra day before and one day after the conference. If you want to travel as a tourist after that, you’d have to file a separate visa. Strict masyado no?
    @ Rey: You can file the visa at the earliest 3 months in advance. So, no you can’t file 6 months in advance.
    Aleah recently posted..Embassy of Belgium—How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Manila

  10. says

    congrats sis, you are so lucky to get their approval in just a month. Thanks for sharing I might use it in the future, wehehe, feeling lang na makkalibot din sa Europe

  11. says

    I dream of going to Europe!!
    Heck,I even think of living in there when I get the chance..
    Pero medyo lame pa ang excuses ko, I’m still scred of goign out of the country alone..
    And I’ve been putting off getting my own passport for the longest time.
    I admire you though Aleah, you’re sense of adventure far surpasses mine!
    Simurgh | Ang Pala-lagaw recently posted..Photowalk | SM Mall Of Asia

  12. says

    i dream of exploring europe too. pero hindi pa ngayon . I am looking up to you when it comes to backpacking . I hope to see you again in one of your trips soon

  13. says

    This post gives me a lot of knowledge as to how the process should go. With this background knowledge that I have, I think I am now ready to look for some sponsors for my European tour. lol…

    Kidding aside, this one is really informative.

  14. Jenny O'Toole says

    Schengen Visa – Easy as 123. I applied thru on-line last year I completed Schengen Visa the form, insert cheque, visa picture, my passport, our bookings like places we are going to stay, state the purpose of visit. Then post it. After 14 days visa is approved. No show! No show money! No need for personal appearance.

    BTW thanks for posting your article VERY USEFUL. I bookmark your blog incase somebody back home is interested to go to Europe.
    Jenny O’Toole recently posted..Blackpool Tower

  15. mercy says

    thanks for the info, its right time or us because we were invited by our friends in Belgium his letter of invitation arrives yesterday together with our insurances (the 3 of us)our intended travel is schedule on July 24 this year my question is when shall we pay our visa before the interview or after the interview. because in US embassy before we will be interviewed we have to pay first in the bank our visa and bring or present it during the interview. thanks.

  16. Noemi says

    hi leah,im Noemi, i read your very helful tips to us..leah you said you your appintment is dec 7 and you got email january 3,,what date is your booking ticket?and adds to that i just want to ask you something about my visa,i applied tourist visa to belgium also going to my husband in belgium,and we have the same sinario they email me about, that they already have result for my visa but they dd’nt tell exacly the result if its approved or refused…pinapapunta lng ako dun for the result,ganun din b sayo or inemail ka na approved ka? congrats by the way…medyo kinakabhan kc ako why ganun..hope to hear from you soon… GoDbless you…thanks

  17. says

    @ Noemi: When I received the approval email on January 3, they told me I have 2 weeks to buy the ticket. I bought it January 13 for my flight on Feb 5. The booking ticket is not needed anymore since you just reserve it (not buy it) for visa application purposes.

    In the email, they immediately told me that my visa was approved and to get it at the embassy once I have bought my ticket and insurance. If it’s approved, they really have to tell you, since you would have to buy your ticket and insurance first before you can claim your visa. What day did they ask you to go back? Some people said that if you were asked to go to the embassy on a Tuesday, it means denial/rejection. I have no experience with it though.

    You should have filed for a family reunification visa, not a tourist visa, since you said you’re already married to him. In any case let me know how it turns out.
    Aleah recently posted..Date A Girl Who Travels

  18. says

    @ Aisa: I asked a travel agency to do that for me (for free). But you can also call Qatar Airlines and book a reservation. The booking usually expires in 2 weeks or so, but it’s okay since they know it’s for visa purposes. You’re expected to book a new one when your visa application is approved.
    Aleah recently posted..Date A Girl Who Travels

  19. a says

    hi, i was in europe for a month last 2010 so i was really shocked when my schengen visa was denied (french embassy) last november—given that i have a previous schengen visa, chinese visa, 2 korean visas plus numerous trips in various asian countries. two weeks ago, i applied for a uk visa and after 6 days, i received my passport with 6 months multiple entry —- since my uk visa is valid for 6 months, i wanna drop by schengen states and is hoping to apply for a 3 months tourist visa. do you think that i have a chance in obtaining it, given that i have a sponsor who’s willing to provide all the paperworks for me? i am currently working and have complete documents in my end :-)

  20. says

    @ A: Well, they always say that previously issued Schengen visas don’t matter when you apply for a new one. In my experience, though, having a sponsor (plus a really valid reason for coming back to the country) will greatly increase your chances of getting approved, especially when your papers are complete. Congrats on getting the UK Visa; I heard it’s also difficult to get one!
    Aleah recently posted..Take a Leap of Faith and Travel Solo!

  21. a says

    actually here’s the thing… the only reason why i applied for the uk visa is because my schengen visa was rejected. my main intention really is to get to france — and fast. u see, my boyfriend resides there and he was the one who invited me over to france but then the french embassy in manila rejected my application last november. :-(

  22. Vhen says

    Hi Aleah, its nice to read your story about visit visa.,
    Im planning also to get a visit visa this year, maybe on October, my friend is a US Navy, and theres a possibility that she can be there in their base. And shes inviting me to visit her in Italy soon.
    Im just afraid to get a visit visa for many reasons…thats why i keep on searching here to get more info so i can be prepared on whatever might happend….
    Im a sales consultant for 6mos now, and also been in SG,HK,Thailand and Macau.
    And to go to europe is also my greatest dream to go to…i have also relatives in Germany.
    Since yesterday til now im still searching about Italy and more info about it…
    And when i read now, im so happy coz i got new idea and info too…
    Thanks.. And more info pa po…or things needed for me to get visa too like you….
    Thanks alot..take care….

  23. Mark says

    Hi! I have my schedule on thusday July 5,2012 but we are still wondering if i will declare the 90 days or make it shorter to make it believable that i will come back.. what do you think should i pass a 90 days itenerary or make it shorter?? thanks

  24. says

    @ Blanca: It’s actually not easy to apply for one. There ARE a lot of requirements :)
    @ Mark: I can’t answer you on that. As I said, it all depends on the documents you present. People have told me that 70 days is too long, that as a first timer, I should have applied for 2 weeks only. But I got that on my first application. So if you can justify your 90-day stay in Europe and assure the embassy that you will come back after, there should be no problem.
    Aleah recently posted..Rappelling and Other Things to Do in Mariveles, Bataan

  25. Mark says

    Done with my VISA application on the Swiss Embassy, they deny people on the spot.. :) good thing i was not denied at first.. They told me that so far everything is good and they would need 5 days to process my application, the guy on window 1 then told me to sign a waiver that i need to have a personal appearance on the embassy after my trip just to prove that i went home.. what do you think is it approved or not?? waiting is the hardest part lolz although everything went well and from the things that the guy said im positive that they will grant me a visa… :

  26. says

    @ Mark: Congrats! But I really can’t say if you’ll be approved or not. Sometimes everything points to an approval, then you get denied, and vice versa. Re personal appearance, I was asked by the Belgian embassy when my visa was granted to get a Certificate of Appearance from the town hall there and submit it to the embassy when I come back, as proof as well that I’ve been there and went home as expected. Anyway, yes, the waiting is the hardest part. I doubt if they can give you the results in 5 days, but once you have it, do come back here and let us know! Good luck!
    Aleah recently posted..Top 5 Spa Destinations in Asia

  27. Mie says

    Very informative. Although applying for schengen differ by country. I applied thru the Italian Embassy and no personal appearance needed. The courier will pick up your documents and deliver your passport after 3 weeks. Very convenient for me because I didn’t have to take a day off from work.the requirements can be daunting but it’s worth the effort. Europe is amazing. I wish i could’ve stayed longer but i only have 3 weeks of leave per year.

  28. Mark says

    @Aleah: I got my VISA today through Air21.. :) As they promised it was 5 days but i never thought that Sat and Sun is included but anyways I already have it and Im so happy!! Off to Europe next month!! :)

  29. Camille says

    Hi! I applied in the Netherlands Embassy since my internship was originally in Portugal and then in Hungary. However, I had to cancel the Poland one since the total number of days ill stay in Europe will exceed 90 — the normal # of days for tourist visa. Anyways, it took them almost 2 months to process and just last week they told me that they cancelled the application — not denied, because I should apply in the Belgian Embassy since it covers Hungary (Hungary being my longest stay). Now I have to reapply, do you think I can still use my affidavit of consent and support from my parents which was stamped by a lawyer on May 7, 2012, and all my bank statements/time deposit dated May 10 (the date when I got it)? I am so scared. I booked all my Tours already and My internship host already got me an apartment for the duration of my stay. Plus I will leave End of August, my interview is this coming thursday! HELP!

  30. says

    @ Camille: Just submit all the requirements that you have. They say that the documents must not be older than 3 months, so if they’re stamped last May, they can still be accepted. Just hope your visa approval will arrive before your trip though. Explain to the embassy personnel why you applied this late, I’m sure they’ll take that into consideration. Just be calm and answer all questions honestly. Be confident. You can do it :)
    Aleah recently posted..10 Memorable Train Stations in Europe

  31. irene says

    This is very helpful. Thanks. I will apply for working visa as a nurse in belgium when my working permit(waiting for it) will be approved then afterwards hoping my working visa will be approved. Its really true to say some had to go through an eye of a needle to get the visa. Ive been busy(for a year now)for the requirements needed as provided by my employer. But atleast my employer said they will pursue me.
    What you posted is indeed very informative. Hope to post something in the future about the working visa in belgium when everything is successful as to help people from the information i can share.

  32. An says

    Hello there!!! Kanina po nakuha ko yung visa naming magkapatid.. And this blog, this is very helpful.. Lahat ng nabasa ko dito tumpak! Sobrang happy kasi nagranted kami ng visa. august 8 ang alis namin, regarding my insurance bluecross (original copy) naibigay ko sa netherland embassy so naiwan sa akin is photocopy lang. Magkakaproblem kaya ako dun. Ask ko lang hinanap ba sayo yun nung nandun kana sa belgium.Thanks!!!

  33. says

    @ Irene: Congrats on finding a good employer there. I’m so envious. You will get to travel there often! Good luck and I hope you get that visa soon!
    @ An: Wow, congrats congrats! You should just have given the embassy a copy. You need the original should you need medical assistance. In any case, aren’t you given 2 original copies by BlueCross? Sa akin, 2 original copies ang binigay. Anyway, the insurance papers won’t be asked for when you’re there na, until and unless you will need medical assistance nga.
    Aleah recently posted..Where to Stay in Singapore—Orchard Parade Hotel

  34. chelsea says

    hi there, i just want to ask what visa is better to choose, visit a friend visa or tourist visa? and to irene can I ask how you get an employer in Belgium to work as a nurse? I’m also a nurse and I want to work there if there’s any chance.

  35. Ohlee says

    Hello Ms. ALEAH!

    It was so nice to read your very informative blog here. I have seen some of your comments on Just Landed and it made me so interested to ask some few questions now coz i’m undergoing into same visa application as you had before (Visit a friend visa). I submitted all the necessary documents as required from the website of the Belgian EMbassy in Manila (included are my certificate of employment and approved leave of absence of 15days from work) I applied for a 21-DAY visit to Antwerp, Belgium.Actually my BF lives there on his own and i’m going to bring my 11-year old daughter with during my travel(i am an unmarried single mother). My Bf is our sponsor and he was able to send all necessary documents as our sponsor including his letter of invitation indicating the specific dates he wanted us to be with him (including return date to Phils). BTW, my documents were submitted 23rd day of JUly and now am struggling for my mixed emotions on what will be the result soon. It’s my first time to see my BF in person, if given the chance for the visa approval. We communicate regularly, almost everyday and we have exchanged snail mails since last year, he also started sending money once in a while. We used to exchange text messages, phone calls, chat messages, emails and videocalls. There are also times that he tends to teach me and my daughter their language(basic dutch words). It’s been 15 months now that we have relationship online. I’m a bit feeling uneasy now ‘coz we have not seen each other in person yet and this may cause the denial of my visa application (never to mention discrimination with us). I will greatly appreciate whatever views you may share with me with regards to my visit visa application (this way i might get relaxed..hehehe)Thanks and God Bless!!!

  36. says

    @ Ohlee: One of the reasons for declining (that I’ve heard of) is when a couple hasn’t met in person before. This is not just in the Belgian embassy but in others too. It’s why the boyfriends of Asian women usually make an effort to come, before inviting their GF to their country. I don’t know if your circumstances would be different, but bringing your daughter with you may not be a good idea as well. The embassy can say that it would be dangerous to bring a girl-child in contact with a man whom you haven’t even met in person before, for obvious reasons! But who knows? You could get lucky. Can you let us know please what the embassy’s decision will be? I, personally, would very much like to know. Thanks!
    Aleah recently posted..Other Things to Do in Pattaya (Aside from the Nightlife)

  37. Xen says

    Hi po, i’m at my 4th yr in college, don’t have ITR but I have my own online business. I am currently saving up and my target is Php 250,000. I am currently halfway na po but the big problem is I don’t have ITR. Baka po magtaka ung consul where I got the money? Pahelp naman po ate baka may advise kayong mabibigay sakin :( I will be traveling with my dad who has ITR but it shows little income kasi he is a free lancer. More convincing po ba ung bank account kesa ITR? Thank you po in advance!

  38. says

    @ Xen: The reason why a lot of people get denied is that the embassy cannot ascertain their return to their country. If you and your father work online, what would stop you from staying there and working? The savings is good, but in my experience it won’t be enough to give you a visa. You have to satisfy the embassy that you have ties here in the Philippines that you will go back to.
    Aleah recently posted..Budget Trip Ideas—Wawa Dam and Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal

  39. mariz26 says

    Hi Aleah,

    I am happy i stumbled upon this site and thanks to you! Just want to ask if you happen to know or have an idea how the German embassy here in Manila process the visitors visa application? I just lodged my application last friday and the woman who accepted my papers told me that my documents will be sent.. My question is, how long? She haven’t said a thing as to when they are going to sent my papers. I submitted complete documents and she just asked me a few questions. I just have some inklings because will my papers suffice? She didn’t ask much!(though of course i’m thankful!) I submitted the ff: Application letter,passport,declaration form 54 & 55, formal obligation(verpflichtungserklarung) from my host, informal letter from my host, proofs of our relationship(yahoo mail,skype,emails,our booking in going home to province,xerox of his passport that proves he came here to visit me), travel insurance,back and forth ticket/itenerary(in my case my destination is Germany), certification from my employer stating my 3mos leave, and ITR. Nervous about the result. What do you think? (:

    Thanks and more power!

  40. says

    @ Mariz: You seem to have submitted a complete application! Try not to worry as there was nothing more you could have done. It’s up to them now to evaluate it. It’s very good that you have your employer’s letter + approved VL. That will really help a lot. Did the embassy require the ticket and travel insurance? Usually they just ask for the booking, not the ticket itself. Anyway, results can come back from 10 days to 1 month, or more. Good luck and let us know when you receive your visa!!!
    Aleah recently posted..One Cold Day in the Grand Place, Brussels

  41. mariz26 says

    Hi Aleah,

    Thanks for the reply! And sorry i’m makulit ah… But then, my planned leave is on Sept.12 and its sooo close. Makakahabol p kaya ako?(; And besides something is bothering me, when i made an appointment with the embassy’s call center i already had a reservation ticket in an airline by that time then…and the itinerary i submitted has a different date on it with the one i submitted to them since its a re booked e-ticket. Will there be a problem on that? And though i also have a certification of my leave, there’s no indicated date on it(just 3 months) because we already had an agreement with my company that the start of my leave will depends on when i can have the visa. Oh Aleah…i’m nervous! Promise i’ll give an update once i have the result. Hope its positive!(crossing fingers) Really hard to wait hayyyyssss…

    Kudos to you!

  42. says

    @ Mariz: It’s never recommended to buy a ticket BEFORE you get the visa. No matter how complete the application is, there’s still a chance that you will get denied. That’s why embassies only ask for RESERVATIONS or BOOKINGS, not paid tickets. Yes, Sept 12 is too near. You’re definitely taking a risk by applying too close to your intended date of departure. Still, you may get lucky :) Make sure to come back and let us know, okay?
    Aleah recently posted..One Cold Day in the Grand Place, Brussels

  43. mariz26 says

    Hi Aleah,

    I just had the result today and i was denied to have a visa. Reason, cannot ascertain to leave the shengen state before the visa expires. Aleah i need more help… Please tell me how to make an appeal? Do i have to submit all documents i already submitted or just a letter of appeal? Or do i still need a new appointment? Please enlighten me… What was their ground in telling me that they cant ascertain that i would leave the shengen states before my visa expires? Could it be because i haven’t specified in my COE the exact dates of my leave? Or could it be because my health insurance is not parallel with my itinerary( Travel dates: sept 12-dec11) because it will expire before my departure? But my bf say’s it was just alright. Pls, pls, i need help!

  44. says

    @ Mariz: I’m so sorry to hear that! That’s the usual reason for denial–it just means that despite your papers, they can’t be sure that you’ll come back. That’s why the employer’s letter is crucial. It could be because there was no exact date in the COE–that means you could extend there and your employer wouldn’t mind. What I did in my case was I asked my employer to give me a reason to come back (at least in the embassy’s point of view) so my boss scheduled a series of trainings that I will facilitate a week after my scheduled return. It shows that I really have to honor my return ticket, because I have work in the Philippines. When you file for an appeal, make sure to address their reason for denial–which means find a way to make them believe that there’s a reason for you to return to the Philippines. And next time, don’t buy the ticket and insurance. You’ll be asked to buy them when you have the visa already.
    Aleah recently posted..One Cold Day in the Grand Place, Brussels

  45. mariz26 says

    Hi Aleah,

    Thanks for the immediate reply! And please bear with me for so many questions… Do i still need to make an appointment via call center, or can i just give the letter directly to the embassy in person? My boyfriend will ask his manager to make a letter proving that he is going to have a leave this Dec and that he is coming with me after my intended visit. Also, i’m going to ask my boss to make a letter for me(thanks God she understand my situation-as long as i come back!) Aliah, what’s the best thing to say in the letter aside from putting specific dates? I am sooo much thankful of your site! Promise, whatever happens i’ll share my experience here. By the way, regarding my ticket, he said he will just use it for him (since he is the one who bought it) to come this end of sept in case nothing happens to our appeal.

    In good faith,

  46. mariz26 says

    Hi Aleah,

    Already asked the embassy how to make an appeal. My bf is the one who will make it in behalf of me since he is my host.I asked again a letter from my boss(with an exact date of my leave)and he will secure some papers in his place to strengthen our appeal. The appeal will be sent through email. I just don’t know how long the process would be but i’m still hoping on it. Already read a forum whom someone made an appeal and it just took him 3 or 5 days. I’m praying for it.

    Will update whatever happens..

    God Bless on your wanderings!

  47. says

    @ Mariz: The thing is, it’s different in every case. Some take several applications, others take just one appeal. I’m hoping that with your supportive boss and your BF’s appeal, everything will go right next time. Again good luck and try (yes, try haha) not to think about it too much. It’s out of your hands :)
    Aleah recently posted..Capture the Colors of Europe

  48. JcFrames says


  49. says

    @ Francis Jore: Thanks. Feel free to share :)
    @ JcFrames: Sounds like you have a complicated situation there. Your best bet is to ask your mom to inquire in the Belgian embassy herself–I’m assuming she’s in Belgium? The reason is that it is sooo time consuming and expensive and a lot of work to file for a visa, which is why you would want to get it right the first time. Ask her to inquire there to save on time and money! Let me know how it goes, okay? Good luck!
    Aleah recently posted..Kafka Museum and the Peeing Statues in Prague

  50. Mark says

    Hi Ms. Aleah. I would like to know if I can apply for a Schengen Visa even if I work as a freelancer. If so, what would be my requirements?


  51. says

    @ Mark: Yes, you can apply for a visa, the type of which depends on your purpose in going there. But the question is, will you be granted one? The most common reason for visa denial is when the embassy cannot be sure you will return to the Philippines once you reach Europe. If you don’t have a location-based job, the embassy will most likely automatically assume you will not come back. So when you apply, you will really have to convince them (through documentation) that there are ties that will bring you back to the Philippines, e.g., family, properties, future job prospects, etc. Be as thorough as possible! Note though that this opinion is only based on my experience and research while I was applying for a visa. Do let us know how it turns out!
    Aleah recently posted..I Was a Pilot for One Day in Malaysia

  52. kael says

    Hi Aleah,
    I just want to ask for the working visa in Belgium, I have my sponsor there he owned a furniture company, what should I do? Is he the one to get for my visa or I’m the one to get that.What are the requirements for that? Thank you
    I hope you can answer my questions.

  53. kael says

    Hi Aleah,

    I hope you can help me regarding my questions? I have my sponsor from Belgium and i want to have a working visa. He owned a furniture company there.So who is the one to get that? Is he or me? What are the requirements for that?

    Thank you.
    Kindly response.

