India’s Tourist Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

UPDATE (as of February 2015): Visa on arrival is now processed ONLINE. They don’t issue visas in the airport anymore. Check out the process here: Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival.

The visa application can be a harrowing experience for Filipino travelers.

Aside from coming up with a number of requirements to prove you’re not going to overstay (e.g., for a Schengen visa) or that you have enough money to cover your trip (e.g., Chinese visa), you would also need to spend time and money to apply for it.

I was very glad, then, to learn that India has allowed tourist visa on arrival (TVOA) for selected nationalities. Aside from the Philippines, ten other countries can take advantage of this great convenience: Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

Taj Mahal

The incredible Taj Mahal of Agra, India.

Processing the Tourist Visa on Arrival in India

First off, there are only four international airports where the visa on arrival (valid for 30 days from the time of entry) can be processed. These are in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

Based on my research, I brought all these with me, to make sure I have everything that the immigration officials may ask from me:

  1. Cash payment of US$60
  2. Photocopies of my passport
  3. 2 pcs. passport-sized photos
  4. Bank statement
  5. Credit card statements for the past 2 months
  6. Printout of my first night’s hotel booking

When I arrived at the Immigration in Kolkata, I immediately asked an officer where I can get a visa on arrival. He pointed to an office just left to the immigration counters. There were around four staff members there, and when I stated my business, one gave me a form to fill out while another took my passport to photocopy. After I had filled out the form, I attached my picture and that was it.

Kolkata Immigration

My receipt for the visa on arrival in Kolkata, India.

Tips in Getting the Tourist Visa on Arrival in India

Do note that they accept only rupees, not US dollars as some websites report. As I only had US dollars with me, one of the staff there had to accompany me to the money changer in the arrival area to change my money. A process that could have taken 30 minutes took over an hour because of it.

Note that you can only take advantage of the tourist visa on arrival in India twice in a calendar year, with at least two months’ gap between each visit.

India visa

My single-entry visa good for 30 days.

To summarize, these are the things you need to get the tourist visa on arrival in India:

  1. Cash payment of INR3,300 (change your money somewhere prior to your arrival to save time)
  2. Passport-sized color photo, 1 pc.

Nothing could be much easier, eh?

One more tip: give exact change. I gave INR3,500 and later, when I asked for my change, the staff said he had already given it to me. I insisted that he hadn’t yet, and after a few back-and-forth, he finally relented to give my change.

How to Commute to the City from the Kolkata Airport

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a taxicab getting out of the airport (it’s very far from the city), take a bus. Once you exit the airport, turn right until you see a few buses parked at the curb. Not all of them pass by the metro, so just ask the driver or conductor.

As they may not speak English, it would be enough to say “Metro?” If they give you a long answer, that probably means no. The second bus conductor I asked just gestured me inside the bus, nodding all the while. Fare from the airport to the nearest metro station (probably the Mahatma Gandhi) is INR40.

Have you tried the visa on arrival in India? What was your experience?

 Aleah Taboclaon is a freelance writer and editor. She likes running (completed one marathon, training for the next!), diving (PADI open water diver), and traveling with her Kindle. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can also email her; she would love to hear from you!


    • Danny Gloria says

      Oh my gee! I can travel to India without any hassles then. Thanks Ms. Aleah! Your blog is so informative and you gave me extension to live. Hahaha…

  1. says

    They do only take rupees at the airport. While my overall tour experience of India was great, I had a lousy experience with airport and airline workers in both Delhi and Mumbai, especially Mumbai, very rude….and NO they don’t take dollars.
    Photo Cache recently posted..Skywatching while walking.

  2. says

    @ Lauren: When you go to India, take a longer time to stay there. Long weekend is definitely not enough haha
    @ Photo Cache: It’s weird that their immigration website says that they accept dollars. Very misleading. Except for that incident with my change, the people at Kolkata airport were very nice though.
    Aleah recently posted..India’s Tourist Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

  3. Sugam Singhal says

    Hi Aleah!

    So finally you’ve arrived in India. And you already visited The Taj Mahal. Did you get to know the history of the beautiful monument? Its mesmerizing. Truly!

    I am currently in New Delhi, the capital of India. Please feel free to contact me through my email id for any help. I hope you have a pleasant stay and an equally exciting journey here in Incredible India. :)

  4. says

    cool! very informative blog! now i know i can go to india without the hassle of applying visa here which requires numerous documents to present (according to a friend who previously applied for one) thanks for this post!

    • Rose says

      If i dont have a credit card statement bcoz i only have a ATm bank account is it acceptable if i apply a visa on arrival???

