The Green Falls in Surigao del Sur

Years ago, when people would ask me what to see and do in my hometown, I wouldn’t be able to say anything.

For me (then), Tandag had always been a sleepy little town, with nothing much to offer visitors except the beach.

It was only when I began to travel outside the country that I learned to appreciate how beautiful my hometown can be.

There are caves, islets, and yes, waterfalls, including the last one I visited, the 7-tiered Green Falls in nearby Tago, Surigao del Sur. While it is not actually in Tandag, it’s very near, just a little less than 30 minutes away.

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

The main waterfall, Cagpangi, in the Green Falls.

Months before I had gone there, my mother had already been raving about it.

You should see it and write about it, she said. The whole family had already gone there, including a number of cousins and aunts and uncles, as well as our late Lola Nene who had to be carried to the cottage.

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

Cousins on the walkway.

Everyone had fun; even the ones who had to carry Lola, because the Green Falls is accessible.

One could take a car there, or even hire a tricycle, and from the parking lot, it’s not so far to the cottages overlooking the main waterfall called Cagpangi, named after the sitio where it’s located.

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

Loved the pressure of the water on my back!

Cagpangi Falls is wide and deep in the center. The owners constructed wooden walkways so that those who don’t know how to swim can just “walk on water” straight up to the falls. It was even used as some sort of a runway for a beauty pageant held there last summer!

Some parts of the base of Cagpangi Falls were shallow and cemented, making it perfect for kids and for those who are not good swimmers. It’s good the owner didn’t “develop” the center of the pool. It was still deep enough that I could practice my treading.

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

From the top of Cagpangi Falls.

My cousins and I decided to explore the entirety of the Green Falls. There’s a path on the right side going up, and just by following the river, we had seen all seven tiers.

Unfortunately, it didn’t rain much when we were there, so most of the falls didn’t really look like waterfalls at all, more like streams. These are the six falls after Cagpangi, in the right order.

Palingling Falls

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

Palingling Falls is almost flat.

Mutya Falls

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

With more water, swimming here can be very nice.

Wishing Falls

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

There are some mini-pools (holes in the rocks) in this level. Loved it!

Lovers Falls

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

A nice spot for a swim as well.

Vanessa’s Falls

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

With more water, this is also a perfect swimming spot.

Lambingan Falls

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

This is the last one they have discovered. Maybe there’s more beyond!

During rainy season, some of these falls look spectacular. Take a look at Lovers Falls below, for instance (from the Green Falls Facebook page). However, abundant water or not, the Green Falls is still a perfect getaway for families and friends alike.

Bring food and drinks, for there’s no store in the area (unless you go back to the highway). If you plan on trekking up to the seventh waterfall, put on some mosquito repellent as well.

The Green Falls, Surigao del Sur

Welcome to the Green Falls!

Owned and developed by the family of Atty. Eusebio and Rebecca Avila, Green Falls is located in Cagpangi, Tago, Surigao del Sur. Entrance fee is P20 for adults, P10 for children. Cottages cost P200 while tables cost P100. Unfortunately, there are no facilities yet for those who want to stay overnight. They are only open from 6am to 5pm.

As of this writing, they’re still constructing the cottage meant for overnight stays.

How to go to the Green Falls

From the Tandag Public Market (Moonglow), there are a lot of tricycles who can take you there. P50 for special trip, around P20 if you wait for other passengers.

 Aleah Taboclaon is a freelance writer and editor. She likes running (completed one marathon, training for the next!), diving (PADI open water diver), and traveling with her Kindle. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can also email her; she would love to hear from you!


  1. says

    hahaha, so true. once you start traveling you get to realize the gems in your backyard that you ignore.

    i had a very close friend from surigao, we lost contact, but i was hoping to reconnect with her. do you know any borjas? her name is maria christmas borja, well her maiden name. she is super puti, tisay na tisay. just in case. i’m putting it out there. someone might know her. facebook can’t help me :(
    Photo Cache recently posted..Costa Maya: A colorful port

  2. slf says

    In the first photo, is the yellow portion below the water the “boardwalk”? Or did they cement and paint the bottom?

  3. says

    These are beautiful waterfalls, Aleah! How I miss the natural beauty of the Philippines. I like that they have something for everyone of all ages and everyone can enjoy it as a family. I’m such a bad Pinay that I had to look up where Tandag and Surigao del Sur (hanging head in shame). It goes to show that there are also hidden gems near our hometowns. What a great place to spend the day!
    Mary {The World Is A Book} recently posted..Cruising Prague’s Vltava River

  4. says

    @ Gay: It looks better during rainy season daw. :) Yeah, I want to explore my hometown/province/country more. Can you believe I’ve been to Europe but I’ve never been to Boracay? hehe
    @ Mary: Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of my friends here in Manila don’t know where it is either hahaha
    Aleah recently posted..The Green Falls in Surigao del Sur

  5. says

    beautiful falls you got there in your hometown, aleah!
    capangi falls plus 6 more? reminds me of the seven wells in langkawi that we failed to go to (enough reason to revisit when we get a chance).

    very affordable admission rates too! i just hope those fees are enough for maintainance and keep everything green and spotless for more people to appreciate.
    docgelo recently posted..INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL BHAKTAPUR

  6. says

    Hi Aleah, it really is interesting how traveling can make you appreciate what you normally take for granted at home.
    I have not heard of Green Falls. They look so spectacular. It’s amazing to think that there are seven line-up of of them. I hope they won’t overdevelop it to that extent that it would look like a theme park than a natural destination.
    Marisol@TravelingSolemates recently posted..Hiking and Devouring in Cinque Terre – Part 1

  7. atty. avila says

    Sept. 15, 2013

    I appreciate your write up about Green Falls. Perhaps you and many others may wonder why we chose the name “GREEN FALLS”. We choose that name because of its green environment and we want to catch the attention of everyone who had visited the place or those who had seen the pictures of the waterfalls with its green background.We will not overdevelop the place; instead, we will preserve its natural setting and beauty. Hope we can meet you at Green falls.You are welcome.

  8. says

    @ Salika Jay: Indeed, it’s good for a family outing.

    @ Apol: I’m trying to promote my city too. Better late than never huh? hehe

    @ Atty Avila: Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. Hope to meet you next time I’m in Tandag!

    @ Traveling Morion: It’s around 5 hours away from Surigao City, too far just to come and check out the falls :)
    Aleah recently posted..Celebrating Begnas Festival in Sagada


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