  54. says

    @ Kael: You have to apply for a visa here, but your sponsor/future employer will have to provide documentation proving that (1) he has a business there, and that (2) he will really hire you. I haven’t applied for a work visa before so I don’t actually know the requirements. Do check the Belgium embassy’s website.
    Aleah recently posted..I Was a Pilot for One Day in Malaysia

  55. kael says

    Hello Aleah,

    Thank you so much for your response,Is there any chance to denied my working visa, though I have a complete requirements? Do I need to have the requirements before going to the embassy?

  56. ken says

    Talaga po pwede magsalita ng filipino sa interview? :)
    Di filipino din po pala yung mga mag iinterview sayo?
    Kasi ang akala ko po kasi noon kung halimbawa sa spanish embassy ka nag apply e spanish din yung mag iinterview sayo. Kung sa french consul e french din.
    Pakipaliwanagan naman po ako. :) Kasi baka lalong hindi igrant yung visa ko pag nagkamali mali ako ng sagot sa english. Kasi hindi po tayo kagalingan mag english e. Salamat :)

  57. says

    @ Kael: You definitely need to have all your documents before you show up at the embassy. When you make the appointment online (see the info on how to call in the blog post), set the date when you’re reasonably confident you’ll have everything you need.
    @ Ken: In the Belgian embassy, the ones doing the interview were Filipino, so you can speak our language. Of course when the consuls are foreigners, you need to speak in English :)
    Aleah recently posted..Backpacking Solo in Southern Cebu (A 3-Day Itinerary)

  58. jeng says

    Ask ko lng kung pwede na ba mag pa appoinment via call center to german embassy manila , kahit wla pa ung formal obligation ko gling sa sponsor ko . Worried kc aq , dhil this coming december 10 yung date of travel ko kya ned ko n mgpaapointment . I wish you can help me and give some advice .Thank you . Guten morgen.

  59. Jonilyn says

    hi aleah to be honest i feel nervous for interview this coming nov.6, 2012, i dunno maybe im just not confident bcoz i do think negative that i will get deny maybe, just done setting my appointment now in the German embassy, and i had it here already my complete documents, but i dont have informal letter from my sponsor but i have it here the formal obligation, pls aleah help me, actually my Eldest sister from Germany would like to invite me but then she’s not allowed bcoz her financial capacity its not qualified already and now the person who is written in my formal obligation is her fiance, he was the one who will expense for everything for my visit there, but i dont have evidence to show them that i do often contact to her fiance bcoz i just saw him on skype everytime i skype my ate thats it, the documents that i can show to them is to my ate birth certificate that were sister, she want me to spent christmas time in germany together with my other ate living in germany now and also bfore my class will start next year bcoz i was enrolled again for schooling purposes, im a bit confused really bcoz i explained this to the german embassy that my sponsor is the fiance of my ate but they told me ok and they still intertained me to set for appointmet via call center, pls pls pls help me a nice dvice aleah huhuhuhu, and also i have valid certificate from my school that im the student in holy cross school of practical nursing but its not written ther when my class will start,its stated that im undergraduate…you think the embassy wouls be satisfied with this?

  60. says

    @ Jonilyn: Sorry for the late reply. Nov 6 is near! If you have complete documents incl the formal obligation, just be confident in answering questions. There will be A LOT, but if you know you won’t be staying there illegally, just be honest in answering. If the consul is Filipino, you can speak in Tagalog. Don’t make up stories (lie) because that would not be good for your application. Just say that your sister is there and she (and her fiance) will take care of you. We don’t know really what the decision of the embassy may be. You might get lucky like me, who knows? 😉 Again, be confident. Let us know the decision when you have it, and good luck!
    @ Kael: Do check the website of the embassy as I’m not sure where it would fall. Probably under Business?
    Aleah recently posted..Visiting Napoleon’s Waterloo in Belgium

  61. sharmaine says

    hello, im sharmaine 17 years old and im a college student. im a first timer na mag submit ng requirements sa be embassy but i dont know how to start. hope you can give me advice step ng step. i dont really have any idea how to start. but i do have sponsor also. di ko po alam if pano and ano kailangan pag student visa with sponsor. hope you can help me! thank you in advance! :)

  62. kael says

    Hi aleah,

    I just want to ask if it is okay to have a 1 week or two weeks leave in my work, but I want to finish my 3 months or 90 days in Belgium?Is it okay or not?

  63. Dan says

    I’m a freelancer and I want to start traveling next year. I also plan to pay for my taxes next year so I could apply for a visa if I’m ready to go farther.

    But, I’m confused on how I should apply for an ITR because of my work. I’m not also sure how the visa application goes for us freelancers without the “certificate of employment” and “approved vacation leave” requirements.

    So, what should I do to fill this Proof of Employment and Proof of Income visa requirements?

    I’m already excited to receive your answer haha. Thank you very much and take care!

  64. says

    @ Kael: Your leave of absence from work must reflect the number of days’ stay in Belgium that you’re requesting from the embassy. Otherwise the personnel there will wonder at the discrepancy.
    @ Dan: Freelancers have a harder time than most to get a Schengen visa, if only because the embassy will think that you will not go back to the Philippines. However, if your question is mainly on the filing of taxes as a freelancer, another blogger friend has already done it, and also wrote several posts about that to guide her readers. It’s really helpful (though you can see how much work it entails!). Check out her articles: http://thefreelancepinoy.com/?s=taxes
    Aleah recently posted..How Do You Travel? DIY or Package Tours?

  65. kael says

    Hello Aleah,

    What do you mean? Sorry I can’t understand. I want to finish my 3 months visit visa but I have only 1 week or two weeks in order to approve my vacation leave. Is the embassy will not be noticed that I am not come for the two weeks eventhough I want to finish my visit visa for 3 months?

    Thank you.

  66. jhoanna says

    Hello aleah, It’s my first time to apply Schengen visa going to france sana,, paos nko nainterview nung Oct 18 then bukas ang balik ko for releasing ng passport ko,, I don’t know if my visa is grantede or not,, I go to france Embassy with my french bf, Ha’s 4th time na binisita nya aq dito sa pinas, This time gusto nya aq naman ang pumasyal sa bansa nya, <dala n nya lahat ng requirements like attestation d'accueil, invitation letter hes statement of acct for last 3months, insurance, etc, Ang wala lng ay yung My own bank statement of acct kc, I don't have enough money talaga,, yun lng,, Do you think it is possible to grant my visa? Ninenerbryos talaga ako for tomorrow kung nau kalalabasan :( Ang dami nila tanong sa embassy, pati ung last nme ng bf ko tinanong sa akoin kung panu iopronounce.. lol! pati yung passport nya n may mga stamp from immigration here.. Hay nakaka stress talaga,, Bukas na yun.. Huhuhu,,, Kinakabahan aq sobra…. Tingin mo maaaprove visa ko? Salamat,, Haba noh,, I just want to shARE my story lng lol!

  67. kael says

    Hello Aleah,

    I have a problem, my sponsor is not already come here in the Philippines. Does the embassy ask me a question regarding that? Does he need tp go here first in the Philippines?

    Thank you.

  68. kael says

    Hello Aleah,

    Tell me the exact documents that I need to be passed in the embassy?
    As well as the my sponsor?

    Thank you for your kind and patience..

  69. sharmaine says

    hi ate leah thanks for answering my first question. paano po pag friend? tourism student po kasi ako, so nakilala ko sila nung nag cruise kami. and i will be 18 on december. tingin nyo po maliit yung chance ko na magka visa? :(

  70. says

    @ Jhoanna: How did your interview go??
    @ Kael: It depends on what kind of sponsor he is. The embassy of course would want to know why he is willing to pay for you when you haven’t met in person first. Be prepared to answer those questions. And for the requirements, I stated them all in the blog post.
    @ Sharmaine: Better wait till you’re 18.
    Aleah recently posted..3 Reasons to Travel Solo

  71. joy philippines says

    after waiting for almost 2 months i got a call from french embassy,and they ask me to visite there ofis wth my passport at 12 noon..what is that mean? positve or negative? help…

  72. Jonilyn says

    hi aleah its ok for your late reply =) hehe, thank you so much for your replied to me, yes i do what you advice me, anyway they send me a informal letter also via email and i print it out, i have formal obligation and informal letter at the same time aleah, it was stated ther the reason why they want to invite me and also that i wont over stay ther bcoz i had a school by next year, hopefully everything will be alright, i let you know then the result of my application, thanks aleah for your advice.

  73. Jonilyn says

    aleah pahabol ko can you give me idea how to make a cover letter also?, just want to add that in my requirements although hindi naman cya stated sa mga requirements ko, nabasa ko kasi sa list of documents mo eh, kaya gusto ko rin sana mogawa ng cover letter eh…

  74. says

    @ Joy Philippines: Can you let us know if you have it? I think you got the visa. Congrats!
    @ Jonilyn: In the cover letter, just say why you want to go there, who invited you, and what arrangements you made with your work. Will you let us know the results of the interview?
    Aleah recently posted..3 Reasons to Travel Solo

  75. Hazel says

    Hello po ate aleah , hingi lang po sana ako ng help kung paano ko po sisimulan ung pag-gawa ng LETTER EXPLAINING DETAILS OF RELATIONSHIP WITH SPONSOR… Sana po matulungan nio po ako.. Maraming salamat po :)

  76. says

    @ Anne: It will be more difficult to get a visa if you don’t have work. The embassy will think you will find a job there. So just try to convince them (and show proof) that you will really go back to the Philippines.
    @ Hazel: Just start by saying where you had met, how often you talk to each other and in what way (YM? Skype?), and whether he has met you in person.
    Aleah recently posted..3 Reasons to Travel Solo

  77. Eden says

    hi madam aleahh,,eden nga pala from qc,,ask lng sana aq about sa application form ng fiancee visa belgium manila,,,ano po ba ilalagay q don sa number 31,32 and 33..?need your help talaga..tnx po..and GOD BLESS

  78. says

    @ Eden: In Number 31 just put all information about the person who invited you or who will sponsor you: name, address, etc. Number 32 is not applicable because it refers to a company. Number 33 just check the boxes appropriate for who will shoulder your expenses. Ikaw ba o yung sponsor mo ang gagastos sa pagpunta mo dun? Kung siya, check mo lang yung nakalagay na sponsor.
    Aleah recently posted..3 Reasons to Travel Solo

  79. Hazel says

    Hi ate Aleah thank you po sa sagot nio, may tanong pa po ako.. hmmm kelan po ba best time mag apply ng Visit Visa kung ang intended departure is March2013? Maraming salamat po :)

  80. says

    hi aleah thanks for your advice, i make a cover letter and i had also informal letter but during my interview yesterday they told me only formal obligation they need and they ask about my family composition and what i gonna do there i just said like this –> ” i will visit my Family living in Germany, your blog it helps really, they accept my visa application and i will be able to know the result after 3 or 5 days…, aleah i hope i will be lucky like you…i was thinking now that i guess there will be no reason that they will reject my visa application because i will never illegally over stay there of course and my sponsor is a German and its true that i have 3 sister living there in Germany, its up to German consultant now how they will evaluate my application, i was hoping with all my heart that is approved but if not i have the right’s to remonstrate if im not satisfied to there reason why they will disapproved me,hehe aleah im too much advance now, im just kinda nervous with my visa application results.

  81. kael says

    Hi Aleah,

    Please advise naman po, hindi ko kc alam ang mas madaling visa ang tourist visa ba o ang visit visa? Alin ang mas expensive at mas matagal?
    Sabi kc ng sponsor ko tourist daw ang i-apply ko, eh ang daming requirements like activities there. Do I need to state that? Then the hotel reservation,bank accounts, credit cars but I am only an ordinary employee? Ask n rin po kung magkano plane ticket mo in Belgium and magkano din ung travel insurance mo?

    Please advise?

    Thank you


  82. says

    @ Hazel: You can apply 3 months in advance, so you can do that in January. Better to apply early than late!
    @ Jonilyn: I’m glad you’re done with the interview. Will you let us know when you get your visa? Good luck and try not to think about it too much hehe
    @ Kael: Apply for your intended purpose. If you’ll be there primarily to visit someone, you should apply for that. All documents needed will depend on the type of visa you apply for. Better be honest about your purpose there. There’s really no “easy” way to get the visa.
    @ Eden: You’re welcome!
    Aleah recently posted..The Tourist Tower of Herentals, Belgium

  83. Hazel says

    Hi Ate Aleah Thank you po sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko.. ngayon pa nga lang po nag hahanda na ako ng mga requirements para po sa visit visa gusto ko po kasi kompleto talga lahat bago mag apply , sana po maapprove d din po ang visa na i-aaply ko…hmmmm ate aleah ano-anu po ba ung mga kadalasang tanong sa interview? tsaka gaano po katagal? and talaga po ba dapat meron din akong reservation ng ticket ? student palang po ako 3rd year , so ang maibibigay ko lang po is ung certification na enrolled po.. ano pa po bang pwede kong ipakita para po mas tumaas ung pagapproved sa visa ko?? sorry po ang dami kong tanong.. gusto ko po talaga maipasa to eh.. salamat po ng marami :)

  84. says

    hi aleah i rcv now my visa application result, they said refusal of visa because your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.and i want to remonstrate with ther dcision bcoz during my interview i give it to them my reservation plane ticket when i will leave Germany but then i was wondering that the filipina interviewer give this back to me during my interview, aleah pls help me, i dont want that the money that i pay for my application will be wasted…=(

  85. says

    aleah help me pls, can you help me to understand the reason of the embassy? bcoz i have it here the reservation ticket but the filipina who interview me dint get my plane ticket reservation…

  86. says

    aleah whatim gonna do now?!, do i need to appeal or to call in the embassy that i submit my plane ticket reservation but the filipina dint notice maybe that she get this back to me =(, or i go ther in the embassy and remonstrate verbally and bring my plane ticket reservation…

  87. Hazel says

    hello po.. Ate Jonilyn anu-ano po ung mga tinanong sa iyo nung interview? hala kinakabahan tuloy ako.. nag peprepare palang po ako ng mga requirements ko eh…. tsaka filipina po ung nag interview sa iyo? nag tagalog ka po ba o nag english ka?? sorry po dami kong tanong.. salamat po !

  88. says

    helo hazel about sa purpose sa pag punta ko doon and ilan ang family ko na nakatira sa germany and about sa school ko lahat ng naka state dito ni aleah ganon ang e tatanong sayo..you make sure na binigay mo lahat ang requirements ha kasi tulad ng sa akin now complete naman lahat but ang nagkamali naman ang filipina na interviewer, binalik niya kasama ang plane ticket reservation ko then now i get refusal sa visa eh hindi ko naman kasalanan yun, i need aleah advice about this tlaga huhuh sayang sana approve nako ngayon kainis talaga..

  89. says

    aleah im very sorry sobrang dami kung tanong ha, i feel upset lang for today kasi, kung ang ibig sabihin lang na reason nila dahil sa hindi nila nakita ang plane ticket reservation na naka state ang date sa pag alis ko ng germany, gusto kung tumawag sa kanila at explain ko kasi unfair eh. hindi ko naman kasalanan dahil yung nag interview sa aking hindi na check ng maayos ang documents ko, binalik niya ang plane ticket booking ko kasama nung cover letter and informal letter ko from my sponsor…naiinis ako talaga..

  90. says

    or maybe aleah they are not satisfied of my student certificate? kasi nga diba next year ulit ang pasukan ko kasi nga by this year naka stop nako since behind na talaga ako so i need to join to a new batch for next year kaya i enrolled again but yun nga lang hindi naka state doon na when ang class kasi ang nakalagay lang bonefide student ako,you think aside from my plane ticket reservation yun din ang reason?, aleah what is the best thing to do? to re apply or to appeal?…kung appeal kasi it takes one month but kung re apply naman mabilis lang new documents ulit and bayad ulit but mabilis lang dcision ng result…my gosh nakaka stress naman sila…kaya hindi talaga ako confident mag apply eh

  91. says

    @ Jonilyn: I’m sorry to hear your application got denied. The reason they gave you is the most common one they give; it simply says that even with your ticket reservations, they are not sure if you’re coming back to the Philippines as you say you will. So it doesn’t matter if the embassy personnel didn’t get your plane reservation. They don’t care if you have it. They based their decision on the papers you submitted, on the reasons for visiting you stated, and your current situation.

    I know it’s unfair, but I have known A LOT of people with families and properties here in the Philippines (which means they will definitely not stay illegally there) still got denied, for the exact reason that you have been given.

    In my case, I made sure to convince them that I’m not going to stay there illegally by asking my employer to vouch for me. In your case, it’s a bit difficult because you’re still in school, and (in their eyes) you can always drop out and just work there. The fact that you have stopped schooling now can also be a warning sign for them.

    Don’t just reapply because they’ll see that you already submitted an application. You can file an appeal, but make sure to address the issue: how can you convince them that you’ll definitely come back to the Philippines? Are you graduating? (In which case, attach certifications from your school.) Do you have properties in your name? (Attach photocopies of documents.)

    An alternative (which I know is difficult to accept) is to wait until you graduate and have a job before applying again. Or wait until there’s a really important reason for you to go there, like one of your sisters marrying or something.
    Aleah recently posted..The Tourist Tower of Herentals, Belgium

  92. Marie says

    Hi aleah, i just want to ask your opinion regarding my husband’s visa application in belgium. He lodged his application last Sept 24 but until now we havent received the result yet thru email. I called the embassy last nov 6 and i was told that there is no result yet. It’s been more than 1 1/2 months now and we are at a loss how much longer should we wait. Would you know if the visa is being processed here in the Phils? Or is it sent in Belgium that’s why it is taking so long? My husband has a sister in Belgium who is a permanent resident. Thank you in advance,

    • Marie says

      Thank you so much for the info, aleah! I just want to tell you that before my husband applied for a visa, i read your blog just to have an idea how you did it well. Honestly, it really helped a lot! I just hope the result will come anytime soon.

  93. says

    hi aleah thank you for your advice and explanation, you think i can also attach the letter from my sponsor my reason for staying there? and assurance that i do need to come back next year actually i had it here and i also submit this during my interview but then the personel who interview me dint read it bcoz its german language and i dint insist this to her that its my supporting documents, aleah pls can you help me what i gonna state in my reason appeal? i can attach this letter together with my appeal. you think better to ask again another proof statement from my school with a assurance that i must come back here in phil. by next year bcoz i already payed all my tuition fee and you know if i wont come back here the money that we payed in school will be wasted for nothing…you think aleah it works like this? and also this is the truth im fully payed in school and i must come back bcoz by next year i had a training in the hospital…pls pls pl aleah help me, if still if get denied again, i guess much better to re apply again but other visa reason, my ate knows that i get resufed with my application, she told me to study for participation in language course lasting no longer than 3 months they have visa like this in germany aleah but this is a second options only if they will never give me a chance to issuance my visa even if i appeal for them…

  94. says

    aleah my ante wants me to re apply again but not visitors visa anymore, she want me to apply student visa this time…so it means new application form and the reason is student visa this time but shes planning it by next year, but for me maybe they will be a chance if i appeal, my gosh im confused now =(…

  95. says

    @ Jonilyn: Reapply first, include the additional certification from your school that you have paid already, receipts of payment, etc. Remember to submit ALL documents even if they don’t ask for it. You can apply next time as a student but they would need an acceptance letter from a school there as proof that you will really go to school, so I’m not sure if you can get that.
    Aleah recently posted..The Tourist Tower of Herentals, Belgium

  96. says

    aleah im very sorry i asked too much ha?, i just need advice what to to do first, i’d like to spent christmas there together with my sister, if re apply is the best way then i would tel this to my sister in germany, you think much better to re apply with a new visa application? not visitors visa anymore, like i mentioned in my above messaged that they have 3months language course for this but still proof of school certificate or exemption from school is still needed with this visa application…so better re apply than to appeal? and also i had it here my informal letter from my sponsor how many months the expiration for this letter aside from formal obligation?. to set a new appointment in german embassy it takes 3 weeks bfore my interview but actually its ok to me, i just need to enlightened my mind bcoz of this many many options and it makes me feel stress actually,and it makes me confused what is the best thing to do…thank you aleah for your time…

  97. Hazel says

    Hi po ate aleah, gusto ko lang po sana mag tanong anu-ano pa po bang mga papers ang pwede kong ipakita maliban po sa enrollment certificate at approved leave of absences…3rd year college po ako..ang intended departure ko po is March 24 tapos ang balik ko po sana is April 13 bali po 20 days lng po iaaply ko… sigurado po na babalik ako kasi po may summer class po ako resume ng April 15, paano ko po kaya ma papatunay un?? help naman po.. salamat po.. God Bless :)

  98. says

    @ Jonilyn: Waah! Sorry I meant appeal first! Urgh! Try to appeal, and pass as many supporting documents as you can to convince them that you won’t overstay there.
    @ Hazel: Try to get a certification signed by your registrar or whoever from your school (adviser? etc) that you will really have to be back for summer classes. Still, it’s not an assurance that you’ll get the visa as there are a lot of other factors they consider.
    Aleah recently posted..The Tourist Tower of Herentals, Belgium

  99. Hazel says

    Ate Aleah , pwede din po ba gumawa ung sponsor ko ng Letter to embassy for visa request? para dagdag po aside sa basic requirements na sa-submitt ko.. salamat po..