    • mhary says

      Hi aleah visa on arrival in india is it true? They are not strict? How much is the ticket and the cheapest?which airline,? Please i would love to know pls reply:;

  5. says

    Hi Aleah! Thanks for the info! my only problem now is how to buy an expensive plane ticket to India! hehe. I wish I can go there soon, India is so rich in culture and I wanna learn more stuff about hinduism. wish me luck! lol

    Jan Ashlee

  6. Trudy I. Peck says

    can get a Tourist Visa on arrival with a maximum validity of 30 days with single entry facility by the Immigration officer at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata Airports and NOT in any other Immigration Check Posts(ICPs).

  7. Ping says

    Hello Alleah, thank you for your very informative post. I just want to clarify and make sure of everything since it will be my first trip abroad. So to be able to reach india through TVOA, (1ST: is to purchase roundtrip ticket to india, 2ND: after purchasing the ticket i can fly to india right away, 3rd: after the arrival, go to immigration counters showing the required documents for the visa and pay the fees needed. Is is this all that i will do? I hope to see ur reply on my query. As i need to make sure. Thank you. and Godbless.

  8. Maria says

    Hi Aleah,
    Greetings!I have visited some places of India and got my visa from here.It’s great knowing that you got the VOA.Hassle free from gathering so many documents for applying visa.And now we can fly to India just to have a round trip tickets and hotel bookings..I would like to ask if I would take a flight from MNL-KL-BANGALORE,If I will pass through Kuala immigration then check-in again bound to Bangalore..I hope you can help me this.Thanks!

  9. says

    @ Maria: Even if your ticket is a connecting one via KL, you still have to pass by the Malaysian immigration for them to stamp your passport, since you entered their territory. Once you’re out of the arrival area, just follow the directions for the transfer passengers. You don’t have to check in again, if it’s a connecting ticket, but you do have to pass immigration again before you can board your flight.
    Aleah recently posted..Where to Stay in Batanes—Marfel’s Lodge

  10. Maria says

    Hi Aleah,
    Ah Okay..What about the immigration here in our country..?Is there some interrogation regarding visa and everything?As I have heard that some passengers ddint able to get their flight bound to India because of the tourist visa issue.
    By the way,did you took a flight from MNL-KL via Air Asia..? Thanks for the reply..God bless!

  11. says

    @ Maria: Yeah, my tickets were from Air Asia: Clark-KL-Clark, KL-Kolkata-KL. They don’t ask if they see that you’re well-traveled already. If you’re not, they may, so be ready to just answer their questions confidently. Bring your company ID and company brochure just in case. Check beforehand that your destination airport in India accepts VOA. Not all do that.
    Aleah recently posted..Where to Stay in Batanes—Marfel’s Lodge

  12. Maria says

    Hi everyone!I have been to India last May 29-June 8.Is it okay to go back again next month..?Is their some restrictions regarding the entry ?I will obtain for the VOA..gonna be my first try ! Thanks

  13. anton says

    hi there. i’m anton from davao. this entry helps me sa ako plan to go to india. kolkata ang entry ko (from malaysia). i intend to avail the VOA. from your entry, you mentioned 2 important things to comply to be given a visa: the cash payment of INR3,300 and passport size colored photo. that was it? hope i can correspond with you. i will be there on the 22nd of july. salamat.

  14. says

    @ Anton: Hi! Yes, that’s all that was asked of me. As I mentioned, you will be given a form to fill out (this is in the office at the left side of the immigration counters). Once you accomplish it, attach a photo, give your passport to be photocopied, plus pay the fee, you’re done. Have fun in India!
    Aleah recently posted..Things to Do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

  15. anton says

    salamat kaayo…. hope you don’t mind if i ask your stay in kolkata, delhi and varanasi. this is too much i know, but thanks anyway for sharing. godbless you. i am a fan.

  16. Godders says

    Im planning visit indian required ba talaga bank statment at credit card.. If ever.. Gusto ko lang idouble check

  17. mahendra singh says

    Hi Aleah , there is a my friend she is from phillipines and she is working in liberia as a researcher ,during her veccations she want to visit india just for 7 days , please tell me what is the proceedure to get the tourist visa because there is not any embassy in thi d country .

