How to Discover Your Passion in Life

I’m happy I have found my passion in life. It’s traveling, certainly, but aside from that, it’s also writing and helping abused children. I didn’t dream of these as a child; all I wanted then was to be an astronaut. Somehow, there were some turning points in my life that eventually led me to this path, and I’m glad to say that should I pass from this world now, I can say I have lived my life fully and well.

Not everyone can say they have discovered their passion in life. Have you? If you’re not sure, maybe you can ask yourself some questions. What can make you feel so excited to do that you’re willing to do it even though there’s no money in it? What is it that can make you wake up in the morning smiling, all ready to face the day ahead?


Is traveling your passion? Do it!

Is it traveling, cooking, or helping other people? Or is it running, crocheting, or painting? Is it teaching others a certain skill, treating them of their illnesses, or taking care of babies? Whatever your answer is, congratulations! You know—and do—what you love doing, and you’re living your life full of passion and joy. You don’t dread the coming of a new day, knowing that each moment only brings happiness and a sense of fulfilled purpose.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t think of anything that you’re passionate about, don’t despair. You are definitely not alone. A lot of people are not aware of what their passion is, and they live through life doing things that they think they should be doing, deriving neither pleasure nor fulfillment from it.

church in Oia, Santorini, Greece.

Get your inspiration anywhere, from the heavens if need be.

At this stage in your life, can you still find out what your passion is? Yes, you can do it no matter how old you are. It takes a certain amount of desire, commitment, and maybe a little luck, but with some effort, you will be able to discover a new part of yourself that you never thought existed.

If you’re serious at wanting to change your life and make it more meaningful by discovering your passion, here are some of the things you can do. I don’t know if these will work for you (there are a LOT of guides out there on this same topic!), but it may start you on track.

model in Oia, Santorini

You want to be a model? Why not?

Devote some time to self-reflection. I know we have all gone through the difficult periods of asking for the meaning of our lives and not finding it. Some may give up and just continue what they have been doing, even though they get no fulfillment from it. Instead of trying to find meaning, maybe you can try to pinpoint your passion instead. Ask yourself these questions:

  • what activity/activities do I enjoy doing the most?
  • what things make me look forward to in facing a new day?
  • what topic/s do I enjoy talking about with my friends?
  • what or where am I good at?

Just write whatever comes into your head for every question above. Don’t worry about grammar or whether or not it’s making sense. If you’re too conscious of what you’re going to write, you will end up writing nothing. So ask yourself one question at a time and just write, write, write.

If you have difficulty, you can also tap your friends’ help. I read somewhere of a suggestion where you can use Facebook or Twitter or some other social networking site to ask a question like this: “Hey friends! What are the things that you think I like doing best?” Depending on who’s on your friends’ list, you may either get a LOT of answers or none at all. Don’t worry about it; it will only serve as additional information.

Door in Oia

A closed door may open to lead to new opportunities!

From the list of things that you really enjoy doing, choose one. Educate yourself on all its aspects and how you can do more of it. If you like traveling for example, but have been held back by your kids, why not find a nearer destination where you can take them with you? You will not only be doing what you love, you’d be bonding with your family too! If you’ve always wanted to travel solo, but have been held back by a lot of fears, why don’t you try taking a leap of faith and doing it closer to home first?

Get rid of the “but.” It’s one surefire way that can hold you back from doing the things you love to do. Remember that if you really want it, you will find ways to achieve it. If you don’t want it hard enough, all you will find are excuses not to do it. Forget the “but.” Just go ahead and do it.

Following your life’s passion is hard to do. After all, you need money, you do need to live, and you may have others who depend on you. However, there will certainly be a way that you can follow your passion and still meet your commitments. Remember, life is very short. You never know when it’s your time. If you begin to live your life full of passion and joy, you can definitely say that yes, this is how life should be lived.

 Aleah Taboclaon is a freelance writer and editor. She likes running (completed one marathon, training for the next!), diving (PADI open water diver), and traveling with her Kindle. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can also email her; she would love to hear from you!


  1. Saripa Alangadi says

    Traveling is so far what makes me happy. Traveled almost all the place in the country. But traveling abroad? That I would have to do soon and conquer all the “what ifs” and “but”. Thanks Aleah for inspiring us!

  2. says

    An inspiring post indeed. Time and time and again, we have to reflect and ask ourselves if we’re really passionate about what we do, because our passion drives us to be the best in what we do. I agree, there should no but, we should never fear trying and doing what we are really passionate about. Truly there is no gain without pain.

  3. faye says

    nice post.. really inspirational.. ;) sadly, i’m still wandering aroung searching for my “passion.” hopefully and sooner,, sana makita qn..:D i do love to read and draw and also travel but haven’t got the courage to really pursue it.. i should really learn the “no BUTs.” :D

    again,, really nice post! ^_^

  4. says

    @ Poi Austria: Wise words :) Sometimes, people (including me) find it difficult to reflect. When we do that, we are faced with all the aspects of ourselves–both failures and successes–which is why some would rather not to do it to avoid being reminded of those unhappy times. It is crucial though, if we really want to discover our passion.
    @ Faye: Thanks. Hope somehow this post has helped you be on track to finding that passion in your life. :)
    Aleah recently posted..How to Discover Your Passion in Life

  5. says

    Your last tip hit me. Aside from traveling and writing, I have this huge passion on helping people with their health concerns. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor but I’m held back by financial concerns :/
    Joann recently posted..The 11 Things

  6. says

    I discover my passion for travel when I was in highschool, and discover the enthusiasm in writing when I was in college. If I had known how to blog back then, I could have a thousand blog post on my site.

    I always think about this ‘If you really want it, you will find ways to achieve it.’–if there’s something I really want to do. :)
    Synz | From Sea to Summit recently posted..Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Malalison Island

  7. says

    @ Riz: Thanks! Took them all in Oia, Santorini, Greece. (By the way I couldn’t comment in your blog. It keeps asking for my account which I don’t have naman.)
    @ Joann: Do you need to be a doctor to help people? :)
    @ Synz: Congrats, you were so young when you discovered your passion! Galing!
    Aleah recently posted..Caving in Wawa Dam, Montalban

  8. says

    another inspiring post, i’m hoping to find my passion for travelling once i finish dealing with a number of loose ends (finances, etc). i’m hoping to start it by july or august of this year.


  9. Sukirti says

    I am so much lost these days. I kinda know what to do but no means. I want to see the world, travel, meet new people everyday but wouldnt get permission to do so from my loved ones around me :(

  10. says

    I was just blogging about something like this, and then I saw a link of your other blog entry, “Date A Girl Who Travels,” on my friend’s news feed. From that entry, I eventually stumbled upon THIS post. Talk about timing!

    I really like the way you write. So yeah, consider me now a fan! :)
    Mika recently posted..Doesn’t Really Feel Like It :)

  11. tina says

    hi there all!

    I always lived like that, I even chance my job once in awhile, cause I feel myself developing all the time during my life
    I even have to stop myself from time to time cause I am doing so many new things, it even gives me stress ;)
    I should learn to build up learning new stuff more slowly!
    Right now I am 40 years young and full of energy still like I was 25!
    I did another Bachelor on social studies and I’m getting my ‘Padi Advanced Open Water-diving certificate so I can volunteer as a diver in Biorock :coral marine preservation in Indonesia for 4 months,
    no one is holding me back, without passion we all only live half!
    what’s even more scarry is regret! so go out there and give urself the chance to make mistakes and learn, it will be so fullfilling!!!! good luck to ye all :) bless*


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