  100. sharmaine says

    hi ate aleah! ask ko lang po, yung belgian friend ko po kasi student rin, so nung nag ask ako sa be embassy di dw sya pwede mag sponsor, so pwede po kaya yung father nya? or isipinin nila na di ko naman personally kilala yun para i sponsor ako :( thank you in advance!

  101. sharmaine says

    hi ate aleah! yung cover letter po ba same lang sa letter explaining details of relationship w sponsor? and kapag po nag pa reserve ako ticket and i got denied (hope not) pano po yung pina reserve kong ticket? do i still need to pay for it?. “the embassy of be does not accept to work with any travel agaency…” so di po ako pwede mag pa reserve ng ticket sa travel agency?
    and required po ba talaga magkaruon ng travel insurance? im a 2nd yr college po. firt timer :( :)) thank you thank you po in advance!!!

  102. angela blanca says

    hi po mam,
    i’m planning to go and visit my mom in belgium.. she sent me some documents like photocopy ng ssn, passport and resident i.d, ITR, bank statement, payslip and ung document na pinirmahan ng mayor ata un sa cityhall sa brussels.. cya ung sponsor ko sa tour, dun din po ko mgstay sa apartment nya.. ask ko lng kasi employed po ako, ung HR nmin pwede magbigay ng Certificate of Employment but they no longer give Cert of LOA.. i can be approved for a 15-20 days na paid leaves pero wala tlga sila ibibigay na certificate ng approved leaves ko.. pwede po ba kaya na i-declare ko na lng na unemployed ako since nanay ko naman po magbabayad ng lahat or declare ko n lng po ung offiz? tumatawag po ba sila sa HR to verify ung approved leaves or ung Cert of Employment lng vverify nila.. thanks po
    anytime po pwede na ko mgpasched ng interview ito na lng po tlga sa employment ko prob ko.. thanks po

  103. says

    @ Sharmaine: You can try, but as you said, you don’t know the father. Ticket reservation is just that; a reservation. You’re not supposed to pay for it; it’s like a booking. The embassy and the agency know it will expire because you still have to wait for the results of the visa app. You can approach a travel agency just to make the booking. And travel to Europe requires a travel insurance. It doesn’t cost much but it will be very helpful if you do get sick there.
    @ Angela: Why not ask your HR to give you a certification of an unpaid leave of absence for the duration of your trip? You need to show the embassy you have work here and that you will come back. If you declare you’re unemployed, chances are very high that you won’t get that visa.
    Aleah recently posted..The Hundertwasser House in Vienna, Austria

  104. Angela says

    HI po.. Thanks po sa reply..
    i requested din po nyan noon and even po ung friend ko nung feb 2012 na mgbabakasyon sana sa France, di po xa nbigyan.. Cert of Employment lng daw po ibibigay nila.. ung Cert of LOA di n daw po sila mkakapagbigay khit po paid or unpaid kasi ung iba daw way back 2008 -2012 ngbakasyon din abroad di na po nagsipagbalikan.. I work for a call center po mam here in alabang.. pwede po kaya un na ung Cert of Employment ko sa HR ko po kukunin, pero ung sa Copy ng Approved Leaves ko sa direct manager ko po kukunin, kakausapin ko n lng po.. pwede kaya un, kahit ung tawagan nila as primary contact sa offiz po ung direct manager.. nagve-verify po ba sila?
    And 2nd question po, sa mga documents po like NSO birth cert ko and marriage cert ng mom and dad need pa po ba ipa-authenticate sa DFA? Thanks po

  105. says

    @ Angela: Yes, it can work that you get a COE from your HR and the approved leaves from your manager. No, they didn’t verify documents, unless maybe they have reason to doubt their authenticity. Make sure to have your manager’s letter in your company’s letterhead also. I just submitted an NSO copy of my birth certificate; they didn’t ask for a DFA certified one.
    Aleah recently posted..My Favorite Beers of Europe

  106. says

    Hi Aleah!
    Been reading your entries for Europe lately and I’m really enjoying every bit of it! My friend and I have been ‘wanting’ to go do Europe on 2014, and reason I said ‘wanting’ is cause we’re still on the planning stage. There are a lot of things to be done like saving and making our profiles nice for the embassy.

    I wanted to ask your advice on a few things cause we have ‘almost’ the same profile (except for having a sponsor) when you did your 70-days trip. I hope it’s okay :)

    Since Europe has a lot of interesting places to see, we decided to make our trip long – that is 90 days. With this our option is to either (1) ask a long holiday from our bosses; or (2) resign (cause we don’t want to cut it short haha) if they won’t allow for a long leave. We are keen on option 1 but if in case we have to do option 2, what can you advise us to do so we can convince the embassy that we are returning after 90 days? We don’t really plan to stay illegally but of course they won’t just believe our simple words so we’re a bit worried :( Will it really not work if we submit a COE with no mention of approved leaves?

    I know it’s really not your problem :) but I’ll surely appreciate if you have any insights.

    Thanks Aleah! Take care.

  107. says

    @ Drei: One of the things you can do to prepare is to travel a lot outside of the country, even just within Asia. The consul asked me several times where I’ve been and what I did. Don’t resign because when you don’t have a job, that will be 100% sure that the embassy will not grant you a visa. if your boss will not give you a paid leave, why not ask for a certification that yes, you will be gone 3 months, and will not be paid, but you will still have a job when you come back. If you’re friends with your boss, this is doable. It’s harder if he’s a stickler for rules, then you would just have to find a way to compromise. Remember that you can’t say you’ll be staying 2 weeks and then stay 3 months. The visa given will be for the specific number of days you will ask.

    And remember to save, save, save. Or better yet, invest. If you don’t have a sponsor there, you will need a LOT of money in the bank! Anyway, thanks for reading my posts, and please feel free to share my blog to your friends :)
    Aleah recently posted..My Favorite Beers of Europe

  108. kael says

    Hi aleah,

    I just want to ask for the documents come from my sponsor. Which is good sending through fax machine or scanned on the computer? Or tell how he can send the documents.

    Thank you.

  109. angela says

    hi mam..
    thanks po sa reply.. ask ko lng po pla ulikng ano po pagkakaiba ng mga ito;

    1. Original Affidavit of Support called “Annexe 3bis/Verbintenis Tot Tenlasteneming”
    2. Family Composition of the sponsor called “Composition de Ménage/Samenstelling Van Het Gezin”
    3. Attestation d’accueil (Certificate of Board and Lodging)

    meron lng po ako ng #1.. ung #2 po ipapadala p lng ni mama.. nabasa ko sa ibang blogs po na ngpakita daw po sila ng #3 or Attestation d’accueil (Certificate of Board and Lodging).. Need pa po ba tlga yan sa belgium? si mama po kasi pinadala ung 1 yr contract nya sa hauz at ung bank statement at 3 months payslips nya po..

    salamat po mam.. ^_^

  110. Eden says

    hi madam aleah,,ask po ulit aq.ung sa application form number 34,,,cno po ilalagay ko don..?un po ba ung kung may kamag anak aq sa country na pupuntahan ko?

    tnx po,,,,..GOD BLESS.

  111. says


  112. kael says

    Hi Aleah,

    I just want to ask if the documents coming from my sponsor should be passed to the embassy here or directly to my present address? and is it okay that i have no leave of absence only the ITR and the employment certificate?

    Thank you..


  113. says

    @ Angela: Your mom can get the forms for those documents at their city hall. #1 is just an affidavit that she will be responsible for your stay there. #2 is a certification of their status, and #3 is a certification that they will pay for your expenses there. My sponsor sent me all 3.
    @ Eden: If it says sponsor, then yeah, it refers to the people/person who’s sponsoring you.
    @ Frames: All your questions are answered in the blog post :) Good luck! Letter is printed of course, with original signature.
    @ Kael: Usually the documents will be attached to your application, so better have it sent to your address. It’s okay to have no document stating your leave of absence, of course, but it could affect your application (the consul will definitely ask you about it).
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  114. says

    @Hazel – humanitarian po inaplayan kong visa eh . bukas npo schedule namen :)

  115. kael says

    Hi Aleah,

    Thank you for all the information that you gave. I want to ask for the bank statement or savings in the bank? I have no savings or bank statement is it okay for the embassy eventhough I have sponsor?

    This is only my problem. Thank you.? What should I do?

  116. Hazel says

    Hi… FRAMES.. I mean kelan ka tumawag sa embassy? tsaka ikaw ba namili kung kelan ung schedule ng interview mo? or sila mismo nag sabi kung kelan kau iinterviewhin??? balitaan mo naman ako sa interview nio bukas… salamat… GOODLUCK !!!

  117. Hazel says

    @FRAMES- thank you :) kamusta naman po ung interview nio??? mababait ba sila o masungit? hmm sorry ha kulet ko… gusto ko lng po malaman.. tsaka nag tagalog kaba o english? yun lang muna tanong ko.. hehe salamat 😀

  118. says

    @HAZEL- ayos lng po ung interviewer medyo masungit tlga. kc dami ko lacking documents eh . nid pa follow up :) english lang ung una taz taglish na , D KO NA KINAYA UNG ENGLISH NLA EH . LOLS :) Hope na m.approve ung visa :)

  119. Hazel says

    @Frames- Thank you sa info.. Think Positive lang po.. :) balitaan mu din ako sa resulta huh.. hehe MARAMING SALAMAT PO :)

  120. kael says

    Hi Frames,

    Kamusta nman ang interview mo sa embasssy? Anung mga documents pa ang kelangan mong i follow up? Goodluck sana makapasa kah? Visit visa kb?

  121. says

    @Kael – Ayos lng nmn po. ung mga proof po like , lodging , payslip , tax ng nanay ko po dun sa belgium. Joining mother po ung purpose na binago ng tga embassy po eh. THANK YOU PO ! :)

  122. kael says

    Hello Frames,

    Me tanong lang ako? anu b mga kelangan sa proof of Solvency?Me sponsor kasi din ako dun. Visit visa ako. Kapag b nag pa booking ako sa isang travel agency dun din b ako kukuha ng ticket o pwede yung galing na sa Belgium?


  123. kael says

    To all,

    Help me nman po. Ang papadala lang sakin n mga requirements for visit visa are the ff: help me nman kung anu pa kulang dito. Thanks.

    1. affidavit of support
    2. family composition
    3. identity card
    4.invitation letter
    5. proof of solvency

    Pa help nman po kung meron pang kulang. Aleah, Frames everybody please help me.


  124. Hazel says

    Hi Kael- anu-anong mga requirements ung hinanda mo? student ka din ba?? mag-aapply din ako ng visit a friend visa eh…

    ate Aleah & Frames – may nabasa po ako sa ibang forum pag dating mo daw po sa embassy may ibibigay sila na form na dapat mo i fill-up … tungkol saan po ung mga tanong dun? iba pa po ba ung form na un sa form na i sa-submit mo (SHENGEN VISA APPLICATION FORM)??? Advance Thank you po.. :) GOD BLESS…

  125. kael says


    No, currently employed ako. Iba ung requirements between employed sa students. Visit visa din ako. Kumpleto n ung 5 requirents ko na un galing sa sponsor ko. Ang need ko lang mlaman is kelangan pb ng Certificate of Board of Lodging since nakasaad naman sa Affidavit of Support na sagot ka sa lahat ng expenses, healthcare at repatriation.

    Help me naman kung kelangan pa tlaga un sa Embassy.

    Thank you.

  126. says

    @kael – unfortunately , d ko po alam ung PROOF OF SOLVENCY . “The Embassy of Belgium does not require a plane ticket to be submitted when lodging the application” daw po (c) http://www.diplomatie.be/manila . d ko rin po alam ung bkt nid nla ung proof of lodging eh. bsta needed lng dw po isubmit.

    – Affidavit of support , yan po ung consent na pinapayagan ka ng Parents po ng ung Guardian po ung mg aasikaso ng papers ( ilang taon kna po ba?)
    – Family Composition – dun po yan sa belgium , family compo. sa parents nyu po.
    – a copy of ID CARD po ng nanay nyu or EU CITIZEN sa Belgium.

    @Hazel- eto po ung fill up form po here , http://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/binaries/VisumlangEN_tcm312-99547.pdf.

  127. Hazel says

    @KAEL- thank you sa reply….hindi ko sure about dun sa tnong mo ehh..pero ang alam ko lng pag sa Hotel ka mag-sstay dapat may booking ka ..pero pag dun ka sa friend mu titira dapat naka sulat dun sa letter .. Si ate Aleah talaga makaka-pag explain sau tungkol jan… (SORRY) …

  128. says

    @ Hazel: Frames gave you the link to the form. Fill it out before going to the embassy as you need to make a photocopy of it :)
    @ Kael: If they require a Certificate of Board and Lodging (your sponsor will certify that you will stay at their house and they will provide all your board and lodging needs) provide it, even if the info is the same as in the Affidavit of Support. Better to have more documents for them to review than less. Proof of solvency includes your sponsor’s bank statements and payslips.
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  129. aileen says

    hi ms. aleah,

    good day. hope you can give me some advice with this. :)
    i have a bf who is from finland and he will come here next year (holy week). we have a plan that i will come with him when he go back to finland. siya ang magpro-provide ng lahat ng kailangan kong bayaran, plane tickets, travel insurance and visa fee. makakatulong kaya yun kung siya ang magbabayad lahat. kasi hindi pa kami nagmemeet in person bale sa holy week pa lang kami magkikita and i dont have work yet and i dont have any bank acct. anu kaya ang pwede kong sabihin to prove na babalik ako ng pilipinas and i will not stay there illegally?

    sorry ha, dami kong tanung. kailngan ko lnag kasi talaga ng advice kasi first time ko magtra travel abroad and kukuha ng visa.

    God bless!!

  130. says

    @ Aileen: Wait until you meet before filing for a visa. Based on what I’ve learned, they usually reject the application if they know that you haven’t met your sponsor yet (and yeah, it’s logical). In the meantime, I suggest getting a passport now and a job, and if possible, travel in Asia to increase your chances of getting approved when you finally apply.
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—The Modern Thai Monk

  131. Hazel says

    @ Frames- Thank you sa form pero para po un sa LONG-Stay ehh.. Short stay lang po ako… visit visa po.. 20 days lang po iaapply ko… kung pwede po pasend po ung para sa SHort-stay.. kamusta po pala ung result ng visa mo?? Good Luck.. God Bless… thank you…. :)

    @ ate Aleah- yan di po ba ung binibigay sa embassy? pag meron na po akong form hindi na po ako papa-fill-upin ulet??

  132. judy says

    hi!ask ko lang po gusto q po mgtravel in netherlands with my fiance tig isa p dn po b kami ng mga requirements in applying a visa like in bank account do we need to have both.my friend invited us to visit their as a advance wedding gift for us….

  133. kael says

    Thank you so much sa lahat ng advise.
    This week darating yung documents ko.
    Pa advise nman guys kung kelangan ko ng mag pa schedule ng interview o kapag nasa akin na ang mga documents.

  134. Zellshe says

    Hello Po, I am planning to apply a Schengen Visa for Netherlands. Now, I’m thinking about my age if will they grant me to get the visa, since im still 20 years old? I need your help po regarding to this matter. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

  135. says

    @ Judy: Yes you need to submit applications and requirements indvidually.
    @ Kael: Better wait till your docs arrive.
    @ Zellshe: Age doesn’t matter but requirements do. Check out the post for the things you need to submit, but also check out the embassy website.
    Aleah recently posted..How to Find Cheap Flights

  136. Zellshe says

    Hello Ate Aleah,

    Thanks so much for the response. My host/sponsor is still complying the papers that we need from him since he will be going to send it by courier. This is my situation: I have no job since when I started to find a job, it was also the time when my bf visited me here.
    Do you think this following will help: A letter from my host/sponsor, the Smartbro Comm. stated in the paper that my contract with them will end on 2014, Personal Letter from the apartment owner that my stuff is still in her house and will still pay for it and lastly my Philhealth insurance here.

    I have a friend and applied for the schengen visa to sweden, she have no job here. So she got the personal letter from her bf stating that she will go back to philippines. Luckily after 5 days, the embassy of sweden called her that her visa and passport is ready.

    My sponsor is dutch, do you think they have similar rules with sweden embassy since they are both schengen countries? Lastly, do you think my late registered birth certificate will be one of the reason to get visa redusal? I need your reaponse again ate Aleah. :)

  137. says

    @ Zellshe: I can’t assess your documents as I’m not with the embassy and I have no experience specifically with the Dutch one. Just comply with all their requirements + give any documents that will assure the consuls that you will come back here (that is, will not stay there illegally). Being very young (age is associated with vulnerability; they might think your Dutch BF will take advantage of you) and jobless (they might think you’ll look for work there), you’ll need a lot of convincing. Good luck, and let us know how your application went!
    Aleah recently posted..How to Find Cheap Flights

  138. Zellshe says

    @Aleah: Thanks for the response again. Now I am more scared. Sighs!
    I’ll be turning 21 this coming July 2013 in my Birth certificate po but my real age is I’ll be turning 23 this July 2013, should I’ll let the embasy know about it? And my bf is 29 years old. He visited me already and met my friends and family too. As of now po, I have nothing more to convince of coming back here, only the things that I mentioned above. Ok po, I’ll keep you updated. :)

  139. Hazel says

    Hi ate Aleah … dapat po ba ung Affidavit of Support and Family composition ng sponsor ko naka translate sa Dutch or English ? anu po ba dapat?? at tsaka ano po ba ung proof of solvency? paki explain naman po… salamat po .. God Bless :)

    @Frames- thank you sa form.. naka fill-up na ako nyan..kamusta pala ung visa mo??

  140. Marie says

    Hi aleah! Unfortunately, we have not yet received the result of my husband’s application which he submitted last sept. 24. We made a ff up with the embassy twice (Nov and Dec) thru email and we were informed that his appl. was forwarded to Belgium last Oct 1 for clearance to issue the visa. Just imagine, it’s been almost three months! Had it been granted earlier, he should have returned back here by this time. We were just thinking if we can withdraw his appl. since we need his passport when he applies for a tourist visa in Canada together with my son in January. We feel his application in Belgium maybe denied. Pls advise. Thanks a lot for your help!

  141. says

    @ Zellshe: Hmm…I don’t know. Was it stated in the requirement? I only submitted one.
    @ Marie: 2 months is indeed a long time. IF he gets his visa to Belgium, will he still be able to travel? If the schedule is already off (that is, the reason for his travel no longer exists) then it may be better to withdraw. Anyway, good luck, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Aleah recently posted..Traditional Christmas Celebration in the Philippines

  142. Gene says

    Hi Aleah! I just tumbled upon your post and I’m very grateful you posted this. :) I have a question though, once you receive the visa approval email and sent the necessary documents how soon would you receive the visa? I applied for schengen visa for Hungary issued in representation by the embassy of Belgium last December 6. My purpose is my January internship then a euro trip. Have you had experience in callin the embassy for a visa follow up? :/ I called earlier and he officer told me my file and stuff were fine and okay and asked if I received an email. I said no and she said to wait. I’m not really sure if the vague response mean I got approved or not. :/ I hope to hear back! This visa thig really is anxiety-inducing :))

  143. says

    @ Gene: My visa application took almost one month before I got the results. I suggest you wait because they’ll email you once the results are in. You will know when you get an approval when they tell you in the email that you would need to buy your tickets and insurance. If they tell you that you need to get your passport back in the embassy on a Tuesday, that usually means a rejection. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
    Aleah recently posted..The 12 Best Stories of 2012

  144. Hazel says

    Hi Ate ALeah Happy New year po!

    1.) Ask ko lang po about dun sa travel booking, kayo lang po ba nagpa-reserve nun o may travel agent po kau? tsaka po kung ikaw lang po ung nagpa-reserve may bayad po ba? anong airline po ikaw nagpa-reserve??

    2.) May nabasa po ako pag nag pa-reserved daw po ng ticket after 2 days daw po pag hindi un binayaran ma eexpired daw po? paano po un pag pinakita po sa araw ng interview sa embassy ? tatanggapin pa din po ba un kahit expired na?

    Salamat po ! GOD BLESS !

  145. says

    ate aleah im back! uhm , ask lng po ako kung san po pwd i.follow up ung Visa Application namen. Mga one month na kc at kelan po kya darating ung results po? THANKS!