  18. says

    @ Godders: As I said in my post above, the immigration officers at Kolkata didn’t ask for my bank and credit statements.
    @ Mahendra Singh: If she has a Philippine passport, then she can avail of the tourist visa on arrival in the cities mentioned above. Regarding the process and requirements, please refer to my post, everything’s there.
    Aleah recently posted..An Encounter in Berlin

  19. liza says

    hi gusto ko mgtravel this sept.02 to mumbai i want visa on anung gawin ko?? kailangan bng punta mona sa embassy ng indian phils. or direct to book roundtrip ticket..others documents…

  20. says

    I landed on this website when looking to confirm the kind of visas Filipinos get upon arrival in India. While you guys get visa on arrival, we Indians have to apply for visa in advance and only get 21 days to see Philippines. Sadly, this year I had a terrible experience applying for my visa, all thanks to a vile *Indian* woman at the Philippines Consulate in Chennai. This was the ordeal I went through:
    MithunOnThe.Net recently posted..The crap I went through to get my Philippines tourist visa this time

  21. katya_alex says


    do you have an idea until what time can we avail the tourist on arrival visa? we’ll be arriving near midnight in new delhi. we want to be sure that they are still accepting around that time. we just booked and confirmed our flight today plus we still have another visa to process so we dont have enough time to apply for a tourist visa in BSL.

    thanks! any idea is appreciated.

  22. says

    @ Liza: Hi! Did you push through with your trip?

    @ MithunontheNet: I read your post, and boy, was that woman the devil! Am glad I didn’t encounter anyone like her ever!

    @ Elda: Nope 😀

    @ Jen: Yes, Bangalore is now included.

    @ Katya_Alex: As long as there’s a flight, there will always be people at the Immigration accepting visa on arrival.
    Aleah recently posted..Saying Goodbye to Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin

  23. Jaqui Lynn says

    Hello Aleah.

    I’ve been to other countries and I wish to add up India in my list. Did you go there on a tour? Was it through an agency or something? Based on your experience, can you give me a rough estimate of how much I would need to visit there, e.g. accommodation, food, travel, etc. What places did you visit. I get overwhelmed when I see the map of India. It is a big country and it seems that I would take me eternity to visit all the states. Been to Sri Lanka and wished to fly to Kerala state that time, but VOA is issued only in selected ports of entry. Thanks much for blogging your India travel. Hope to hear from you soon =)

  24. says

    @ Mhary: I took Air Asia in going to Kolkata. Round trip, from Manila (Manila-KL-Kolkata) cost P10,000. It was easy for me to get the visa; I don’t know if it would be the same with other travelers.

    @ Jacqui Lynn: I planned the trip on my own, I didn’t use a travel agency. For 3 weeks and 6 cities, I spent $500. I will write my itinerary on my Indian trip next week. Please wait for it :)
    Aleah recently posted..Celebrating Begnas Festival in Sagada

  25. Jane says

    hi aleah!

    I’m bound for india for training, thanks for the tips, few thing related to traveling is not clear to me yet, but I’m sure i will be enjoying my stay there. I hope the airport atmosphere, i mean the people in the airport are in good mood when I arrive, para walng hassle.

  26. asba979 says

    I dont have bank account statement or credit. Card ,pwede ba atm card na lang.?or cash na lang in US. Dollar,as proof of. Financial standing.?how much kaya nid?

  27. Heart says

    Hello po Miss Aleah, your site po is very informative.. ask ko lang po sana am from Cebu and would like to travel in India and i’d really would like to know about how much will it cost me for the plane ticket It’ll be my first time to travel,and can you also give me more info about flights..kasi i checked sa mga air flights site there are connecting flights and am confused about it..Thank you Po..God Bless YOU

  28. says

    @ Asba979: As I said in my post, my bank statements weren’t needed. Cash (or debit card) for your stay there may be enough, though again, they didn’t ask me for that.

    @ Mel: TVOA means “tourist visa on arrival” which means you will get that *on arrival* in India. You won’t get that here in the Philippines.

    @ Heart: There’s no cheap direct flights from here, so look online for flights to Kuala Lumpur, and from Kuala Lumpur to Kolkata. I used Air Asia, so my tickets were Manila-Kuala Lumpur-Manila and KL-Kolkata-KL. Immigration officers may ask you why you’re traveling to India for your first trip abroad, and if you can’t present a satisfactory answer, you may have the risk of getting denied boarding. Please read the other comments here.
    Aleah recently posted..3 Things to Do in Budapest for Lazy Travelers (Like Me)

  29. Cha says

    Hi I just came back from Delhi 2 days ago. And I thank you ms. Aleah for the information and inspiration. It was my 1st time to travel abroad alone. I had no problems availing the tvoa in India. Actually it was more stiff going thru our immigration in NAIA coz they held me for few more interrogation when I told them im meeting a friend I met online(I shouldnt hv mentioned it but I got nervous and im not a good liar so >_<). They weren't aware of tvoa coz they were asking me why I didnt apply for visa or maybe theyre just playing dumb I dont know. Anyway I had the most incredible experience in India and will definitely go back there.

  30. bea says

    hi, so im planning to go toindia, TVOA, and its hassle free right?you dont need the booking of hotel because im going to stay at my friends house. hope you’ll answer thanks!

  31. Heart says

    oh my,,so there is a possibility that I get denied? actually my plan to get there is to travel and at the same time meeting my friend i met online Same as with Cha am really glad to know she were able to travel there but if I may ask, if saying so, that “i want to travel to meet my friend” probably is not a good answer them then what would be?..And Miss Leah do we still have an interview process when we arrive for the second flight? or for the 1 stop maybe with the immigration? My friend there said that he will just send me a ticket how does that work?.Thanks..:)

  32. says

    @ Cha: It’s very good news that you were allowed to board. Some readers here shared that they were denied by our own Immigration officers. Thanks for sharing your experience here!

    @ Bea: No, you won’t be asked for hotel bookings. Just bring your friend’s address in case they ask you.

    @ Heart: Just say you’re going as a tourist. I wasn’t asked, but maybe because I have a lot of travel experience. The “interview” will be with our Immigration officer who may ask you what you will do there, where you will go, if you have money with you, etc. They don’t ask that when you arrive in India.
    Aleah recently posted..Worshiping the Phallus at the Fertility Shrine in Bangkok

    • Cha says

      omg Ms. Aleah I had mixed emotions that time I was even preparing myself to get denied of boarding. But maybe bec of my previous travel abroad, proof of employment and amount of money I declared I have with me made the officer decided to let me go. The officer also had to read our chat messages (sigh) coz I wasnt able to show them email correspondence/invitation. So MS. Heart maybe u should prepare that also. Im going back in June so I think im more prepared now thanks a lot Ms. Aleah coz u really inspire me and ur blog is very informative. God bless you.

  33. MeL says

    Ms, Aleah is it really need to be credit card or debit card sa payment options ng tcket,,? wla po bng alternative like money trnsfer,,?thnks for sharing some info, and idea:)

  34. MeL says

    Thanks Ms, Aleah,, pero ang mahal ng ticket pag travel agency kumuha ksi nagcanvass ako unlike sa net ,my maisusuggest kb Ms. ALeah na medyo cheap na trvel agncy?Slamat ng marami!

  35. anna says

    aleah!this is so be going to kolkata ths afraid of being denied as its my first time to travel goin to stay at my friends house and my money is just enuf for two wks.wd i still nd to ask fr my friends bank acct?thanks!

  36. says

    @ Mel: Sorry I have no idea. I don’t use travel agencies eh. I bought my ticket online.

    @ Cha: It’s weird that they had to make it hard for you. Usually when there’s previous travel experience abroad, they don’t ask anymore. Am glad you finally made it there though!

    @ Anna: Read Cha’s comment (as well as the other comments here). If it’s your first travel abroad, it may be better for you to be over prepared than under. Ask your friend to send you an invitation letter and copy of his ID, just to be safe.
    Aleah recently posted..On Taking Risks and Being Location Independent

  37. Heart says

    Yup thanx Ms. Cha and Ms. Aleah for all the info’s my friend will soon send me an invitation and his account statement too. I hope it shud be enough and officers will let me board. hehehhe crossing my fingers..

  38. says

    hi! aleah

    Just want to ask something im planning to go there in india, new delhi, so can u give some suggestion, some few tips and what is the first step i should do regarding that tourist visa! thanks

  39. Dan says

    Hi, since this blog helped me in some way when I went to India last Jan. 15 – Jan. 20, I just want to share my experience in using VOA in India.

    Anyhow, my boss asked me to go to India for a business dealings this month. To begin with, the last time I was scheduled for that business dealing last year, I applied for a business Visa with BLS and was approved (valid for 1 month) but was not able to use it since that trip was cancelled. It was expensive though, around Php8,000 plus plus but it was paid by my company.

    But this time, my boss told me to try the Visa on Arrival so I can fly immediately to India. When I checked the internet, I found this blog. So, I used this blog as a guide (Thanks to Ms. Aleah).

    Now back to my experience. When I got to our immigration counter, I was not really questioned by the officer but just asked to see my company ID. Since I have traveled many times to many countries and usually 5-7 days only, he just looked to their database my record. I think they were just confirming my identity and that was all. No other questions asked.

    So, when I arrived in India together with my Japanese colleague who also availed the VOA (our port of entry was New Delhi), we went directly to the Visa on Arrival counter which was separated to the immigration counter. We were given some forms to fill up then payment next. But since I read this blog that they only accept Rupees, so we paid in Rupee, but to my surprise, they only accept US Dollar! Then I tried to remember the blog, it said Kolkata! …hahaha… I guess different port of entry means different protocols… Anyway, I have US Dollars with me but my Japanese colleague had only Yen, so I let him borrowed my US$100. But it took as a bit longer to get out from there since they do not have a change for our US$100. Actually there were 3 other foreigners who did not have exact change also. They also thought that they could pay in Rupee or with their credit card. Anyhow, the guys from the counter were able to produce our change. They radioed some staff to bring small US Dollar bills.