  146. says

    @ Hazel: I asked a travel agent to book me, and no, there’s no payment needed. Yes, the embassy will accept the booking. They know the reservation will expire. They don’t ask applicants to buy tickets before the visa’s granted.
    @ Frames: Usually, when you call them to follow up, they will just tell you to wait for their email. I suggest you wait, even though it’s hard :)
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  147. Ging says

    Hi Aleah,

    I was in Manila last Jan 3 at the Swiss embassy and everything went well. The guy told me to sign the paper and instruct me to come back and show my passport after my trave.I’m just wondering coz I need to pay 175 pesos coz they will send my passport within 5 days. Where can I pay the 175? sa courier po ba after madeliver na yung passport ko? Please help. I was so excited lang kasi when I heared everything was ok. and you think I got the visa?

  148. says

    @ Hazel: Qatar Airlines. Reservation’s free naman, ánd the agencies know it will really expire.
    @ Ging: I have no experience with the Swiss embassy. You should ask and call them. In the Belgian embassy, they asked me to come and get my passport in person.
    Aleah recently posted..Going Solo for Archaeology Travel

  149. malowna says

    I just want to share my experience applying for Schengen visa at the Germany embassy.

    I was sent by our office to attend a meeting in Germany. I called their PLDT hotline on the 4th week of October 2012 and I was able to get an appointment for an interview on the 2nd week of November. My scheduled trip to Germany was on the 4th week of November. I was so stressed because I need to get back my passport on time because I have a scheduled trip to Thailand for another meeting. All the more, my invitation letter from the host country (germany) hasn’t arrived yet. One day before my scheduled trip, the original letter finally arrived.

    At the German embassy, I overheard the officer asking one applicant regarding his hotel accommodation. I was worried because my host company did not email any hotel reservation, although in the letter all travel expenses and accommodation will be shouldered by the organizer. Fortunately, the officer did not ask about my hotel reservation, she only asked about the purpose of the travel, about my profession, my company, and even asked, what course should one pursue to be in my profession ^_^. The interview was very casual.

    After the pleasant interview, I asked the officer if I could get back my passport earlier because I have my scheduled trip to thailand. I presented my plane ticket reservation and the invitation letter from my host company in Thailand to convince her. With my excitement, I sheepishly joked the officer If i can wait at that time…^_^…. The officer of course told me they have to validate the authenticity of my German invitation letter. She gave me a stub and asked me to return two days after.

    Two days after, I have my passport back with the sticker of Schengen visa, multiple entry valid for 10 days ^_^.

    Note: You should have all the photocopies of your needed requirements during the interview.I saw one applicant hurriedly went out just to photocopy his requirements. Be organized.
    In my case, the officer took all the photocopies of my papers
    and she returned the original to me.

  150. Zellshe says

    Hello Ate Aleah, My interview will be this Monday na. I’m a bit nervous kasi malapit na talaga. Dalawang tulog nalang. Hope everything will be fine and hindi masayang effort ko. Wew! Good luck and Godbless to me and to all people applying for schengen visa too.

  151. Zellshe says

    Ate Aleah, I just got home and done with my interview. Hope I can get approval since I got complete documents. I was a bit nervous during the interview, but then tried to hide it and I just smiled at the interviewer. After the interview, she gave me a paper and a claim stub indicating the date of claiming the passport. It will be on Jan. 21 next Monday na po. She told me that if they need more information and documents, they will just call or email me. Maybe they need time to investigate my host/sponsor to clarify every details that I gave to the interviewer. Do you think it is possible po to get my visa?

  152. Zellshe says

    Wew!! I’m so happy today. I just got my visa and very thankful.. Good luck to all of you here guyz, sana ma approve din kayo..

  153. NITA says

    Dear Miss Aliah, What are the requirements or documents needed if you want to get married in Belgium? I should I prepared before going to elgium since im waiting for the result of my annulment? pls give me some information about my problem.

  154. Mye of Belgium says

    hiMs. Aleah..
    thank u so much for sharing ur experience how to applying visit visa it helps a lot para sa lahat…
    ask ko lang Ms. Aleah..my Sister with her son (10 yrs old) planning to visit us here in belgium this coming July…maaga pa po ba para ng mag apply for family visit visa..kase u said that took 3 months max.b4 get the result? bka madaling maexpire ung Visa if ever paaprrovan. thanks again for ur help God Bless 😉

  155. says

    @ Zellshe: I am so happy for you. Congrats!
    @ Nita: Before you get married in Belgium, you should file for a fiancee visa here. If you’re not annuled yet, you can’t do that. While waiting, maybe you can file for a Visit a Friend visa, like I did. Please read the post (above) for the requirements. Good luck!
    @ Mye: The earliest they can file for the visa is April. :)
    Aleah recently posted..Remembering the Unforgettable Beauty of Santorini

  156. Carol says

    Hi Aleah,

    I’ll be applying for a Schengen Visa this month at the Czech embasy, I’ll have a sponsor paper, I already have all the requirements needed including my ITR, COE and an approved letter of leave of absence from my current employer, but it was only signed by my supervisor not by my manager, do you think its ok to present it at the embassy even without the signature of my manager? My supervisor told me that I can have a photocopy of her company ID with signitaure if I want.

    Thanks and I’ll appreciate your reply….

  157. says

    @ Jona Vogel: Hi Jona! Can you just write your comment here? Maybe others will also have the same question :)
    @ Carol: Yeah, better have the photocopy of her company ID + signature. Only the embassy knows if it’s enough. Good luck and let us know if you get your visa. Czech Republic is such a beautiful country!
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—Love Locks in Europe

  158. Carol says

    Hi Aleah,

    Salamat, Your blog is very informative….Hope they’ll consider my visa application too :) …. I’ll let u know about the result …. fingers crossed ^_^

    Thanks ulit

  159. jona says

    Hi , how long is it to have a visa? And i will have a visit to my girlfriend. What do i need to do first?Ill have my appointment and what do I need to bring first?Thanks i want to go to belgium but i cant i dont know how. and what does my GF need to do?Thanks

  160. says

    @ Carol: Good luck!
    @ Jona: On how long, it depends on the embassy. They said within 10 days in my case, but the result came out after almost a month. For the requirements and what you or your GF can do, please check out my post above. It’s all there. Good luck!
    Aleah recently posted..The Most Romantic Places in Europe

  161. jona says

    Okay Thankyou! i hope i will get a visa as fast as possible.:( our anniversary is 12 february but i cant do anything.:(

  162. Carol says

    Hi Ms. Aleah,

    Ask ko lang kung what size of bond paper dapat iprint un application form? is’t ok to have it printed out in a short bond paper?


  163. angela blanca says

    hi po.. i had my application lodged last Jan. 3 2013 at the belgian embassy in manila.. gave them complete documents and additional/supporting documents.. i was given a reference # and was advised to wait for a month.. kaya lang til now, feb 11, wala pa ring result.. ang sabi lng sa website kng saan pwede mag-follow up ng visa application ay “En traitement” which means PROCESSING.. i applied for family visit visa (mom ko ung nag-invite po) i was just asking for 7 days lng march 15-22, 2013.. sa reference # na binigay sa akin, kapag ngttry ako check ng ibang reference # na kasunod ng # ko, ung iba “REJET” nkalagay, means denied or rejection.. sa ibang ka-batch ko naman processing pa rin, even sa jan. 4, 7 and 10 applications.. haaayyy mas mahirap pala ang mag-antay.. praying for a positive result.. mam aleah, my idea po ba kau why ganun katagal ngaun? thanks po

  164. Britt says

    Hi Aleah, I just want to know if I do really need to submit payslips? My salary just go directly to my bank account. So idk how that would work. Thank you!

  165. Carol says

    Hi Aleah,

    I’ll have my interview this February at the Czech embassy, and ask ko lang about my ticket reservation, cos as per the travel agency the ticket will just be reserved and airline will hold the reservation for 24hrs to 3days, ok lang ba if my flight will be on April pa, but my interview will be on Feb 19 or I’m actually planning to have it adjusted next tuesday 26th, ok lang ba na mga pagawa na ko reservation sa agency tomorrow (saturday kahit un appointment is sa 19 or sa 26 pa? Kasi I’m wonderin of how will they verify the airline ticket with the airlines if it’ll be cancelled in just a few days……
    Thanks po 😉
    I’ll hight appreciate yor response 😉

  166. says

    @ Britt: In our office, our salary goes straight to the bank too, but I asked our admin to make some payslips for me good for 3 months. It’s easy enough to make but it’s important because it will contain a breakdown of your salary (basic, bonus, OT, + deductions, etc.)
    @ Carol: The embassy will not verify if the reservation’s still good. They know that these reservations expire in a matter of days. Once you get a printout of the reservation (it doesn’t matter when you’ll make it), submit it to the embassy with your application and don’t worry about it. If you get the visa, that’s when you can buy your ticket, not before.
    Aleah recently posted..Reflections on Solo Travel

  167. jhonie says

    which Schengen Issuing Embassy do issue visa for Portugal, I understand that Portuguese Embassy in Manila is already closed and replaced by Consulate. Just like Sweden which is represented by the Swiss Embassy in manila in issuance of schengen visa in the absence of Swedish Embassy in Manila.
    Thanks and hope to hear soon.

  168. says

    hi ate , im so dissapointed about the results. we got denied :'( sooooo sad ate. sa tuesday pa po nmen mlalaman ang reason kung why denied. i thought we’re finally staying with our mom. huhuhuhuhuhu. ate, ilang months kya pwd mag apply ulet?

  169. jelai says

    Good Day po Aleah,

    Gusto ko lng sana mgtanong regarding sa sponsor ko, self employed po cia ung income tax return ba nia is the last year?? Ito po yung situation ko, my bf(french) visited me 4times already ngayon po eh ang gsto nman nia is ako nman ang bumisita sa kanya kaya lang di ako sure kung makakuha ako ng visa for a reason na wla akong maipapakita na COE, pero my business po ako which is lechon retailer kaya lang po eh mayor’s permit lng po ang meron ako wla po akong b.i.r! paano po iyon?? at saka my isang anak po ako which is 7m pa lng(filipino ung tatay, pero wla na kami at d nia alam na nabuntis na ako kc 1nyt stand lng pero ok nman tanggap nman po ako ng bf sa situation kung ito, pwd po ba itong maging reason na babalik tlaga ako ng pinas pra alagaan ang baby ko?? ano po kaya ang ma advice nyo po sa akin regarding my situation po! or pwd po ba na gumawa ng letter ung parents ng bf ko na gusto nla akong makita for a reason na matanda na cla at gs2 nlang makita ung mapapangasawa ng anak nla?? ano po kaya ang mas magandang dahilan para ma kumbinse ko ang embassy..

    Maraming salamat po..

  170. Daryl says

    Hi Aleah,

    I find your blog very helpful lalo na ‘tong entry. I have plans of visiting Austria. Hmm.. They’ll be checking my financial capability, you say. Kelangan ba talagang magka-credit card muna ako? Taz yung bank statement, meron na akong savings pero hindi ko nalagay sa bank thoughmago-open na rin naman ako next month. My main question is, how much is ‘sufficient’ for them to consider your application? I hope to here from you. And I have seen na sinasagot mo lahat ng questions which is really amazing. Kudos to you!

  171. says

    @ Jelai: Yes, the most recent ITR will be asked. You need to show proof that you will definitely go back to the Philippines before your visa expires, so that includes proof of business. I don’t know what you can show if you’re not paying taxes. You can, of course, show your baby’s birth certificate. Try to submit as many relevant docs as possible that will tell the embassy you’ll be back and won’t stay there illegally. Your BF should provide the form showing his family composition. He can get that from their city hall.
    @ Daryl: Bank and credit card statements show that you’re financially capable. I highly suggest opening an account as soon as possible. if the account is new and you apply for a visa, the embassy might think it’s not really your own. They see the history (at least 3 months) as important. I don’t know what is a sufficient amount; it depends pa rin on the embassy.
    Aleah recently posted..3 Days in Nha Trang, Vietnam

  172. angela blanca says

    I received an email from the embassy saying that they already got the result, I can claim my passport on tues between 9-10am jan.3 2013 pa ko ng-apply ngaun lng lumabas, and denied pa ata.. Sayang talga effort ko at ng nanay ko sa belgium.. Just asked for 7 days kasi un lng na-approve sa office.. Complete documents namin, sobra pa nga.. But still ganito pa rin :(

  173. Carol says

    Hi Angela Blanca,

    Ask ko lang if nakapag-submit ka ng certificate of leave of absence when u submitted your requirements at the embassy? kasi kinakabahan ako sa application ko almost the same case tayo, pero my certificate of leave of absence na ko and nagpaadjust din ako ng schedule sa March pa ko makakapagpass ng requirements. Hope maging possitive un result……


  174. Hazel says

    Hi ate Aleah.. ask ko lng po.. what time pwde tumawag para magpa-set ng appointment? 24 hours po ba? tska pag weekend pwede po ba tumawag? ano-anu po itatanong nila pag nagpaset na ng appointment thank you po. :)

  175. says

    @Aleah – Hindi daw po kc n,declare dun sa belgium na may mga anak si mama d2 sa pinas te. we need to undergo DNA-TEST ate. pra mapatunayan na anak kmi kc late registered din kc ung mga kapatid ko. its getting worst. huhuhuhuhu.

  176. says

    @ Angela: Sorry to hear that. We really don’t know what the embassy thinks when it comes to our application. Before you appeal, make sure you know what the reason for the rejection was, and address that in your appeal.
    @ Hazel: Answered you already via FB :)
    @ Frames: Wow, a DNA test?? That can be expensive, and that can take some time! :(
    Aleah recently posted..5 Money Saving Tips in Chiang Mai

  177. Daryl says

    Hi Aleah,

    Hmmm.. I have been reading all the posts through. I have a favor, if you may. If it’s not just too much, can you post here a copy of what your cover letter was and the itinerary? Please. I won’t be asking for help anagency, will just do this on my own. I need your guidance of how a cover letter should look like and the itinerary. But if you feel that it’s too personal already, then, it’s still alright. :) I respect your privacy.

    Thanks in advance.

  178. Hazel says

    Hi po ate Aleah tumawag na po ako nung March 1 sa embassy ng Belgium para makapag-paset po ng interview , sa March 7 na po interview ko..binigyan po nila ako ng reference number (alphanumeric po) tapos ung last three digit 001 po..ibig sabihin po ba nun pang una ako? tapos ung time po 9:50am.. Thank you po… Wish me LUCK :)

  179. angela blanca says


    yeah my cert of leavge of absence ako from our office.. complete documents ko and sippurting documents pa, still they denied me.. matagal na mom ko dun.. gsto mom ko mag-appeal so i’ll be sending all the documents na binalik ng embassy.. thanks

  180. says

    @ Daryl: My cover letter was too personal to post here. Suffice to say, I just said there what my purpose was in going to Belgium, how long I would stay, whether I had an approved leave of absence from work, and my itinerary. Actually I didn’t have an itinerary because I said I would only stay at my boyfriend’s place :) Good luck in your application. Yeah, you don’t need an agency :)
    @ Hazel: Good luck and do let us know how the interview went!
    Aleah recently posted..Art + Music at the Malasimbo Festival

  181. Hazel says

    Hi ate Aleah , tapos na po interview ko kahapon.. grabe sa harap talaga ng mga seafarers … bali 3 times nila ako tinawag, una nung pinasa ko ung application form and bayad na 60euro , 2nd nung sa biometric , 3rd ung sa interview na talaga, lahat naman po pinasa ko tinanggap nila :

    1.application form
    3.flight reservation
    4.enrolment cert, cert of grade and school curriculum
    5.letter explaning relationship with supporting docs(pictures na magkasama kami,photocopy of family passport nila ng mom nya)
    6.Letter to consul (ginawa ng sponsor ko), Invitation letter
    7.Original affidavit of support “3bis/ Verbintenis tot tenlasteneming”
    8.Belgian i.d card
    9.family composition of my sponsor
    10. prof of solvency ( ITR )
    11. schedule of activities when iam there..

    wala po silang binalik sa akin, nasagot ko naman po ung mga tanong sken..tapos tinanong pa po ako kung anong language ko gusto ung result sabi ko po DUTCH kc un ung salita ng sponsor ko…

    ano po kaya sa tingin mo Ate Aleah? sabi po sa akin i-check ko daw email ko regularly tapos baka mag phone call din daw po sila… grabe nakakabaliw nga ate aleah, kung anu-ano mga pumapasok sa isip.. waiting game is ON 😛 hehehe

    sana mahawa ako sa swerte mo ate aleah,.. PRAY PRAY PRAY , WAITING WAITING , WAITING…. :) :) :)

  182. mel mel says

    Hello to all schengen applicants,
    Just last week I had my appointment for schengen visa to visit ma belle mere en France (mother in law)which provided Attestation D’accueil from city hall with her national ID, as im able to speak french so i guess its a big advantage,anyway upon my interview when was the last time i travelled in France it was way back 10 years ago 2003. I does travel frequently with my hubby in south east asia country 3-4 times a year.French consul ask me If im married with him replied (not legal)last thing she ask my 2 old passport i think its one insurance as well to see that i never over stay in one country. I always return home. Last words from the consul “to come personally on the date said to claim my passport” give me the receipt asked to check if all correct spelling and birthday.She said ok we’re done here. I replied “Merci beaucoup Madame a bientot”.Bon Journee!

  183. Carol says

    Hi Ms. Aleah

    I had my appointment rescheduled for today March 12, and I just lodge my Czech Schengen Visa application in Makati. There were only a few people at the embassy waiting to be interviewed and good thing is that the embassy has a small private room for interviewing visa applicants (that helps me not get so nervous) lolz… They checked all the documents I submitted and asked me a few questions too, Some of the questions I remembered were:
    The purpose of my trip
    How long have I been working with my current company
    What do I do at work
    If I will still be going back to my company when I get back from my vacation (of course my answer is yes)
    She also asked me about my Itinerary
    Also she asked about my bank certificate (bank account statement), but When she saw the invitation from my host she said that its ok even without that since its clearly stated there that all expences will be shouldered by my host.

    Then after a few questions she told me that she needs to collect 3210 pesos for the visa application fee and I was instructed to wait at the lobby for the receipt and On the claim stab, theres a stamp (dated March 26, 2013)
    Ms Aleah does that mean that I will be picking up my passport on the 26th, she didnt told me anything after I got the receipt.
    Thanks and mas nakakakaba pala un maghintay after submitting my requirements …. Fingers crossed sana possitive ang result 😉

    Thanks sa site mo Aleah , its very helpful 😉 sana lang enough na un mga nasubmit ko documents to be granted a visa. 😉

  184. carol says

    @ Hi Zellshe,

    question lang how did u know about the result of your visa application? did they sent you an email with regards to the confirmation or they mailed your passport to your home address? I’m so nervous din sa paghihintay ng result ng application ko, but on the stub they gave me un date is March 26, parang mark lang xa dun sa small paper, ganun din ba un sayo?

    Thanks… I’m really nervous sa magiging result lol…..
    I hope I’d be granted a visa too like you :)

  185. anna says

    @angela blanca

    hello, ask ko lang sana if sinubukan mong tumawag sa embassy nung time na naghihintay ka pa sa result. ako din kasi hanggang ngayon naghihintay pa rin sa result ng visit visa ko for slovenia belgium kc representing country nila dito sa phil. Nag apply ako last January 28,2013 until now almost 7 weeks na wala pa rin ako natanggap na mail.Did you ever try to call or contact the embassy before you get your result?

    thanx :)

  186. anna says

    Ms. Aleah,

    confused din kc ako sa tel. no ng belgium embassy.ask ko sana kung merun kayo. Tsaka it is advisible ba na tawagn ko yung embassy sa manila? Patience is a virtue pero frustrated na kasi kaming dalwa ng fiancee ko kakahintay ng result eh. di ko na alam anu gagawin.kc dami ko nabasa na post 5 to 6 weeks or less my result na sila pero ako kc until now wala pa rin me na receive na mail. yung sa website namn everyday ko chinicheck the same pa rin nakasulat dun.sorry po sa isturbo frustrated lang talga me masyado today. :(

  187. says

    @ Hazel: Thanks for sharing that. Now it’s waiting time. Good luck!
    @ Mel Mel: Thanks for sharing your experience as well!
    @ Carol: I didn’t get a date to claim the passport. I was just told to wait for their email. I hope everything will turn out well! Keep us updated.
    @ Anna: According to them sometimes it really takes time to get the results. Just wait hehe
    Aleah recently posted..Where to Stay in Manila—MNL Boutique Hostel

  188. CAROL says

    Hi Aleah,

    I finally got my passport with Schegen visa sticker on it.hirap maghintay ng result but worthit naman and 2 weeks na paghihintay..super thanks sa site mo and sayo… you’re such a big help sa pagaayos ng papers ko :) this will be first very time to fly out of the country :)

    Thanks ulit

  189. says

    Hi Ate Aleah till now wala pa din pong email or call ung embassy ng Belgium ang intended departure ko po is April 1(monday) , nabasa ko po sa website nila na Holiday 28-29 (thurs-fri) tapos close naman sila ng 30-31 (Sat-sun), may possibility po ba na mag email or call sila sa monday or after April 1 na? ka-stress ate :( anu po ba pwede kong gawin maliban sa pag-hihintay? kasi sa tingin ko po hindi talaga aabot… Thank you po!