    Processing was fast actually if they had small bills for change. They did not ask questions like why we are visiting India. Nothing. They just read the form we filled up and gave us our receipts.

    I hope my experience could also help those who would like to use VOA to India via New Delhi the same way as this blog helped me too.

    Thanks to Ms. Aleah once again for her blog.

  40. Pol says

    Hi!I’m planning to visit my friend in delhi this october.where can i book a cheaper tickets?i tried checking in skyscanner but too pricey.

  41. Fe Siraya says

    hi all,

    I am planning to travel to mumbai this july-14 and staying with my friends house.
    kindly advise the documents i should carry with me for visa on arrival at mumbai international airport and also how much rupees.

    Do i need sponsor letter from my friend along with their passport copy

    Thank u in advance

  42. tina says

    Hi ms planning to visit india next month.Thank you sa information.Actually natanong na kita regarding TVOA and im so thankful for the info.Kaya lang im more concerned now sa Malaysian entry?Magconnecting flight ako thru malaysia.Ok na ba yon?Wala ng requirements na hihingiin sa atin?Bka kasi may overlook ako at sa malaysia ako mgkaproblema.Do they check sufficiency of funds there also?Do they need to check your cash ?Kasi may nabasa ako minimum of 500usd daw ang kelangan dala to malaysia?Is that true? First time ko kasi magtravel alone and magtravel on connecting flight. Thanks Ms. aleyah kasi im finalizing my booking na sana eh..God bless..:)

  43. rhona says

    hey..hi..ask ko lng much money kaya ang need para makapunta ng india..coz was planning to go on june..bka kasi sa phil immigration need pa show money.nd as u said..dina need ang bank account?is it true???

  44. says

    @ Pol: Try or AirAsia.

    @ Fe Siraya: Hi Fe! Please read this post. You will find it will answer all your questions.

    @ Tina: No questions will be asked on a connecting flight. No need to worry :) And no they will not ask you how much money you have with you. I usually don’t bring a lot because I just use my ATM but in India, it’s a good idea to bring cash.

    @ Rhona: No need to show money there. I spent $500 for three weeks in India.
    Aleah recently posted..High Up in the Acropolis, the Sacred Rock of Athens

  45. Roxo Carl says

    Until now ba eh meron pa rin ung on arrival visa sa india? applicable na iyan if manggagaling ako sa saudi arabia? thanks

  46. janie says

    hi maam aleah… i was reading most of your blog post since i am also planning to travel to india next month.. got my ticket na on my way there but haven’t booked my return ticket yet… and i want to commend you that your posts were really helpful for my planning… i never knew about visa on arrival and how does it works and it’s amazing that there’s that thing… i just wonder if you don’t mind how much should i prepare for my pocket money for a week long stay there? i don’t intend to travel and go from one place to another just like what you did because im on time constraint and on a tight budget too. my initial plan is to go in ahmedabad east part of india. do you have any recommendations for me? any tips perhaps? i need more feedbacks so i can plan this trip well… and just like you, my entry will be in kolkata also. please do help me… i would appreciate it a lot… thank you….

  47. says

    @ Janie: You won’t be able to leave the country without a return ticket, so make sure to buy one before your departure.

    I spent 3 weeks in India, going to 6 cities and I spent $500 all in all (excluding plane tickets) so you see it’s not that expensive at all.

    I haven’t been to Ahmedabad so I can’t give you specific tips. Food is generally cheap though, and if you’re staying with a friend, then you won’t have to worry about accommodation.

    Make use of overnight trains (get the upper bunk) so that you’ll have a feel of what it’s like traveling in India. Howrah Station can be scary, but it’s also very interesting. :) At least it will be a story to tell when you get back.
    Aleah recently posted..The Beer Bars of Antwerp, Belgium

  48. Cha says

    Hi Ms. Aleah im going back to Delhi again this month =) but I want to book tickets with an indian airline coz I find it cheaper than if I book with an airline here in the Phils. So is it ok if I buy mnl-bkk-mnl tix and then buy bkk-del-bkk when i get to thailand?(of course i will hve to check the timings) but Do u think I will have problems in immigration? Or should I have my friend in India buy that bkk-del-bkk tix for me in advance? Also my 2nd question is tvoa can be availed twice in a calendar year with few months interval right, so if I went last Nov 2013, it means this 2014 I can go twice still? Coz im confused maybe they will start counting from November, if so I can only go once then this year eh im planning to go twice this year. Thank you for ur response in advance. =) God bless your trips.