  190. anna says

    Hi aleah

    Oo nga naghihintay pa rin ako hanggang ngayon 2 months na po simula nung nag apply ako until now check ko ang website ala pa rin. April din ang intended date of visit ko sa fiancee ko.. :(

  191. anna says


    when ka nag apply ng visa mo? ako kasi nung january 28 pa, hanggang ngayon ala pa rin din akong result. kagaya mo rin april din ang intended visit ko. frustrated na nga ako masiyado kakahintay ng result everyday kc 8 weeks or 2 months na ala pa rin.pareho tayo naghihintay din me ng result. sana namn kung pwede balitaan mo ako if my result ka na?please?? tsaka nasubukan mo na ba e contact ang embassy?

  192. says

    @Anna- Nung march 7 lang ako nainterview , hindi ko naman po akalain na aabot ng ganito katagal :( kasi sa ibang embassy nabasa ko may claim stub sila kung kelan kukunin ung passport/visa , ung friend ko sa swiss embassy naman 2days lang may result agad… hindi pa po ako nag try tumawag or mag call sa embassy eh.. kelan po intended departure mo? ako April 1 po.. ikaw po na try mo naba mag call or tumawag sa embassy? cge sasabihin ko sau if ever may result na… ikaw din hah? tsaka ano po ba sabi sau nung nainterview ka???

  193. says

    @Anna- sa isang forum na sinalihan ko sabi dun ni ate Fara , advisable naman daw na tawagan ung embassy lalo malapit na un intendend visit natin , ito ung number ng embassy dito sa manila , try mu naman tawagan kung ok lng sayo… +632-845-1869 , +632-845-1870 , +632-845-1871, +632-845-1872 .. hanggang 3pm lang yan today.. tapos holiday na simula bukas hanggang linggo ..

  194. anna says


    natwagan ko na lahat ng number na yan, kaso lang hindi yan direct sa embassy..kasi nung last time nagtawag ako agent ang sumagot.binigyan ak ng number yun raw tawagan ko about asking result sa visa pero hindi ako maka connect sa line. :(

  195. says

    @Carol- ang magagawa nalng talaga natin is maghintay :) .. think positive padin .. close sila ng 4 days .. sa monday tau ulet maghintay ng email or call :)

  196. anna says


    try ko pa rin mag wait today sa website kung saan pwede natin e check ang status ng ating application. Kasi sabi ni fiancee ko open raw sila today. Iba nmn raw ang europe sa pinas. tapos kung ala pa rin talga mag send ako ulit ng e mail sa ministry kc nung nag send me last week ang reply wait pa raw ako few days eh 1 week na yung last send ko message sa kanila at almost 9 weeks na application ko eh. kaya frustrated na me maxado. April 24 yung intended visit ko sa Fiancee ko hazel…

    Nung nag apply me,ang sabi lang nung girl doon sa window send lang raw nila result via e mail or call tapos check ko raw yung status ng visa ko gamit yung reference no. na bigay nila sa atin. yan lang sinabi nila.

    basta hazel balitaan mo ako ha kung anu man result ng application mo. Balitaan rin kita kung anu result ng visa ko.si God na talga bahala sa atin.

  197. ram says

    To the blogger Ms Aleah, Kudos! You’ve answered all the doubts, the confusions, the questions of your readers. Now, i have already the idea how it feels to apply for a visit … Very much soon I can feel what some of your readers felt for the interview hehehehe…

  198. says

    @Carol – Anong visa po ba inaplayan mo? Visit visa?? paano mo na che-check sa website? pahingi naman ako nung link or website ng pinagche-chekan mo ng status…Thank you.. Basta babalitaan kita sa result :) keep in touch .. Good Luck :)

  199. Carol says

    @ Hi Hazel,

    Visiting a friend un inaplayan ko, and sa Czech Embassy kasi nagbibigay sila ng paper na my exact date ng release ng paper mo,
    no email, kasi nakasulat na sa paper un exact date and time na dapat bumalik ka sa embassy for pick up, in my case 2weeks excatly before nila i release un passport ko… Good luck sa application sana possitive din un result sayo :)


  200. anna says

    @hazel: ito yung websitekung saan mo pwede e check ang iyong visa application.


    e click mo lang yung english tapos hanapin mo yung “” what is happening to my visa application “click mo yan, tapos pagdating mo sa next page my makita ka ganito:

    Choisissez ici le poste belge diplomatique ou consulaire :
    hanapin mo: MANILLE NA WORD click mo

    Tapez ici le numéro de la demande de visa concernée (ex.: 1, 10,89, 200, …) : tapos ilagay mo visa number. ang visa number ay nasa resibo na binigay sa atin.

    french ang nakalagay dun na language.
    copy paste mo na lang sa google translate..

    sana my result na tayo next week.more than 2 months na akin.

    kay Carol na name nilgay mo pero alm ko ako tinatanung mo. :)

  201. says

    @Anna- ay sorry .. na confused ako .. hahaha 😀 ! Happy Easter ..wala pa din result eh .. nag email ung BF ko sa embassy nung friday kasi hindi daw holiday dun pero wala pa reply ..about dun sa website .. nag-try na ako dun pero ang lumalabas is “No Result” ikaw ano sinasabi pag nag-checheck ka dun??? ang alam ko ma-tatrack mo lang dun sa website na un pag nag-apply ka ng long stay visa. sana may result na soon. still WAIT WAIT WAIT and PRAY PRAY PRAY :) :) :)

  202. anna says

    @hazel: Ok lang :), Ako nag email sa kanila nung thursday kc yun din sabi ng Fiancee ko na di holiday sa kanila. Pero ala din reply from them.
    Dun sa website bakit ganun NO RESULT ka..ako makikita ko yung application ko dun ang nakalagay nung feb. 05 na forward yung paper ko sa allien office ata yun or foreign ministry tapos nakalagay EN TRAITMENT meaning on process pa.

    Sana nga my result na tayo so soon.Buti nga ikaw this march lang nag apply ako January pa talga until now ala pa rin result. YES!AIT!WAIT! tlga tayo and PRAY!..


    • Hazel says

      @anna- oo eh no result.. Bkit ganun? As in number lang ung ita-type dun o pati ung letters? Try ko ulet.. Nga pala holiday padin pla bukas. Close padin ang embassy..

  203. says

    @anna- add mo ako sa FB… dun tayo usap .. baka magalit si ate Aleah dito … hehe .. click mo lng ung name ko , makikita mo na ung fb ko.. :) NO RESULT talga eh.. ewan ko kung bakit .. and holiday padin pla bukas.. close padin ang embassy .. natapat tau sa holiday..pa-adjust ng pa-adjust ung result.. hehe 😀

  204. says

    @ Ram: Sometimes I’m late in replying (like now) because I’m in India and the internet connection here sucks. Thanks for dropping by and good luck in your visa application in the future!
    @ Anna and Hazel: No problem. :) Whenever I checked the website din dati for the status of my application, it always just said it was being processed. Nauna pang dumating ang email ng embassy after 3 weeks. You’re both right; there’s nothing you can do but wait. Hopefully both positive results makukuha nyo!
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—Lucky Sculptures in Europe

  205. anna says


    ai bakit ganun yung sayo no result. Akin kc meron. Pero wait na lang talga tayo nito.Kung ala pa rin ako result this week. next week tatawagan ng fiancee ko yung foreign ministry at least raw di xa nagkulang. lahat ginawa niya. kaya hintay pa rin ako ng result 10 weeks na ngayon,
    di kta ma add sa fb naka private profile mo eh. add mo na lang ako nag send na me ng message sa fb iwan kung na receive mo :)

    Goodluck and Godbless tlga sa ating 2.
    Si lord na bahala sa atin :)

  206. Hazel says

    @anna- na track ko na application ko :) hihi today lng .. Naka lagay IN BEHANDLING ibig sabihin daw in treatment o baka in process haha.. Ay wala akong na recieve na message mo sa FB ehh.. i-poke mo nlng ako.. :) kinabahan nga ako nung na-track ko eh.. Ung bf ko din lahat na ginawa nya.. Nag email na sya sa embassy ng belgium dito sa Manila pati sa Belgium.. Wait wait nlng tayo ng result … Sana this week parehas na tayo may posituve result :) GOD IS GOOD

    @ate Aleah- thank you po, excited lng kami ni Anna sa result ng application namen 😀

  207. marieanne says

    april 29 to may 8 po ang visit ko s isang schengen country tanong lng po kung dapat yung itinerary at travel insurance dpt april 29 dn

  208. anna says

    @hazel: di rin kita ma poke sa fb account mo eh.pero nag leave ako message doon sa page ninyo dlawa ng bf mo. Siya nga pala tumawag yung fiancee ko sa foreign ministry ng belgium ang sabi raw ng girl e send raw nila ang result ngayon pero sure raw sila na ma send yung result ng visa ko bukas. tapos yung taga belgium embassy manila na raw ang mag send sa akin ng result.

    Pray, pray talga na makuha na namin bukas ang result. Sana talga…
    Godbless talga sa atin dalawa hazel :)hopefully bukas masasabi ko sayo kung anu man ang result.

  209. Kam says

    Hi, this is very helpful and inspiring! I’m targeting next year to visit a friend. I’m a freelancer, but I’d be studying again, so is saving at around 250k ok and a proof that I am returning to finish my studies (instead of work) ok?

  210. anna says

    ate aleah my result na po ako.. reject po visa ko :(
    Sadmaxado pero ok na ako ngayon. moving forward na kami 2 ng Fiancee ko.

  211. says

    @ Kam: Your money in the bank is not the only basis. It also depends on how long you’re going there, and if the reason for going back (studies) is strong enough. In any case, the best way is to have your friend sponsor you, at least in writing.
    @ Anna: Am so sorry to hear that. Do you know the reason? You can file for an appeal; just address their reason for rejection.
    Aleah recently posted..India’s Tourist Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

  212. says

    Hi Ate Aleah, parehas po kami ni Anna :( Denied din po visa ko , bukas po pupunta po ako ng embassy para po kunin ung passort ko at para po malaman ung reason kung bkit denied , ate aleah paano po ung process ng pag appeal? may bayad po ba ulit un at iinterviewhin po ba ulit? at tsaka gaano po katagal un? thank you po :)

    @Anna- Move 0n na sis :) sa tamang panahon mai-bibigay din sa atin un :)

  213. BLACK CHRYSTAL says

    Getting a fiancee visa is much harder than getting a tourist visa. For one, the fact that you are getting married means that you will stay in the schengen country for good. Your fiancee has to prove that he can sustain you in his country, and to do so he must have a high paying job. Please note as well that waiting time for this type of visa is longer.

    Tourist visa on the other hand is so much easier more so if you have are travelling to western country every year. I can get my visa within 24 hours after the interview because of my travel history in Europe. You will know if you are approve when you appear personally, if they retain your passport after the interview that means your visa is approved and they will deliver it to you with a visa, but if the consul return your passport after the interview that means you are denied.for tourist the maximum they give is 1 year, but you must have a good reason to stay in a schengen state for 1 year.

    This doesn’t apply to UK,even though UK is located in Europe there are no personal appearance, you will just submit the documents and wait. Mine takes at least 1 week. They will just send an email and tell you that your visa is ready for dispatch. They issue 6 months and 5 years multiple entry visa for tourist. But like in schengen states the chances of being approved for fiancee is very slim.

    The easiest visa to get is US, mine takes only 5 days to get the 10 year multiple entry visa. Same with schengen visa if the consul retain your passport after the interview, then that means your application is approve.

    The thing here is once you have a visa issued by a western country,you have a better chance of getting approval anywhere you apply.

  214. maine says

    Hi ate leah, one of the requirements po sa be embassy is to have a reser vation of the ticket. pwede po ba yun? yung reserve lang without buying it? and what will happen po if i got denied? is the ticket refunddable po incase na binili nalang yung ticket. thank you po!

  215. says

    @ Hazel: Sorry for the delay in replying. I didn’t know what to say as I haven’t experienced submitting an appeal yet. What did you do?

    @ Black Chrystal: Thanks so much for sharing! I hope the others here have learned from your experience.

    @ Maine: When you make a reservation, you’re not supposed to pay anything. Do NOT buy the ticket before you get your visa approved!
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—The Magnificent Taj Mahal

  216. sahlee says

    @Aleah…..sis how can i inform the belgian embassy, that my email account was blocked 2days ago,and i can’t access it, now i have a new one, but i dont know to whom or where to send my new account, i mean to the consulate ba? atchaka para sa new account ko na rin masend ung hinihintay kong visa result..thanks ypu

  217. says

    @ Sahlee: Immediately email stating the loss of your email address and what your new contact information is. Don’t forget to write your full name, your visa number (the one in your receipt), and the date that you filed your application. If you don’t get a reply within a week, call them via their hotline number.
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—The Magnificent Taj Mahal

  218. Francis says

    hello, just want to know if i still need the LOA certificate?? because im a seafarer..and i want to apply for a visa going to austria…i just arrive here this march..but i have already a schengen visa as a transit only plus i have u.s visa for 5 yrs… do you think this is a advantage??what shall i do?? and how will i do the reservation ticket?? do i nee to pay it immediately?? thank you so much..

  219. says

    @ Maine: Just ask a travel agency to make the reservation for you. You can then print it out and submit with your application. You shouldn’t pay anything for that.

    @ Francis: If you want to stay for some time (days or weeks) in Schengen state, you must have a tourist visa. Transit visa’s not applicable. It may be an advantage + the US visa + the fact that you’re a seaman. Instead of LOA, you can submit other documents, like if you have a contract, your seaman’s book, etc. etc. Again, make a booking for your tickets to Europe; don’t buy the ticket yet. Go to a travel agency to make a reservation.
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—The Magnificent Taj Mahal

  220. Francis says

    aleah so the visa i will choose is tourist not invited by a friend??whats the best?? thanks

  221. cocoy says


    I am planning to apply a visa in hungary just for a short stay.. about 1 week the maximum… I’ve been longing for this trip since last year while i was working in singapore… I beleive it is much easier to apply there.. but my company re assigned me here in Cebu Philippines..

    So my main concern is when applying the visa for hungary in belgian embassy as their representative.. do i need to go to manila for it, i mean for the application, appointment or interview? or can i just send everything through mail. as i am working and i always have a tight schedule at work… but I am only applying the visa for budapest, hungary trip only.. no other place.

    hope someone could advice me so… my planned trip would be this coming august 22 2013.. and its like 3 months from now… and also ive been calling the belgian embassy but i cant reach any operator that could sort my problem…

    hope anyone could help me out…


  222. cocoy says

    hi tina…

    how may i able to contact you? do you have email or skype.. i hope you could help me regarding my concern..

    and i was also hoping that i could just send my visa application and other documents through mail… it would be convenient for me not to take a leave on my work just to go to manila for show up appointment… as i am taking all my annual leave this august for my trip in hungary if my visa is approve..


  223. says

    @ Cocoy: If you’re applying through the Belgian embassy, they really need you to make a personal appearance. You just call the number I gave in the post to set an appointment for an interview. On that day, bring all the documents you will have. When your passport is given back, you don’t need to pick it up yourself, you can ask someone to do that, just give an authorization letter, your ID and the visa receipt.
    @ Tina: Hope to meet you next time I’m there :)
    Aleah recently posted..Solo Travel Tips to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

  224. smile says

    Hi aleah,
    ano ano ba ang mga karinawang interview tulad ko.sponsor ako ng bf ko for visit his place in belgium.I have already this .passport 2 application form with 2×2 pic bayad sa visa application at appointment at proof with my relationship my sponsor…..for my sponsor
    a letter form him proof of his financial capacity original affidavit of support his family composition photocopy of his belgian ID card.lahat yan na sa akin na .his working as a cabinet secretary in belgium.ang trabaho ko ay simply lang isa akong service crew.kailangan ko parin bang humingi ng employment certificate mula sa boss ko? kailangan ko parin bang magpakita ng payslips? …my interview sa june 6,2013.
    thank you and more power

  225. smile says

    Hello again aleah,
    can i ask you again? what does family composition mean?
    i hope you can answer me..thank you..


  226. says

    @ Smile: You still need to submit all those documents. It’s to prove you have a job here and won’t stay there illegally. Family composition is a document your BF will get from his home town in Belgium and have to send to you. He would know about it. Good luck with your interview! Malapit na!
    Aleah recently posted..Musings of an Eternal Wildchild

  227. smile says

    Hello again once again aleah.I have already Family composition from him.pinadala na niya sa akin.thank you sa pag reply.anyway ano ba ang isusuot during interview casual,formal.pwede ba mag maong pants and polo?..hindi ba nakaka nervous.suplada ba o estrekta ba ang mag iinterview..sorry if i have so many asking..

  228. Liz says

    hi, alea.my boyfriend is swedish and he invited me to travel there. interview ko na june 1, 2013. they have it on the checklist that you need to have either a certificate of employment,business cert or enrollment certificate. problema ko, i am out of school and will not enroll this year, have no business permit since our business had been stopped since last year already and wala din ako trabaho. will it lessen my chance of having my application approved?

    • Ycel says

      Hi aleah,or among people here help me ,i just want to ask lang if you have sample cover letter stating to visit a boyfriend or fiancee in schengen states,thank you…

  229. sandy says

    Hi.. i want to ask regarding your sponsor, Is it your boy friend or friend or family? I planning to apply schengen visa and my bf will be my sponsor.. we been travel before at thailand twice so now our plan is to visit him..

  230. says

    @ Smile: Sorry for the delay in my response. Casual should be fine, like dark maong pants and polo, or blouse. Let me know how your interview went!
    @ Liz: The embassy needs proof that you will come back to the Philippines, that’s why you need to be employed or have a business. Is there anything else you can show them?
    @ Ycel: Hi, I do have one, but it’s much too personal. Just state there why you want to go to Europe and what you will do there.
    @ Sandy: I visited my boyfriend then.
    Aleah recently posted..We Go Solo: Solo Travel Planning Tips for Women

  231. Ann says

    Hi, I would like to ask if how many days will it takes for me have the visa result?been to interview last June 21 and my desired date of leaving the phils will be on July 3..I pass all the papers needed except the 3 months payslip coz I just graduated last March. I applied for tourist visa and my boyfriend sponsored me for it. I did also present the job offer but the consul give it back to me after I presented it to her. Thank you. have a nice day!
    Ann recently posted..How to Travel Cheaply in Batanes

  232. says

    @ Ann: Mine took over 3 weeks. Expecting to get the results in a week is a bit optimistic, to say the least. My advice? Try to relax and just wait for it. I know it’s nerve-wracking, but it will arrive when it arrives.

    They will send you an email. If they say to book the ticket and get an insurance policy already, that means your visa application was approved. If they tell you to go to the Belgian Embassy on a Tuesday to get your passport back, that means your application was denied. Anyway, do come back and let us know when you have the results ha? Good luck!
    Aleah recently posted..How to Travel Cheaply in Batanes

  233. Ann says

    I have already my insurance and booked ticket dated July 3 until October 2 and I passed it all to embassy. Thank you for your response :)

  234. says

    @ Ann: It’s never recommended to buy your tickets before you get your visa. I hope you won’t learn that the hard way. And if you’re referring to the visa number which you can use to follow up your application online, it does work, but it’s just very delayed. I already received my visa results but whenever I checked the status online, it still said “processing,” or something similar like that. So, just wait for the email from the embassy.
    Aleah recently posted..The Circle Hostel—A Unique Place to Stay in La Union

  235. Ann says

    Thank you for your response :) I’ll wait for the visa result until tomorrow if I can’t still hear anything from the embassy my boyfriend will re-book the ticket. it is my first time to travel tho so its really nerve-wracking to wait for the result. have a nice day!

  236. Ann says

    hello Miss Aleah :) wala pa din po akong result or any emails receive from the embassy :( and my boyfriends re-book the ticket because it will be impossible to have the visa result tomorrow. Have a nice day :)

  237. Ann says

    Can I ask something? is the visa will be released in 15 working days or 15 days including saturdays and sundays? Thank u

  238. Ann says

    He already re-booked the ticket to July 10, and I did go to embassy for visa follow up they told me that my papers is still in Belgium and dont have any idea when it will be released.

    Can I ask one more thing? We are planning to get married here in the Philippines because He will go back here and wait until we have any news from the embassy. Do you know the requirements and how to get married here? Thank you for your response. Have a nice day :)

  239. says

    @ Ann: July 10 is still too near. Be prepared to rebook that again and again. Hopefully you’ll get the result soon! Sorry, I never married my Belgian guy so I have no idea. :) Go to JustLanded.com. There’s a good group there in Belgium. Lots of Filipinas sharing experiences.
    Aleah recently posted..Things to Do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  240. says

    @ Ann: Again, nobody knows that. My visa results took three weeks. Others (read the comments) took days, most people don’t get it in months. Keep that in mind when rebooking the ticket.
    @ Grace: I bought my insurance when the embassy told me to buy it + the plane tickets when my visa app was approved.
    Aleah recently posted..Things to Do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  241. Em says

    Hi, I just want to ask what insurance is needed to get a visa? I’ve read some posts that in order to get a visa there has to be at least 30 000 euro for insurance. I don’t understand that, can you explain it further? I’m a college student graduating on october, can you suggest what month should we apply for our visa? my friends and i are planning to take a caribbean cruise on november..

  242. says

    @ Em: You need a travel and medical insurance. You will be informed by the embassy how much insurance you need, but usually, it should cover the dates you’re in the Schengen area + a few days extra. If you’re planning to leave in November, you can apply as early as August. Read the other comments here so you won’t make the mistake of buying the tickets and insurance before you get the visa.

    @ Ann: I’m sorry to hear that. I suppose the reason they gave was that they cannot ascertain your return to the Philippines? It’s understandable, given your age and lack of employment. YOu can file an appeal (sorry I didn’t need to do that so I can’t give you tips) and make a very strong justification that you will come back here. Still, it’s not an assurance that you will be granted one. Good luck and next time, don’t buy the ticket in advance.
    Aleah recently posted..Things to Do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  243. Ann says

    Thank you Ms. Aleah :) He cancelled the ticket now. And we will make an appeal and he will get a lawyer from Belgium but as I read in the net it will take a month and cant give any assurance for it. What justification do I need to do or need to have ?

  244. Madenn says

    Hi ms. Aleah,

    I had relatives in amsterdam, and my cousin is inviting me to visit there possibly by december or later in january next year..I find it a little hard to jumpstart the preps on visa application. I had lots of question though I can have the run-throughs in web or blogs and at the embassy site already..Can you guide me please on how should I start it? Im very glad I found your blog. Please do email me for any response..Id love talkin to you about this opportunity. Dankjuwel! =) GBU.

  245. NORELYN says

    hi!miss aleah

    anu po ba ang dapat gawin para makapag apply ng schengen visa to spain?pano po ba mag.apply? first time ko po kya hindi ko alam kong pano..tnx po

  246. says

    @ Madenn: I have laid out the process and the requirements in this blog post. Read it so you will know what to do and what to prepare. Thank you.
    @ Norelyn: I have laid out the process and the requirements in this blog post. Pakibasa na lang po dahil nakasulat na lahat ano ang kailangan nyong gawin. Salamat.
    Aleah recently posted..Things to Do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  247. Anna says

    hi ms aleah!

    Mag aapply ako ng visa ko next month.kaso wala akong employment certification pero my business ako na garments pwedi na ba un as my prove na babalik pa ako d2 sa pinas?isa pa married na ako at ung passport ko eh single pa kc bagong kuha ko lng bago ako kinasal sa 2016 pa ang expiration.ok lng ba un?tnx and god bless!

  248. says

    @ Anna: Submit your business papers to prove that you have some financial capacity plus a reason to come back here. I have no idea if they will do a background check but I highly discourage misrepresenting yourself. If you’re not employed there anymore don’t submit a COE. Sorry po, I have no idea re the passport. :)
    Aleah recently posted..Batanes—The Beautiful North Batan

  249. Anna says

    Gagawa pa ako ng sulat para maconvince sila na babalik pa ako d2 sa Pinas?ung business ko kc DTI at Brgy. Permit lang mayron dahil subcon lang kami.Pwedi na ba yun?pwedi ba akong pumunta sa belgian embassy to inquire kung anu mga requirements ang isusubmit ko?tnx

  250. Anna says

    panu u ng bank statement?kc ang myron ako is ATM..magkano kaya lahat ang dapat na nakalagay dun?kc ung bayaw at ate ko ang nag invite sa akin for family visit,,,

  251. says

    @ Anna: The requirements are already listed in this blog post. You don’t have to go to the embassy to ask for it since I’ve provided it already. Submit all official documents you have for your business, whether it is DTI permit or whatever. It’s up to the embassy to assess whether it’s enough proof that you won’t stay there illegally. Re bank statement, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an ATM or passbook account. Just ask for a statement from your bank. Good luck!
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium

  252. Anna says

    thank you so much Aleah…pero ung ATM ko ay sa asawa ko nakapangalan…i have our marriage…ok na ba un?or kelangan ko ng atm na ako talga ang nakapangalan?

  253. Anna says

    or pweding joint account nlng kaming dalawa ok ba un?thank you so much aleah it’s a really big help for me your blog!

  254. Maine says

    Pano po magpa reserve ng ticket? Wala po talaga ko idea pano mag start :( and ilang oras po inabot nung process ng pagpasa nyo ng visa? Matagal po ba? Thank you po ate aleah!

  255. says

    @ Anna: Obviously, it would be much better if it’s in your name, but if you don’t have that, just submit your joint account plus maybe a copy of your marriage certificate. Still, I would like to say it’s not an assurance that you’d get the visa. Read the other comments here. Wish you luck!! :)

    @ Maine: Just go to any travel agency and make a reservation, have it printed out. It took me two hours at the embassy because they interviewed me twice. :) When are you applying and when are you planning to go?
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium

    • Maine says

      Thank you ate, im planning sana sa 2nd week ng october. Nagpa sched narin po ako ng pag pass ng visa, im not sure kung maka pasa kasi student lang po ako. With sponsor. Medjo kinakabahan ate hehe :p

  256. Ayie says

    Hi aleah! Just want to ask if the validity of the visa os for 45 days
    But they put
    29 days
    On the duration of
    Stay do i need to follow the duration and stay only for 29 days or the validity of the visa will prevail… Im afraid i might exceed the 29 days period..,

  257. says

    @ Maine: Who knows, right? 😉 Let us know how your application went, okay? Good luck!
    @ Ayie: Ignore the validity of your visa, focus only on the duration they gave you. Validity only means you can use it within that period; it doesn’t indicate how many days you’re allowed to stay there. That’s duration. May visa ka na? Congrats! Don’t exceed the duration, otherwise you may get blacklisted!
    Aleah recently posted..Caving in China – The Silver Fox Cave

  258. Ramluj says

    Hi aleah, i’d like just to share that I just submitted my UK tourist visa last tuesday here in Cebu British Consulate. I’m not really expecting but I’m hoping though to get approval. hehe. I hope everything will go well with my application because i had no balance with my bank account but i do have a sponsor. Do u think that would matter the most? I’ve read several blogs and it seems like ECO mostly likely approved those who have strong ties in their home country. :)

  259. Maine says

    Hi ate aleah! Na pass ko na po req ko nung aug 9. Nakaka kaba po. Medjo masungit yung babae. Dami pong tinanong. Gusto ko po mag thank you and laki pong help ng blog nyo. Thank you po! <3 sana po approve!

  260. 0107 says

    hi ate aleah,..wala bang problema khit first trime ko punta sa belgium tas ang binigay ng ate ko is 1 month akong magbaksyon sa knila??

  261. Jessa Carla says

    Hi! This will be my first time to apply to any other visa,and im planning to visit my boyfriend in Norway and he will be my sponsor too. I just want to ask I dont have work but I am self-employed I have my own business which is an internet shop, i also dnt have credit accounts or any bank accounts. Is there still a chance for me to be approve? What im gonna do pls.help..,

  262. 0107 says

    ate aleah pano po kung wala akong credit card pero self employed ako and may bank account ako pero hindi kalakihan ang laman?hahanapin din ba sa immigration airport kung magkano ang dala kong pera??thank youa nd god bless

  263. says

    @ Ramluj: No. 1 consideration is a strong tie to the home country, because it reduces the risk of illegally staying in the UK. However, there are other factors as well. Good luck in your application and do let us know the results!

    @ Maine: Let us know the results, ha?

    @ 0107: As long as the requirements are satisfatory, there’s no problem with the length of stay. If you have a sponsor, the important documents are the financial statements of your sponsor. The immigration won’t ask you how much money you have, unless they have cause.

    @ Jessa Carla: Frankly, it would be hard to believe that you have a business if you can’t show any proof of it. Surely you must have business permits, original receipts, etc.? Of course you can apply but if the embassy people won’t be satisfied that you have ties here in the Philippines, your application will be denied. I suggest you look at the requirements (in my post) and start gathering them now; getting a bank account, for example is really very easy.
    Aleah recently posted..An Encounter in Berlin

  264. says

    @ 0107: Aren’t businesses required to pay taxes? Anyway, you have to assure the embassy personnel that you have ties here in the Philippines, that you will come back when you say you will. They will base that on the documents you’ll provide. How will you prove you have a business? If you have the proof, include that in the requirements.
    Aleah recently posted..A Lazy Weekend at the Loreland Farm Resort

  265. 0107 says

    actually ms aleah i have the DTI permit, barangay permit of my business but in house business only,tahian lng po ng mga damit na binibinta sa sm ( moose gear ) sub contract lng po.

  266. luvu says

    Hello aleah can I ask something?..yaong ng apply ka ng visa mo sa Belgium gumawa kaba ng cover letter mo?..tnx and God bless..

  267. Maine says

    Hi ate aleah, mag 1 month na sa monday simula nung nag pass ako, sana approve. Medjo natatagalan po ako, kasi yung iba 3 weeks lang meron na. Sana po talaga approve since 2 weeks lang naman ako mag stay :(

    to 0107, yung mga tinanong sakin is ano daw gagawin ko dun, ilang weeks daw ako mag stay, anong mga banda na napuntahan ko, ilang days at sino kasama ko sa mga bansang yun. Nag punta kasi kami ng bf ko sa japan, ano daw ginawa namin dun, gano daw kami katagal dun. pano daw kami nagkakilala, what are my plans after school, san daw ako titira :p :)

  268. jhane says

    hi …..my boyfriend from netherlands i have letter invitation with bank copy from him to give at the embassy ….my money at the bank is only 90 thousands pesos . i have small store i get mayors permit and i have also itr .

  269. mark says

    Hi aleah, tanong ko lang kng aware ka bout sa french visa.. kasi plank ko mag tourist visa dun, unemployed na ako.. pero susupport naman ako ng parents ko pagpunta dun.. ang first entry ko is france muna then mag eurotrip na kami.. wala akong kasama from philippines.. ang mgiging kasama ko is friend ko from australia..plano namin sa europe is 3weeks lang.. plano ko pumunta last week of january 2014.. kng sa pag travel my records naman ako na entry/exit dito sa asia’s country.. ang purpose namin pumunta dun is for vacation and main purpose namin is to join the french foreign legion.. Kng sa bank statement pwdeng lagyan ng parents ko ng 1m pero show money lang naman db.. wala akong sponsor pero sa accomodation magbobook ng hotel dun yung friend ko.. so what will you advice for me? Thanks.

  270. jane says

    Hi! what a nice experience. tanong ko lang what if di pa kami ng kita ng sponsor and I just wanted to visit him for 90days maybe. we do not have photos together pero i can print our everyday conversation.
    Yung letter of Obligation, invitation and affidavit of support kailangan ba na ka handwritten? tapos ipapa scan ko lang then i-print?

  271. jane says

    pa Habol Ms. Aleah.. Kailangan bang english or in their own language ng sponsor and letter of formal obligation/ affidavit of support?

  272. Nadia says

    Hi Aleah,

    I had an interview with the Belguim Embassy last September 2, 2013. Tomorrow its gonna be 1 month. Im really scared of what will the result would turn out. I applied for “Tourist visa” since that was my boyfriend told me. It’s my first time to apply for a visa and my first time to go out of the country if possible.

    Its really nerve wrecking to wait, specially if your waiting for nothing :(

    Im wondering if the duration of process has something to do with whether you get approved or not. Cause im kinda thinking that, maybe its a “NO”.

  273. says

    @ Luvu: Yes, I gave a cover letter, stating what I plan to do there, why, and the duration.

    @ Maine: How are you? Did you receive the results already?

    @ Jhane: Did you apply na? How was it?

    @ Mark: The most important thing is to show the embassy you have reason to come back here. If you apply and they see you’re unemployed, you’ll have a harder time getting the visa. I suggest applying before you leave your job.

    @ Jane: In the Embassy of Belgium, they don’t approve the application if you haven’t seen each other yet. The documents you mentioned can be typed, signed of course by your boyfriend. It can be in English or in the original language. Better maybe if it’s the latter (orig. language).

    @ Nädia: The duration has nothing to do with it. Let me know when you get an email from the embassy about your application.
    Aleah recently posted..Saying Goodbye to Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin

  274. Kayedison says

    anyone here applied for a WORKING VISA in Royal belgian embassy (Manila)? I don’t have idea how it will go.:(

  275. Kayedison says

    Currently I am unemployed, I don’t have any business then. I am a college graduate but still less fortunate to find a job now. But I have worked in a clinic for a year.

    My sponsor in going to BELGIUM will be my uncle/auntie. We have met four years ago as I remembered. I have been interviewed of my employer last month via Skype, and now I am awaiting my supporting papers which will be process in belgium for a month. Do I have a bigger chance in approving my WORKING VISA?

    THANKS! God bless everyone :)

  276. Kayedison says

    My uncle/auntie are belgian national but were real Pinoys.:) They are working there for 20 years I guess.:)

  277. Vanz says

    hi Aleah,..please give me advice,,i applied in french embassy last sept 18,i submitted complete papers, even i have 319k in my bank.letter from my boss, and a business permit..but then ,i was denied sept 26.. ..reason is in number 9 in the letter.so, i decided to contact my very close friend in holland, and i ask him to sponsor me..so, he will help me with that..my concern is, is it possible to apply in Dutch embassy for the 2nd time and to submit the letter of invitation and all the stuff needed …?and im scared maybe they will deny me coz i was deny already in French embassy…please advice me Ms. Aleah….what shall i do… thanks god bless

  278. says

    @ Kayedison: Sorry po, I have no experience with working visas. :( Can you get back here when you have the results and update us once you’ve gotten it, plus tips? Thanks!

    @ Vanz: What’s reason number 9? There’s no problem about applying in another embassy. You can even lodge in appeal in the French embassy if you feel you can address the reason they stated for refusing your application.
    Aleah recently posted..Saying Goodbye to Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin

    • Vanz says

      Thanks so much Ms.aleah for a quick response, by the way the reason is your intention to leave the territory of the member state before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained…unbelievable!but yeah what to do ..anyway ses, If I will file an appeal to Nantes France, it will take 2 months..so I better apply in Dutch embassy I think..thanks again Ses…I will just update you as soon as I get the visa in Dutch embassy ..god bless ses

  279. JANE says

    Tnx for the info Ms. Aleah. .My BF is from Germany tapos hindi pa kami nag MEET ng personal. He really wants me to go there kasi hindi sya pwedeng mag vacation dahil sa work n’ya. In my case po which is better visitor’s or tourist visa?
    If tourist visa kasi dahil hindi pa kami nag meet, pwede kayang walang hotel sa apartment n’ya ako mag stay?

  280. says

    @ 0107: If you have one, it would help because it would tell them something about your financial history. However, if you have a lot of unpaid bills, it may not be a good idea to show it.

    @ Vanz: That’s the most common reason for rejection. Let me know the results if you reapply!

    @ Jane: If you tell the embassy that he’s your BF, they expect that you have met in person already, so they would look for proof. If they will know that you haven’t met personally yet, they would definitely reject your application. It’s also for your safety because you never ever really know someone online, even though you think you do. Sorry sis, that’s the reality.
    Aleah recently posted..Celebrating Begnas Festival in Sagada

  281. trakena says

    hello maganda,

    taning ko lng sana kung paano ako mag.apply ng schengen visa to portugal…wala kasi silang embassy dito sa philippines…balak ko sana dalawin bf ko na nasa portugal at magsponsored naman xa sa akin..please give me advice

  282. 0107 says

    ms aleah…

    may isa akong bill sa credit card na nakalimutan kong bayaran kc ang due date lagi is every 6th pero ung bill ko ng nov naging 5 ung due date kaya nakalimutan ko pero ito lng ung first time ko na hindi nabayaran at binayaran ko din agad kinaumagahan…do i need to show for the last 3 months bill ko na credit card sa embassy??thank you ms aleah…napakalaking tulong ito sa amin…

  283. 0107 says

    here’s are my requirements po.

    1. cover letter,
    2. bank statement at bank cert,
    3. DTI Permit,
    4. pics ng pwesto nmin,
    5. Proof of releationship,
    6. NBI,
    7. Credit cards statement kaso ung isa nga nalate po ako ng bayad dahil nakalimutan ko ung due date pero binayaran ko po kinaumagahan.
    8. Photocopy of my Passport kaso po ung sa Singapore ko po working po cya pero 7 months lng…what do you think po ms aleah??my chance po ba na maaprove ang visa ko??give me some idea po kung anu pa po ang mga iprepare ko.
    tas ung para sa ate ko isesend na nya this coming December.

  284. says

    @ 0107: Credit card bills are just one of the proofs that you are financially stable. If you think na di makakatulong, wag na lang. If you have more than one, I suggest giving at least one recent bill. I can tell you may chance ka, pero as you may have read from other comments here, we never really know. Just submit as many documents as you can proving you will go back to the Philippines at the end of your visa period. It will then be up to the embassy if they’re convinced you won’t stay there illegally. Good luck!!!
    Aleah recently posted..Backpacking India in 3 Weeks

  285. shynetrakena says

    hello Ms. Aleah,

    i plan to travel to Luxembourg for vaction just 3 days…as i am very curious to know Luxembourg…yet no Luxembourg embassy here phil.can i apply in belgian embassy?thanks for help

  286. Remy says

    Hi Alleah,

    Good evening po. I just want to ask because I am very curious about the VISA thing. Actually now I have a Swedish boyfriend and he told me that on my birthday or by spring he will let me visit him in Sweden. And, I told him na mhirap because I need VISA to go there. Then he said, It’s not my problem but it’s his. Talaga bang pwede na xa yung kukuha ng visa for me? or is it hard to get Schengen visa to Sweden? He has been here last July- August and he will come again this december-last week of January. Then, we will go together in Thailand to celebrate new year with his friends.. Hope you can answer my questions.

    • meng says

      @remy:hi! May swedish bf din ako at ininvite nya ko after namin magkita ng first time nung august. Nag apply ako sa royal norwegian embassy and after two days nakuha ko na unh visa ko. Nagbabasa ako ng mha blog kc ung sa father ko wala png result e sabay sana kami aalis. Pero sabi nga ni aleah case to case basis din. Goodluck sayo :) and I salute you aleah for answering all the readers’ questions

  287. Franz says

    hello ms.alleah

    may chance kaya ako mahakuha ng schengen-visa kahit wlang work kakagraduate ko lang nung May ehh?? may sponsor naman ako :(

  288. says

    @ Shynetrakena: Sorry I’m not familiar with Luxembourg. Hmm…maybe check it out in Google? You may have to go to the German embassy but I’m not sure.

    @ Remy: Your BF can’t get your visa for you. You have to get that here. He will give you supporting documents but you’ll have to do everything. Make sure to submit photos of you together to prove that you’d already met.

    @ Franz: The embassies want to see that you have reason to come back to the Philippines. It may be difficult to prove that if you don’t have work but you can try.

    @ Meng: Congrats!!
    Aleah recently posted..Guide to the Best Restaurants in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  289. amony says

    hello…this blog is really help.but i have something to ask about.i have a german bf,we have plan to apply a Schengen visa for me perhaps this coming january we will complete all requirements i need.my german bf have already the requirements..such as invitation letter,health and accident insurance for me,declaration which has the approval from his municapality in germany.he will be shoulder all i need.and i have my passport,passport photos,proof of relationship,bills of money remittance.but i didnt fill up the application form yet.the flight ticket we will book this month.i have no work since years,i have no any property here in phil.,i have no business.i have no bank account.i have my son,6 years old..i want to ask if how can i prove to german embassy that i will be back here in the philippines.anyway,we will apply for visit visa.. thanks so much and god bless!

  290. says

    @ Amony: Don’t buy the ticket yet! Read the other comments here and you’ll know why. The embassy would like to be assured that you’ll come back to the Philippines–hence, the job, property, and bank accounts. Without all those, your chances will be lower. However, there’s still a chance as long as all documents from your BF are there. In addition to what you mentioned, ask him to write a letter as well, saying that he will make sure you will go home on your intended departure date. Good luck and let me know the results, okay?
    Aleah recently posted..Guide to the Best Restaurants in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  291. pSHone says

    Hello Mam Aleah :3

    ano ano po yung mga pede kong dalhin sa embassy?
    wala naman ako work,property…meron lang ako bank account yun lang meron ako ngayon :/ may sponsor naman po akong german (stepfather)

  292. jema says

    hi ms aleah good day!

    i just want to ask because I’m having trouble dialling the number for lodging a visa. it says the number is incorrect. may i ask if what did u do when u called to set for an appointment? what number did u use? thank you in advance for your reply.

  293. Shai says

    Hi ms aleah,
    I have troubles in contacting the service center for an appointment po. hindi ko po ma contact itong mga numbers. 1 909 1014545 (PLDT only through landline or SMART mobile phone)
    1 903 1014545 (Bayantel only through landline)
    1 900 1014545 (Globe through landline and GLOBE mobile phone).