  49. ann says

    hi aleah

    im overjoyed to hav read your experience in india…i really really wana go to india but am a litl scared, no one among my friends wud want to go there…(u know, all these stuff relating to harassment esp to women in india)… i know india is a very nice country to see and experiencing diverse culture there wud be so much fun.
    when is your next visit to india? can i come with you? :) i dont wana be a solo backpacker..


  50. Mylene says

    Wow nasa India ka din pala ms. Aleah nun Holi… sana nagkita tayo :) we celebrated Holi on a farm near Delhi ata un with my husband and his colleagues na mga europeans :) it was fun and sobrang colorful (almost 1 week before ko ntanggal un kulay sa balat ko hehehe, I was in Gurgaon, a city about half an hour away from the airport of Delhi…. Best attraction of India is the Taj Mahal, we traveled about 7 hrs on the way to Agra (passing through the highway na sobrang daming trucks at sobrang traffic din….. :) …. :) ^_^

  51. says

    @ Cha: Sorry to have replied so late! I didn’t realize I haven’t answered you. So have you pushed through with your trip? Can you tell us what happened?

    @ Ann: I have no plans yet to go back. So many more countries to explore first. If you get a chance to go, go. Solo travel isn’t so scary, just use your common sense. And yeah, good luck. :)

    @ Mylene: Hey, did you know I stayed in the house of a Solitary Wanderer reader in Gurgaon? Such a small world!
    Aleah recently posted..Of Trusting Strangers: 7 More Stories of Kindness on the Road

  52. Wyeth says

    Hi Ms. Aleah, thanks a lot sa iyong informative post.Im going to visit hyderabad India this coming August meron na akong tiket medyo natatakot ako baka madenied ako..Pero nung mabasa ko ang mga post ngkaron ako ng MALAKING CONFIDENCE ^____^ na ituloy ang biyahe ko..Kasi Ms.Aleah this is my first time to travel outside the country and a solo backpacker.Thank you so much sa post kasi lahat ng tanong ko nasagot..:) :)

    Good luck sa trip ko!!!

    Thanks Ms. ALeah

  53. Ford Sinangote says

    Hi Ms. Aleah,

    Reading this has been very helpful for me. I am travelling to India also this month and I already have my round trip tickets (Air Asia as well, very affordable!). I am also flying from Manila to Kuala Lumpur to Kolkata and VV. Good to know I should also bring rupees with me (my friend in India told me to bring dollars only).

    I may have a unique case, I do not know as I will be staying with an American family there and since I wasn’t sure how India will look at that, I had them get me hotel accommodations just in case. Unfortunately, I do not have any bank statements to bring along. I am crossing my fingers getting a TVoA will be as easy as yours was. Hehehe. I have travelled before so them immigration people do not really scare me. I have more apprehensions on the part of getting a visa on arrival.

    Just to be safe, I will get a letter of invitation from my friend and also try to get his bank statement.

  54. budoy says

    hi aleah,

    my indian company in singapore is going to send me to Mumbai for a supply change conference on August 18-21. they try to apply for a conference visa for me but there are many requirements. our hr executive suggested if I will just apply a tourist visa on arrival when Im already in india instead, if i am willing and confident to go by this way.

    just want to ask you the percentage of approval of this kind of visa for filipino citizens entering india. mayroon din bang di napayagang maka enter na nag apply this kind of visa?

    hoping for your reply on this inquiry.

    thank you. best regards.

  55. says

    @ Wyeth: Wow, that’s next month already! Come back here after your trip and let us know about it, k? Safe travels!

    @ Ford Sinangote: So how was your trip there? I’m pretty sure getting the TVOA was uneventful. :)

    @ Budoy: The visa on arrival is really easy to get. No questions asked. Of course, you only get 30 days and you can’t use it more than twice in a year. If you’re staying less than a month, you’re good to go. No need to apply for a visa in advance.
    Aleah recently posted..Caving in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

  56. steffany villar says

    Hi ms aleah I’m steffany and I just red all your blogs and experienced in India actually I had a friend there I’d met him in my Facebook and he wants me to go in his country I really want to come but I’m scared this is my first time to travel abroad and I’m planning to go there in this Feb.2015..mag kano kya magagastos ko lahat lahat n expenses kc nag sasave n din aq.hope mbasa mo tong message ko and mbigyan mo ako ng tips thank you so much po..

    • says

      Hi Steffany. Ask your friend to visit you here first. I spent $500 for three weeks in India, but I went around to several cities. Your most expensive purchase will be the ticket. I highly recommend you go out of the country at least once or twice before going to India. I had a reader here as well who was offloaded because the Immigration doubted her story. It was her first time abroad, too.
      Aleah recently posted..5 Things to Do in Iloilo, the City of Love

  57. says

    Was researching re visa and Google helped me find your website. Very useful for our family trip to India next month. Thanks a lot Aleah! <3

  58. Eych says

    Is Visa on Arrival in India still applicable as of today? We plan to go this 1 Nov. I am actually hoping that we only need visa on arrival in India. However one of my acquaintances is telling me that visa is required in order to visit India. Tried asking a travel agency, they also said the same. However blogs are telling me there is visa on arrival. We plan to stay for about 3 days only just to visit the Taj Mahal. Hope you can shed a light on this.