    May time and day ba when we can call and make an appointment?
    Please Help.

  294. says

    hello nice website It really helps. Ask ko lang because last Dec2,2013 I applied for Schengen Visa at Austrian Embassy since dun ko plan pumunta to visit my fiance. He send me the Id no of “Verpflichtungserklarung” as its 1 of the requirements if visiting purpose. I completed all requirement needed and the girl said wait for 5-15 days.I have school certificate too regarding my Christmas break and class Resume. I just want to ask if you have any idea if I still have possible to get denial. Me and my fiance already meet in person 4x now.. We travel too some part of Asia.( Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia) I hope you give me some advice. Thank you in advance.

  295. says

    @ PsHone: Bring as much documents as you have that will show the consul that you won’t stay illegally there. That’s the important thing eh.

    @ Jema and Shai: Hmm…they didn’t change their numbers on their website though. Can you try calling their regular landline to ask? Try this number (02) 845 1869. Let me know if it works. Ask them ano na new number for visa apps, they may have changed it.

    @ Cass: It’s always possible to get your application rejected. If you have submitted everything, there’s nothing to do but wait. :) Good luck and let us know the results!
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  296. Corazon Dedace says

    Goede dag,! :-) hi!! I am the one who msg you yesterday on fb.. about my schengen visa to belgium.
    I mailed the infodeskfrom brussels then asked them how was my application.. they replied and asked my visa application number so they can check it.. and now still on the stage of “waiting” hehe anyway whatever the decision is will be accepted heartly 😉 thanks for your detailed information in this blog . God Bless!!! Xxxxx

  297. jj says

    Hi, Did you purchase your ticket to europe online?print out lang ba ang makukuha mo sa email?is that the only thing you’d have to present when you check in sa airport?i’m hoping for your response .thanks

  298. ai ai says

    hi mam aleah,tanong ko lang kung anong oras open ang belgian embassy? at ano ang contact number na pwede kong tawagan kasi i plan to apply schengen visa to budapest hungary.Isa pa pwede po ba akong pumunta nang belgian embassy para sa aking mga katanungan ng personal?
    kahit hindi pa ako magsubmit ng mga requirements.
    wala akong work at wla po akong bank accounts,may sponsor naman pero may chance kaya na makakuha ako ng visa??
    sa invitation letter kailangan ba talaga na galing sa country nila ginawa sa sponsor?? kung sakali nandito bf ko din wla pa akong invitation letter pwede ba dito nalang sya gumawa ng letter for me?? pls pls pls help me confused po kasi ako eh.

  299. says

    @ Corazon Dedace: Good luck! Do you have the results already?

    @ JJ: Sorry for the late reply. I got the ticket from a travel agency, but even if you buy it online, you can just print it. Yes, you have to show your ticket when you check-in, plus your passport, of course.

    @ Ai ai: They open at 9am so even if you arrive early, the guard won’t let you go up. I have written the phone number in my post (see above). Call the number to ask questions, they won’t entertain you when you don’t have an appointment. Your sponsor can write the invitation letter here, he just needs to (of course) sign it and attach photocopies of his identity card (front and back).
    Aleah recently posted..On Taking Risks and Being Location Independent

  300. aris says

    i had a very bad experience at the french embassy today. i was at the 8:30AM appointment and there are a lot of people who were scheduled at that time. The waiting part was okay. When my name was called at window 2, it was a Filipino case officer who was there. He asked basic questions and finally asked me for the visa fee. He then asked me to wait for my name to be called again.

    After a few minutes, my name was called at window 5 (or 6? I can’t really remember which window it is but it is the rightmost window. The case officer was a middle-aged woman, maybe in her mid-40s, a Filipina, wearing spectacles, who looked very stern. She asked me certain details about the trip like who am I going with, how long my stay is, and who’s sponsoring the trip. As she scanned the documents, she removed some which she said was irrelevant. That’s fine with me, I just thought it would be useful to include other pages of your passports with stamps, return tickets and other documents relevant to my sponsor. You see, the trip will be sponsored by my aunt who are Australian citizens. We are actually traveling to UK and will just spend two days in Paris. I provided all supporting financial documents of my aunt since she will be paying for all expenses. In addition to this, I have also included my own financial documents like ITR, payslips, Certificates of Employment and Compensation, and bank certificate with 200k available balance. The only document that I failed to submit is a bank statement showing transactions for the past 2 months. This, I admit, is my remiss, as I was not able to request this from the bank. However, these are the same set of documents I submitted to VFS and a visa was issued to me successfully so I thought yeah maybe this will run smoothly. So when she asked me why did I not include a bank statement, I said, “I’m sorry ma’am but these are all I got at the moment. I thought this would suffice since my travel and living expenses will be fully sponsored by my aunt.” She then retorted, “But you do know that you are being evaluated based on your credentials and not your aunt, right? You read that on the requirements checklist, right?” I was really speechless when she said that. At the back of my mind, I already imagined her marking my application “Denied” without even considering the other attachments and documents I included in the application. She really sounded very condescending. It’s as if she’s judging me behind those rimmed spectacles. She proceeded with taking my biometrics then after a few seconds, she said, “I’m going to keep your passport for a while and you’ll return on this date to claim your result”, while motioning to the piece of paper where she wrote “January 21, 2014, 11:00 AM”. Then I responded, “Ok ma’am thanks for your time.” I feigned a weak smile and exited the half-open cubicle.

    I felt really bad after my interview with that case officer. For a Pinay who handles visa applications, she is very condescending. I don’t know if that’s really how case officers act, maybe they were supposed to be that way, I don’t know, but that experience is really horrible. Plus the fact that she was talking to me via the mini-PA system. I assume everyone is listening coz I can hear the others she interviewed. It seems to me that she’s so full of herself, and since she’s in that position, she is aimed at humiliating everyone who begs for her mercy. I was able to say that because that was how she was handling the other applicants- plus maybe she enjoys speaking on that PA system for all the world to hear. I was able to compare my experience with those who were called in other windows with other case officers and mine was way below the mark specifically with the way she treated me. Mind you, one of the other case officers was not a Filipino-national, maybe French? Point is, I thought Filipinos would be more accommodating when dealing with fellow Filipinos especially those with genuine intent in applying for their visas.

    I don’t know what the result will be. I am really trying to be positive about this because God knows I executed everything in good faith. But then there’s this case officer and perhaps my dreams of visiting Paris were easily ushered down the drain.

  301. Kazel says

    hi ms. aleah! I would like to ask about your reservation ticket. Is it one-way only or round trip? and how about your confirmed ticket? uhmm.Is it okay when I got my visa approved, I will buy a one way ticket only? one more thing ms.aleah, how did you made your application form, is it handwritten or typewritten?

  302. says

    hi and hello po ms.aleah! just wanna share and ask regarding for my requirements for my visiting visa to germay.i have a bf there and he will support me in all my expenses.He was visited me last year 2 times.appointment ko na sa german embassy this next month.pero hindi ako sure kung ok na ba tong mga requirements ko.can u pls help me and give some advice.my requirements are:
    Original passport
    passport pictures
    Cover letter of my bf
    Formal Obligation
    health & accident Insurance
    Itinerary ticket
    Proof of relationship (pictures together,ym & fb conversation,his passport’s copy with phil’s stamps,Money remittance & the certification from hotels here in phil that we were stay together here in the philippines)
    wala kasi ako any bank account,or any property.but i have a 6 years old son.my bf was declared in his cover letter that he let me go back here in the philippines before my visa will expire.and he also said that we plan na mag-business dto.
    my sarili syang apartment and 29 years na sya worker sa isang lab.equipment (sales man sya and he is also a private pilot)
    sabe kasi nya pinakita nya daw sa city hall nila yung katunayan na kaya nya akong suportahan.he showed them his last 3 months salary plus incentives from his company.yun daw kasi requirements para mabigyan sya ng Obligation letter nga po..
    ang tanung ko po.,kelangan ko pa din ba ipakita sa embassy yung kinikita nya kahit na-apprubahan na sya sa city hall?
    And sa requirements ko,ok na po ba yang mga yan?
    salamat po ng marami.. god bless po!

  303. says

    @ Aris: Sorry to hear of your experience. Truly, some Filipinos can be harder on fellow Filipinos than foreigners can. I don’t why it is, but there ya go. Anyway, it’s the 25th now. Did you pick up your passport? Were you granted a visa? Do let us know!

    @ Kazel: My reservation as well as my tickets were for a return ticket. You will never get out of the Philippines if you only have a one-way ticket since it’s an Immigration rule. The airlines will not check you in if you don’t have a return ticket. My application form was handwritten.

    @ Amony: Sorry for the delay in my response. Based on what you said, you seem to have a lot of proof (esp the proof of relationship) that your BF is serious about you. The lack of property and bank account can be a risk, but since you have a child, the embassy may consider it reason enough for you to be back. It’s also very good that your BF has stated that he has a plan to set up a business here, and the fact that he emphasized that you will not overstay in Germany can count a lot.

    In my application, I also submitted copies of my boyfriend’s salary and company incentives, not just the obligation document. It won’t hurt, and you never know if it will make the difference between acceptance of your application.

    When are you planning to go? Let me know how the interview from the embassy will go. Good luck!
    Aleah recently posted..Exploring the Beauty of South Batan in Batanes

  304. says

    Hi Ms.Aleah..Thanks for answering my concerns,by the way im going to germany.sana makalusot ako sa interview hehehe i let you know po the result.And bf said,kung madenied daw,we will make an appeal. Thanks for wishing me luck.. 😉 have a good times everyone !!

  305. Kazel says

    thank you for your response miss aleah! Just wanna ask if the Letter of Invitation coming from my Sponsor will be addressed to whom? I’ve seen a sample letter in the website and it is addressed to the visitor. The letter made by my sponsor was stated this: In the framework of her request for a tourist visa I hereby confirm that Miss (my full name), a family friend will be hosted in our home upon her arrival in Brussels, Belgium. Her stay is for a period of not more thsn three months from March 22 to June 20, 2014. All her boarding and lodging needs on the said duration of her stay will be shoulder by me. I assure that she will not overstay and will be back in the Philippines to continue her work. What do u think ms.aleah? thanks a lot!!

  306. steph lee says

    Hi Aleah, I have a bf in belgium and nagpplan kami na mag visit ako doon for my birthday (on August this year)..And now, self employed ako and at the same time, nag aaral ako ng vocational course sa isang school na accredited ng tesda.. Our class will end on March this year, pero yung validation ng ID ko sa school is good for 1 year.. And then regarding naman sa business ko, registered naman cya..Plan ko sana mag apply sa june or july since matagal bago dumating ung result from the embassy.Pwede na ba yun as one of my proofs na babalik ako ng Phil? Thank you very much and God bless!

  307. steph lee says

    Hi again! I forgot to ask.. I have a US visa as well pero expired na cya last 2010 pa..Do you think it will convince them more na i’ll be back here in the phil? thanks!! :)

  308. says

    @ Amony: Good luck! Let us know how your application will go.

    @ Kazel: I just had it addressed to the embassy. How did your interview go?

    @ Steph Lee: Just submit all the documents you can show that you will come back in the Philippines. If your intended date of departure is August, you can submit your application in May, just to make sure lang that you have enough time for it. Re US visa, they don’t consider it.
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  309. Dell says

    hi aleah,

    i want to travel belgium,but wala akong job here in philippines but my sponsor handle all,my pocket money everything.. qualified ba ako? thanks…

  310. ai ai says

    hi ms.aleah may question pa ako sa ngayon wla akong bank accounts pero may maliit na negosyo ako.self employed at plan ko na mag enrol sa school vocational course this year para pagbalik ko mag aaral ako.pwede naba yon para assured na babalik ako dito sa philippines????
    pls reply po.salamat

  311. ai ai says

    hi ms.aleah may katanungan pa ako kung mag open ako ng bank account next month accepted pa kaya? magkano kaya ang halaga na ilagay sa bank? may sponsor nman ako ang bf ko,siya lahat ang gagastos kapag sa pagpunta ng europe at magpapa enrol ako sa school vocational course kasi para pagbalik ko dito sa phil. mag aaral ako at the same time may kaunting negosyo.pls give some advice po.thanks.

  312. says

    Hi everyone here..and also ms.Aleah.By the way i was applied for visit visa to Germany.(90 days)..My appointment was last Feb.12,2014 at German Embassy Manila.The interview was fine and so easy.all about me and my sponsor. (bf)..Feb.17,i went to embassy again to pick up my passport. But sad to say..my application was refused.the reason was “Rooted in the philippines”..Because i have no work,i have no any bank account,i have no business,i have no any property.I admit that im not qualified. :( BUT…. we did the remonstration.Then feb.21 i passed the Remonstration letter of my bf.(i attached my authorization letter too) the staff said it will takes 4-6 weeks to know the result.If approve,they will call me or my sponsor..if deny they will send the letter tru post.And Feb.24,at 2:30pm philippine time,that moment,i’m talking to my bf tru skype.Then his phone was ringing and its the embassy :) yes..the german embassy was did an action so fast.. and we got it!my visa was approved! (90 days) Then i went to embassy,tuesday..to give my passport for approval of my visa.then next day..i picked it up again.Finally..i got it!! yyaaaayyy..Im so happy and excited :) my journey is on may 2014-aug. goodluck everyone! keep praying!

  313. says

    @ Dell: If you can’t show that you’re coming back to the Philippines, the embassy might reject your application. They want proof, like a long-term job, a business, etc. You can try to apply though. Who knows?

    @ Ai ai: As you can see from the other comments, kahit madami silang proof na babalik sila sa Pinas, minsan narereject pa rin. My advice is to give as many proof as you can na babalik ka sa Pinas. School enrolment alone may not be enough. Re bank account, it doesn’t really matter how much I guess, kasi may sponsor ka naman. For my 3 months in Europe, I only had 100k in the bank pero inapprove naman ako dahil nga sa sponsor ko.

    @ Amony: Congratulations!!! Truly, it pays to apply for an appeal if your application gets rejected.
    Aleah recently posted..High Up in the Acropolis, the Sacred Rock of Athens

  314. ai ai says

    hello ms.aleah salamat sa pagreply ninyo nakakatulong talaga ang mga sagot mo.tapos na ang appointment ko feb.28 last month.maraming tanong like ano gagawin ko sa europe and etc.salamat nalang ok yung interview ko sa embassy pero kinakabahan ako sa magiging result ate aleah.yong girl sa office tinitignan niya lahat ng papers ko tapos sabi niya ok.
    i told the woman in the office who was interview sakin na may kunting negosyo ako dito sa phil,sinabi ko babalik ako.so in short after the interview may biometric pa tapos binigyan ako ng papel na kapag makakakuha ako ng visa o hindi iyon ang ipapakita ko.tapos 1 month daw after magbigay sila ng result sa visa.ms.aleah

    may bank account na ako pero maliit lng talaga ang pera kasi hindi nman ako rich.pwede ba i submit sa embassy??kahit bago pa ang bank account ko???please reply ms.aleah

  315. ai ai says

    tapos na ang appointment ko sa embassy ms.aleah hinihintay ko nalang ang result kung magbibigay pa ako ng ibang supporting documents accepted pa kaya nila yun?? tapos sa interview ko wala nman sinabi sakin ang girl na may kulang pa ako na documents i mean wala siyang binigay sa akin na list documents na i submit pa sa kanila.ano kaya dapat kung gawin??

  316. steph lee says

    Hi aleah, thanks for the info.. i tried to find their website pero d ko mahanap ung mismong website..pwede ba ko mag fill up ng form nila online?? thanks!

  317. says

    @ Steph Lee: In BDO, it costs P100 and you can wait for it. You get it immediately. Am not sure about other banks though. Re the website, the link is in the post, and you can download the application form but you have to print it and fill it out.

    @ Ai-ai: If your interview is done, there’s no need to submit additional documents, esp if your bank account doesn’t have a long history. It only makes it look like it’s just show money. Just wait for the results, and if you get denied, you can file an appeal, just address the reason for the rejection. Read Amony’s story above about her appeal. When are you supposed to get the results?
    Aleah recently posted..High Up in the Acropolis, the Sacred Rock of Athens

  318. ai ai says

    hi ms.aleah tanong ko ilang weeks kaya malaman ko ang result ng visa?
    after 1 month pa?? kasi sabi ng babae sa embassy hintayin lang daw ang result tatawagan at mag mail sila sa akin.ms.
    pls give some advice po.salamat

  319. steph lee says

    Hi aleah,thanks for the info..got my bank certi.na last march 24..my expiration ba un? nakapag pa sched na ko ng interview sa belgian embassy.. May 26 ang sched ko..pag pinakita ko ba ung bank certi ko na dated march 24, ok lang ba un? thanks!

  320. says

    @ Ai-ai: It isn’t the same. Some take a few days only, others take less than a month (like me) while others get the result after three months. I suggest you just wait for their email. It’s hard, but there’s nothing you can do. Let us know the results ha?

    @ Steph: Get another bank statement a week before your interview, otherwise they may not accept it.
    Aleah recently posted..The Hot Springs of Chiang Dao, Thailand

  321. Jang Consolacion says


    I envy you! Haha, anyways I’m dreaming of backpacking through Europe this coming October. But only for 17 days max as I don’t have that much AL na. When you applied for the Schengen visa, and they asked you for the purpose of your stay, as in sinabi mo lang ba na you are visiting? How did you answer when they asked for your plans? Did you say straight up that you’re backpacking? Thanks!

  322. MJ says

    Hi Ms. Aleah,

    Good Morning. How are you? I had my interview last Wednesday at the Netherlands embassy and everything went fine. After she conducted the said interview she told me that we’re all good here and she will forward my documents in Kuala Lumpur for processing. She took all the original documents I submitted and not even ask for photocopy. I am wondering as to what she meant with forwarding my documents in Malaysia for processing, is it the visa or process my application? I told my boyfriend about this and he said not every embassy will issue a visa so maybe the issuance of visa in manila for netherlands is coming from Malaysia. Every answer I gave her she put it in the computer. I was advised to wait within 2 weeks to get my passport. Do u think I will be given a visa? Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you!

  323. Mina says

    Hello. What kind of Certificate of Employment is valid if I am a freelancer? Will there be any difficulty getting a visa if I am self-employed? Thanks in advance. :)

  324. says

    @ Steph: No, it’s not necessary to bring your bank book.

    @ Jang Consolacion: I just said I was visiting my friend, and when they asked me for my plans, I told them I had none. They accepted it naman.

    @ MJ: Your BF is right, but I can’t tell you whether they’ll grant you a visa or not. It depends on whether they’re convinced you’ll return to the country before your visa expires.

    @ Mina: It’s VERY difficult for a freelancer to get a visa as embassies will always assume you’re not bound to return to the Philippines. That said, you can always try!
    Aleah recently posted..The Hot Springs of Chiang Dao, Thailand

  325. MAE says

    Hi, possible po kayang ma-approve visa ko kahit ga-graduate pa lang po ako sa May 2014? Im working na po pero contractual lang, since gusto ko lang po maging productive while waiting for my grad. Kasama ko po mama ko & 6 sa relatives ko na abay din sa kasal.

    Ano po kayang documents pwede kong ipasa? Ang magfifinance naman po kasi sakin is yung daddy ko, parang grad gift na din daw po nya sakin. Kung yung salary ko po kasi, di rin naman po enough. Kinakabahan po ako na baka di ako maapprove. Thank you in advance po. Our est travel period is June 24-July 24 (Germany)

  326. Leah says

    Hi! :-) I was wondering, saan galing ang info na if the visa is released on a tuesday, it means rejection? Mine kase will be released on a Tuesday… It bothers me a lot. :-( I provided all necessary documents naman. I applied at the French embassy. :(

  327. nelos says

    hello po mam ask ko lang kung may chance po b ako mahakuha ng visa kahit na online business lang meron ako and meron din nmn ako mdyo malaking halaga sa bangko….nanay ko po yung tutulong para makapunta ako don, greencard holder nrin po sya :3

  328. says

    @ Mae: If you have a very good reason for going to Germany (a wedding?) and enough documents to support your visit there (financials from your parents, wedding invitation, etc.), I don’t see why your visa won’t be approved.

    @ Leah: Based on lots of anecdotes from other applicants. In the Belgian embassy kasi, if they approve your application, they will email you first, and tell you to buy a ticket na before you can get your visa. If you get denied, they will just tell you to pick up your passport–without telling you to buy a ticket. And according to a lot of people, pick-up of their passports happen on Tuesdays.

    BUT–this is from the Belgian Embassy. I don’t know if it applies to the French Embassy. Let us know what the result is, ha?

    @ Nelos: The embassies need to see what will make you go back to the Philippines. If the business is online, it can be difficult to convince them. You can submit other supporting documents though, to show you have ties in the country, like property titles, etc.
    Aleah recently posted..The Beer Bars of Antwerp, Belgium

  329. ai ai says

    hello ms.aleah i have visa result from embassy they send me yesterday but they no speaking if my visa is granted or refused.only the belgium embassy said i need to come their embassy to get the result of my application I am nervous now and i going to embassy this tuesday.
    hope granted ako ms.aleah,im so nervous na what will be the result.

  330. says

    @ Ai-ai: Please read my reply to Leah on April 5. Sorry to hear about your application. Can you let us know the reason for the denial? If it’s “Your intention to leave the Schengen state before the visa expires cannot be ascertained,” it just means they’re not convinced you’re coming back to the Philippines. You can file an appeal; read the comment of Amony on February 27.
    Aleah recently posted..The Beer Bars of Antwerp, Belgium

  331. ai ai says

    actually ms.aleah hindi pa sure kung granted ako o hindi.Nag email ang embassy last friday the visa result but no saying granted or refused.only they give me options i coming the embassy on tuesday or send letter through post office or i have representative to get my visa result.

    here is the answer from embassy:

    please be informed that we have received the result of your application from ministry of internal affairs.you may choose from the following options how you wish to received visa result.

    1.you may come here to embassy of belgium on a tuesday between 9.30 am to 11.30 morning only.
    2.you may send representative with an authorization letter copy of my id his or her.
    3.you may send as prepaid,self addressed courier envelope for example Lbc,please take note that the embassy does not take any responsibility if the mail was not received.

    yan lang po ang message ng embassy.naguguluhan nga ako kasi hindi nman sinabi na i buy ticket and bring my travel insurance.

    im confused pero i mail embassy today if its ok i come next tuesday april 15 because have emergency here my home or else i will send mail through Lbc.

    yun po ms.aleah.im sad what will be the result

  332. Leah says

    Hi! :-) I got my Schengen visa today at the French embassy. And, today is a Tuesday. So hindi totoo, at least for the French embassy, na denied ang visa kapag Tuesday ang release. :-)

  333. Matt says

    Hi, I have a French visa which is valid until May 21 but the thing is I wasn’t able to leave for France for some reason and I actually decided to go on June, my question is can I ask for my visa’s validity to be extended or do I have to apply for a new one?

  334. says

    @ Ai-Ai: File an appeal, as others here have done. Let us know once you get your results. Good luck!

    @ Leah: Congrats! Yes, the Tuesday schedule is for the Belgian embassy.

    @ Matt: Sorry, I don’t know about the French embassy. In the Belgian embassy, you have to apply for a new one. Let us know what you did.
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  335. Nelos says

    ate aleah mas magnda bang di n lang sbhin ung tungkol sa online business (multi-level marketing)don din kasi ako kumukita at maayos nmn?
    gusto kasi ng nanay ko na dalawin sya don :3

  336. ai ai says

    hello Leah congrats! I hope i can get my schengen visa too at Belgium embassy because only embassy speaking for me i need to come on tuesday to get my visa result but they saying get the visa or no,im worried what will be,its this coming tuesday also i going get result and i will let you know what the result.

  337. ai ai says

    i mean the belgium embassy no speaking for me if i give visa or no.only they say i must come to embassy to get the result of visa.
    can i ask,what speaking to you at french embassy the day you pick up your passport?
    ako im nervous on tuesday what will be the result.

  338. Kaycee says

    I would like to ask,if you are already at the airport do they need the requiremnts?i already have the schengen visa and will be leaving next week…as far as I know I just need to show the sponsorship form,right?please advise. Thank you

  339. Krstn says

    Hi guys! I’m wondering where I can apply dun sa ticket booking lang? Usually kasi you need to purchase it na diba? Thank you! :)

  340. says

    @ Nelos: Up to you but you have to say what your economic status is. If you’ll say you’re unemployed, that would be a bigger risk.

    @ Kaycee: Have you left already? Just bring a copy of your sponsor’s invitation.

    @ Krstn: I just asked a friend of mine who has a travel agency to make me one. Maybe all travel agencies can give it for you free of charge.
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  341. eyen says

    Good day ! Ask ko lang, san po ba ilagay ang mga documents or yung mga requirements? kung sa folder, brown envelope, clear book?? may appointment ako sa german embassy on May 26, 2014. Nag pa schedule ako ng appointment last April 10 pa so ang mga bank statements at certificates ko April ko din kinuha sa bank, kailangan ko pa bang manghingi uli sa bank? nabasa ko kasi dito(yung kay steph lee na march 24 pa ang date ng mga bank certificates nya den May 26 ang interview) na need 1 week before sa interview, ang mga bank statements at certifications?? confuse lang ako, since this is may first time to apply for a visa(schengen)..Please response,,Thank you!!

  342. waqas says


    I want to ask you guys that I have applied Visa for Belgium I applied 9 January 2014 and Embassy has submitted documents to Immigration on 14 th of April and now status showing in behandling its been 25 days now can you please help me to quide me is it approved or what I am waiting anxiously as my wife in belgium who applied for me is pregnant and i want to have this time with her please help me.


  343. says

    @ Eyen: I put everything in a folder. Re bank certificates, you have to get a new one (not more than 1 week) otherwise they might not accept it.

    @ Waqas: We usually just wait for the email from the embassy. Following up won’t help, although your wife may be able to follow up on her end in Belgium.
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  344. Luisa says

    ask ko lang madali na ba ma approve ng schengen visa pag may valid na US Visa na ako? saka ano ang mas affordable na ravel insurance thanks in advance

  345. ai ai says

    ms.aleah if wala parin result sa appeal from brussels belgium.can i still apply once more at belgian embassy same as usual the method set appointment and etc? please give me advice thank you.

  346. ai ai says

    ms.aleah can i question what if my first of entry in border is munich germany and the second is hungary is it good idea? because i have invitation from hungary and the purpose of visa is tourist.please give me advice thank you

  347. ai ai says

    what if,I have invitation from hungary and my first entry of border is munich germany purpose is tourism and the hungary also is tourism is it good idea? please advice me.

  348. says

    @ Luisa: I’m not sure, since I haven’t had a US visa before. You still have to supply all their requirements, the US visa is just a bonus.

    @ Ai-Ai: If your visa app was rejected, file an appeal first. Address their reason for rejection. If they said they can’t ascertain your return to the Philippines, strengthen your proof that you’ll come back here before your visa expires.

    Re your question about Hungary and Germany: it’s good to file a visa in the country where your sponsor is so that your application is stronger. If you don’t think you can get a visa via Belgium, try Hungary if you know someone there who can vouch for you and provide all the requirements.

    Have you gotten your results?
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  349. steph lee says

    hi, thank you for your answers.. may i just ask, i have change of plans kase.. instead of applying for a visit a friend visa, i’ve decided to just get a tourist visa.. i’m with my mom din kase pag pumunta ko sa belgium.. nagpunta kc ung bf ko sa municipality nila and sabi sa knya ang kaya lang lang nya issuport is 1 tao lang.. in case na mag apply kami ng tourist visa, is it still ok if i say to the consul that we’ll be staying in my bf’s place instead of checking in in a hotel?? thank you so much!

  350. Sharon says

    Hi miss Aleah,

    Its me Sharon, the one who send you a message through Facebook.. I read alot helpful messages, comments and advises and i am very happy that your helping your fellow Filipino people regarding our applications. I already had my Interview last April 28, 2014 at the Royal Belgian Embassy for Visit a Friend Visa. And until now me and my boyfriend were waiting and hoping for the positive response from the embassy, for on what i have read supposedly its like 15 days in able to get a response from the embassy.But we are patiently waiting for it.. By the way Miss Aleah, me and my boyfriend were so confused about the status of the Validity of my Passport. For in the requirements in Belgian Embassy clearly said that the Passport should be atleast 3 months valid on the intend date of travel, what makes us worried and confused for we read some sites telling about the 6 months rule validity of the passport on the contemplated date of the travel. my intend travel that i put in my application would be on June 6, 2014 until August 31, 2014 but we all know its depends how many days or week the embassy will approved. And my Passport will be Valid until January 18, 2015.. Hope to hear from you.. Thank you so much

  351. says

    @ Sharon: I got my results in 3 weeks so it may take longer than 15 days. It depends. Re your passport: when I went to Belgium in 2012, the requirement was that the passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your departure. They changed that to 3 months, so if you get to follow your schedule, you should be good. Hopefully the Philippine immigration won’t see it as an issue, since 6 months validity is most common.
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  352. Pia says

    Hi Ms Aleah :)

    Great Job on this site,, very helpful.. Question/s lang.. does anyone have an idea how to make an APPEAL at the EMBASSY OF BELGIUM BRUSSELS? I applied for a Schengen visa last March and got my results May 16th, my visa was refused despite having complete documents and even added my previous Australian visa and stamps from few of my travels in Asian countries.I work in a bank here in Phils(provided all docs) and only asked for 3 weeks holiday to visit Slovenia and Italy.Anyway the reason for refusal is that “the purpose/condition of intended stay was not provided. Its a bit weird since I actually submitted an invitation letter,Itinerary from my boyfriend(Sponsor) who lives and work in Slovenia. Anyhow Ive gathered more documents to support my appeal againts the decision though we just cant get a clear info on how and where exactly should we send/mail our appeal.

    The denial letter I received (4 Pages in DUTCH!) which we translated online doesnt really give exact directions on the process. Also called Belgian Embassy in MAkati where I applied (Lady told us its out of their jurisdiction and any queries should be directed to Brussels). Yep also called Brussels, Phil Embassy in Brussels, Belgian Embassy but none of them gave us info.Were running out of time since they give only 30days from date of refusal to make an appeal.

    All that said.. We just wanna know 3 things if anyone can help us out and have had similar experience.
    1. How do we send our appeal(Process)?
    2. Where do we send our appeal(contact person/address)?
    3. How long does it take to get a result from the appeal?

    Thanks in advance! any info will be highly appreciated!

    Best of Luck 😉

  353. ai ai says

    yes we are the same i get refusal visa from belgian embassy the purpose and condition of intended stay was not provided,my sponsor making appeal on behalf of me but still the result is no good from brussels.

  354. says

    @ Pia: I hope somebody here can help you regarding the process of the appeal. I can’t tell you as I didn’t go through it. Let me know when you’re done with it and what the results are. According to their reason for rejection, they’re not convinced about your purpose of stay there. I hope in your appeal that you will make it clear. In my application, for example, I was very clear on what I wanted to do in Belgium: spend time with my fiance so we can get to know each other before we marry.

    @ Ai-ai: As per my comment above to Pia, submit an appeal making it clear what you want to do in Belgium. Just address their reason. Be glad it’s not that they’re not convinced you’re going to go back to the Philippines before your visa expires.
    Aleah recently posted..Of Trusting Strangers: 7 More Stories of Kindness on the Road

  355. Pia says

    @ Ms Aleah

    Thanks for the Input! :)

    @ Ms Ai Ai

    Can you please tell me to where or WHICH address did your Sponsor send your appeal? Also did he indicate what kind of Appeal it is? as I have read …. ” If the said decision to refuse a visa is taken by Embassy of Belgium, you file a petition for suspension and/or an appeal for annulment with the Aliens Litigation Council ”

    Were still a bit confused here.. Can you please enlighten me as what exactly did u or ur sponsor do to make an appeal? Also what did u mean the result was No good? did it get denied after ur appeal?

    Big Thanks for the input!

  356. ai says

    hi pia,my boyfriend who appeal at belgium embassy in brussels on behalf of me he write a letter that i will as guest in his country and i will go back my country phil after 3 months.
    but we received the result from brussels and still no good the result because very different their thinking,which is which and what is what and etc.and the belgium embassy they delivered the result of appeal once more the written in dutch.

  357. ai ai says

    you will make authorization letter ms.pia which from you and will sign power of attorney or proxy and your sign hand.then, you will give your sponsor exactly also you will write of purpose/conditions what and why you go to belgium or what you do.then send it to brussels,you will provide that you will come back philippine country so that they will convinced.
    in my sponsor they sent a letter of appeal to brussels.

  358. Pia says

    @Ms Ai Ai

    Hey Thanks for the input though what Im actually asking is if you can please ask your bf to what address exactly in belgium brussels did he send the appeal? this address is written on my refusal letter..Ito ba ang address na pinadalhan nang Bf mo?

    ADDRESS: The First President of the Board of Immigration Appeals/The First President of the council for annulment Aliens Litigation Gaucheret annulment 92-94- 1030 BRUSSELS )

    If this is the correct address please let me know? If not can you please write here the correct address in Brussels where he sent the appeal?

    Thank You :)

  359. Pia says

    @Ms Ai ai

    … Also sorry to hear u didnt get good news after the appeal..

    what was written in the results this time?


  360. steph lee says

    Hi Aleah,

    I’m just wondering, the embassy interviewed me last May 26, and then after 10 days, I received phone calls twice from them asking for some requirements..Did someone here experienced the same situation? and then last June 26, they sent an email asking for the same requirements and this time, thru email naman.. I don’t know what’s goin on.. I already passed everything that they needed.. It’s like they’re just prolonging my agony and looking for some reason to deny my application.. I am so worried,, it’s been a month na and still, they keep on requesting requirements from me.. I don’t know if it’s a good sign or not..

  361. ai ai says

    hi pia sorry for late response your questions,regarding the appeal.
    actually i was received appeal letter from belgium but it was wrote in dutch and still no good news,its misunderstanding situation between my application and the embassy,hope you can make your appeal good in belgium.goodluck!

  362. says

    @ Steph: In my case, they only contacted me to tell me to buy a ticket because my application has been granted. Maybe someone else here has experienced the same thing as you?

    @ Ai: Are you appealing again? In the application, there’s an option you can check whether to receive the results in English or in Dutch. I think in my case, I chose English.
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  363. steph lee says

    Hi Aleah,

    Really.. Well I hope someone here could help me.. it’s been more than a month.. Should I call the embassy to follow up my application? I don’t know what to do…

  364. mitch says

    i would like to know if theres a problem if the documents are all send thru email..my invitations letters and invitation form.it is a problem?

  365. rafael says

    Ask ko lang po im going to apply for schengen visa dadalawin ko kasi boyfriend ko sa sweden 2 years na kaming magboyfriend first time kong pumunta sa kanila kasi dito talaga kami base sa pilipinas . tanong ko lang po kubg kaylangan ko pang magbook ng appointment before i go there??

  366. says

    @ Steph Lee: How’s your application? Following up usually doesn’t work as they’ll tell you to just wait for their mail.

    @ Mitch: There shouldn’t be a problem, unless the embassy states everything has to be submitted in person.

    @ Rafael: Yeah, call the embassy to book for an appointment. Most embassies don’t accept walk-in applicants.
    Aleah recently posted..How to Pass the Time at the Airport

  367. Sharon says

    Hi to all and to Miss Aleah, i’m back.. Its me Sharon, Sorry i haven’t got a chance to visit this site for i was so busy for like a month. I just wanted to tell all my fellow Filipino who got their visa denied not to loose hope, me myself had been taste the feeling of being denied for my visit application. And there reason is quite unfair on our part, but also we need to understand that eventhough our intention of visiting our loved ones were pure, they are only doing their job and also they are protecting their country. I know it hurts but we need not loose our hope, lets proved them that out relationship with our Boyfriends were strong and real. I did send an appeal letter myself to The Ligitation Council in Brussels, last June 21, 2014 via LBC courier and i think they received it after 4 days. Until now i am waiting for the Result. My boyfriend and i have already talked about it that whatever may happened, whatever the result is, we will continue to prove our love and we won’t stop from re-applying till we get my Visa approved!!! :-)

  368. Sharon says

    Hi again to Miss aleah,

    As i promised you that i will share my own experience about my application, i know that it takes a bit of longer for i have to do some important things regarding my Job here in my hometown.. By the way miss Aleah, i have some question regarding your past applications and also some question that i know could helped not only for me but also to our Filipino people.. :-)

    1) How long your relationship with your husband when you applied for fiancee Visa?

    2) How many times your boyfriend visited you here in Philippines before you decide to apply for Fiancee Visa? / Or how many times did you visit your husband in Belgium?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking.. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and God bless

  369. ai ai says

    to sharon; i can relate,yes you are right even though the application is denied,of course no always loose hope,because there is have the chances once more and its doesnt means you got rejected the visa application,you give up.I know if were going to visit other country because of our loves ones and its pure the good intention and still the rejected application.
    i think its a test or trials but of course still the strong relationship with your partner and prove its real.you know what i was got denied from belgium embassy i was please visit visa but i was no give.sad to say its hurts but i accept because the embassy only making their job/protect their country,you know the feel its unfair but,still doing the method what we can do and i know at last soon,it will be success.keep praying and no loose hope.i know no easy but you know i can relate your situation too because i have my fiancee,we speaking no matter what happened we will no stop re applying the visa until i get approved!

  370. ai ai says

    @ms.steph lee.Just wait the result from embassy I know its hard but keep praying all the ok your application ok.goodluck!

  371. Sharon says

    @miss ai ai,

    Thanks for the message, i really appreciate your warm concern. Actually about my appeal letter, my boyfriend and i were not expecting so much about it. We did our best to make an appeal for its everyone’s right, but no matter what happened we will re-apply till we succeed.. :-) God bless

  372. Juliet says

    Hi madam : so nice to read your blog, very informative …gosh help me please , i am applying a German visiting visa …my fiance sent his letter of invitation and formal obligation letters for me, have it and i am still confused here since it is my first time to travel having a visa , Bali, Indonesia is a Philippine visa exemption so i just got my passport and round trip ticket and i was off and God i so much enjoy our stay in there! But this Shengen thing is rather different and well nervous …

    I’ll ask you a question, can i call the call center now for an appointment? i dont have yet my travel insurance paper and reservation ticket but ill have it soon too, is it okay to call ? should i write letter stating my visit there? please help huuhhuuhu …

    Thanks a lot and your reply will be so helpful and appreciated.

    Truly, Juliet

  373. says

    @ Sharon: Have you followed up on your application? Re your questions (he was just my BF, not my husband): (1) we were together less than a year, (2) he visited me once then I applied for a Tourist Visa, not a Fiancee visa. Do let me know if you have news about your application!

    @ Juliet: Call first, then when your appointment is near, make your reservations. Don’t buy the travel insurance or the ticket yet, and make sure you fill out the application form completely.
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  374. Jenny says

    My dad and I will have a vacation in Europe. We will be joining a group tour. Is it ok if I can’t present a cert of employment? I’m currently unemployed and have no plans of applying a job. I will be helping in my dad’s business.

    Thank you!

  375. says

    @ Jenny: A visa for group tours is generally easier to get, and since it will be your dad that you’re with, I think you won’t have a problem. Of course, it still depends on your interview, so be confident and don’t give them an idea that you’ll stay illegally there!
    Aleah recently posted..7 More Stories of Kindness on the Road

  376. Steph lee says

    Hi Aleah!

    Just got an email today from belgium embassy, and got approved.. ( thank God!) after almost 3 months, got it already! I will go there tom to pass my travel insurance and my plane ticket.. can i just ask if i need medical cert? since it says there that i need to submit travel and medical insurance only?thanks!!


    Guys just be patient! I had my interview last May 26 and my intended flight would be on the 15th of august..and 3 days before my flight, they emailed me and said that it was approved.. (rarrrrr!!) my bf even booked a flight for himself because we thought that i will not make it.. So, what i did was i called the embassy and ask if i can move my flight sched and they let me do that.. i will be leaving next week.. goodluck guys and God bless you all!

  377. Carol says

    Good day Aleah!

    Im back again :) Just wanna ask íf u have an idea if its possible to fly out from a different country even if my visa was issued from the Philippines? Coz Im currently in Vietnam with my husband (from Czech) and will be here till next year, and on March 2015, I and my husband are planning to visit Prague again… I was given 2years Schengen multiple entry visa, but Im wondering if its possible to fly out from a different country to visit Europe… Thanks and God Bless!!

  378. jinky says

    Hello good evening miss aleah ask lang sana ako kung ang hungary at belgium ay pareho lang ba ang requirements.Nag apply kasi ako dati sa belgium embassy sa manila for only tourist visa from hungary pro denied yong visa ko.Ano dapat kung gawin please advice me salamat..jinky

  379. Joy says

    Aleah,im here in schengen area now and gusto ko bumalik ulit dito after 1-2months…mabilis bang mag apply ulit ng visa after you already have a granted visa before??please response immediately

  380. Sharon says

    Hi miss Aleah,

    My apology that it took me so long to post a message here.. regarding with my appeal letter, the result is not good, i don’t think Remonstration letter will help to change the status of the denied visa in Belgium, maybe in some European countries like Germany. My Boyfriend and i were aware that in order to appeal to the Ligitation Council, you have to get a lawyer in Belgium and its not an assurance that you could get a positive answer and change their minds to approve your visa. And trial for appeal takes a long time, it depends on what kind of visa were you applying for and also it depends on the status of your application. So for me, to those who were applying for Visa going to Belgium, when you got denied better re-apply for there is alot more of chances to get your visa approval. Hope this can help to my fellow people here.. :-)

    God bless and more power on this Blog.. :-) I promise again to keep you Updated miss aleah for my next application… :-) God bless