      • Eych says

        We will enter India through Delhi airport from Kathmandu, Nepal. Delhi airport offers TVOA, right (from this post)? If this is really the case, we will just get our visa on arrival. Because applying visa here is much expensive than getting TVOA. Thank you so much!

  59. Dianne says

    Hi. I have plans to spend the new year’s eve in Delhi. Actually I’m planning a Delhi-Agra-Jaipur trip. Already bought and confirmed my tickets then i found this blog, then I got scared. LOL. It will be my first time to travel abroad and I will be meeting a friend I met online too. I am now kind of hesitant to tell the immigration officer that I am meeting a friend there for the first time as I may be denied entry. Any suggestion? Do I declare this or should I just say that I am just on a leisure trip? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Saying you’re meeting an online friend can be a huge risk, not only in India but in other countries also. If you’re employed, just state that you’re a tourist. As it is your first time to go abroad you may be subjected to a closer scrutiny so bring a Certificate of Employment just in case.

      PS. It *is* risky to meet an online friend so far from home. Take care!
      Aleah recently posted..The Kindly Drivers and Other Stories of Kindness on the Road

  60. arlene says

    oh thanks for the tips,,,i plan to travell in india nxt yr…so i dont have to be worried now,,,for that easy how to get visa on arrival……

  61. Eych says

    Hi Aleah, just wanted to thank you for the helpful tips here in your blog. Just arrived from India. Taj Mahal is a wonderful place. :)

    • Raquel says

      @eych.share some experience regarding voa.from manila intl airport to delhi airport? Is there any questions from our immigration officer about indian visa? Hope to hear from u soon.thanks

  62. Nina says

    Hi! I’ve been planning to travel India next year. It will take 3 days for me to stay in New Delhi. I’d like to know how much does it need for me to have in my bank statement? Because I wanna have my tourist visa approved.
    Thank you!

  63. says

    hello…im going to delhi this 3rd week of dec. do i need to apply online visa?or its ok il apply upon arrival in delhi? im scared that il b deport back n phil f i dnt have visa..pls help me

  64. says

    hi mam. i just want to ask if its okay f il not apply for online visa for it okay il apply upon arrival at delhi airport? my concern s im afraid il b deport back f my visa application will b denied.

    • says

      Hi Michie. As this post shows, you don’t need to file for an online visa. You get a visa on arrival. Automatic binibigay yan sa Delhi airport. If there’s a risk na ma-deny ka, it’s here sa immigration natin. If this is your first time to go abroad, expect questions. Best thing to prepare for it is to bring a certificate of employment and approved VL, one night’s reservation sa isang hotel in Delhi, or an invitation from a friend you’ll be staying with there.
      Aleah recently posted..10 Best Gifts for Travelers

  65. says

    thank you so much mam..yan din po ang sabi sken ng indian friend ko much better if upon arrival ang pg apply ng visa..balitaan ko po kau agad pg andun na ako il b staying for 2weeks there..

  66. raquel says

    Hi mam aleah,i been to india 2 yrs ago and i applied for indian visa thru rajah travel agency,and they ask for so many requirements including planning to travel again early next it ok if i will not bring ITR copy with me coz im a plain housewife now.all i have is bank statement,creditcard billing and flight details and hotel booking.i just want to try VOA this it possible that i will travel in delhi now?hope to hear from you soon.

  67. Cha says

    Hi Ms. Aleah regarding my last post yes I pushed through I bought all the tickets (mnl-bkk-del) before leaving as I didnt want to take any risk. But I find it easier to pass immigration having a mnl-bkk tix maybe bec it’s just near our country coz there was a time the officer didnt even bother to ask me any question.
    As for the TVOA we can avail it 2 times a year regardless of the date you availed it in the previous year. So even if I availed it in Nov 2013 I was able to avail it last year twice still.
    I have also tried getting Indian visa here in the Philippines and it wasn’t that hard also. In fact I think it’s better to get it instead of tvoa bec sometimes hotel receptionists in india ask questions about it coz they are used to seeing the standard visa with a sticker. In applying indian visa here I showed them a bank statement with 40k in it. But actually it’s where I will get the payment for my tickets also hehe.
    Again thank you Ms. Aleah I wouldn’t have done it and become confident to travel alone if it was not for this blogsite of yours. Adventure is out there! God bless you!

  68. Ford Sinangote says

    Hi Ms. Aleah,

    My trip to India was very memorable. Getting my TVoA in Kolkata was a little scary but I did get my visa. It wasn’t for 30 days though, only valid until the date of my return flight, which was fine with me. Like I said, I was visiting my best friend who is American and he was staying with an American family so that situation led to quite an interrogation in the immigration office at Kolkata airport. But they accepted all my supporting documents and had me write down the address and contact number of my buddy there. It took over an hour to get my passport stamped because they don’t accept dollars so I had to change my money first. They were very accommodating in their Indian way. The questioning part was stressful but they saw I was honest and calm so they stamped me in. :-)

    India is beautiful and rich in culture. I just had to get used to the dirt, noise, smell and cows everywhere! :-)

    My friend took me to Siliguri and up the mountains in Darjeeling and Kalimpong, both beautiful cities.

    I wanna go back there sometime especially if I can now process the visa online. :-)

  69. veper says

    First time ko po mag travel and ako lng po, papunta po ako ng india to pick my bf there kc hinfi cya makapag travel alone papunta dto sa pilipinas..kc hindi cia mkapaglakad mag isa dahil naaccidente cya….pwede po bang hindi kumuha ng tourist visa kc only 1 day lang po ako mag stay doon sa mumbai ….babalik din po ako agad with him back here sa pilipinas?….

    ,,sana po masagut nyo….
    Thank u so much…

  70. says

    Hi Ms. Aleah,

    I am currently in UAE and planning to go to India next week. I am a filipino.
    Question is, how certain is it that they don’t need a bank statement? And also how many days they will release the visa if applied it onlie?

  71. Marish says

    Hi Aleah. I am planning to go to India this November. It is my first time travel to India to visit my bf’s family and to attend his sister’s wedding as well. I would just like to ask how much cash do I need to keep and be reflected in the bank statement as requirement for the TVoA? Is there a need for “show money”? If so, how much would it be in case you got an idea.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks alot.

    • says

      There’s no need for show money. Just go the link in the first paragraph and it will take you to the page where you can apply for a visa online. According to readers, they usually get their approved visas in one day. Print out the approval form and make sure you have a return ticket. Have fun in India!
      Aleah recently posted..One Week in Jordan

  72. jai says

    Tanong ko lng po..ano ang maitutulong o halaga ng sponsorship pag magtatravel sa india?at ano po kailangan nyang eprocess for sponsoring?

    • says

      Madali na lang mag-apply ngayon for a visa. Just go the link in the first paragraph and it will take you to the page where you can apply for a visa online. Kuha mo agad in one day. Just make sure to print out the approval form and that you have a return ticket. Have fun in India!
      Aleah recently posted..One Week in Jordan

  73. Ara says

    Hello, Aleah! You are an inspiration. I just booked my manila-kl-kolkata flight for December and I’m excited. I plan to spend 1 day per city plus transit more or less so 8 days kokolkata-varanasi-agra-jaipur-delhi and fly to kathmandu from there and stay there for 2 weeks. I’m scared of the Indian airport and immigration officers though. I’m also worried about airasia. It’d be my first time to fly with them. I can’t afford flight delays.

    Anything i should be concerned about? What do you think of my itinerary?

    Will greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!!


    • says

      4 cities in 8 days is too much. :( Still, it’s doable, especially considering lots of trains in India travel at night. Have you read my recommended hotel/hostel in Kathmandu? Love that city. Also, definitely go to Pokhara! Re immigration, Indian IOs don’t really care, as long as you have the printout of the online visa and an onward ticket. I used and still use AirAsia too and I never had a problem with them.
      Aleah recently posted..One Week in Jordan

  74. Monique says

    What is the percentage of having an Indian Visa approved? Because my husband and I are planning to attend an Indian wedding probably this year. Thank you so much!

  75. Danny Gloria says

    Hi ms Aleah! Hope all is well. Im planning to visit india next year and I hope you can help me just to be relax and keep away from thinking too much. 30 days lng ba tlga ang allowed for Indian Visa? Nakakalungkot. I want to stay there for 1 year. Im now here in Saudi Arabia and my bestfriend is an Indian National. Please advice me my friend. Gusto ko ng tumira doon. Hahahha… Sana hnd ako magkaproblema to travel alone going to Delhi.

  76. Lea M. Mercado says

    I plan to go india next month, hindi ko alam kung paano sisimulan kumuha ng visa..kailangan ba mag book na ako ng ticket T hotel reservation para makakuha ako ng visa…i will stay sa india ng 14 days..enough na ba ang $400 for pocket money? Thank you please Aleah help me.

    • says

      Hi Lea. Sharon is right. Just click the link (which is also in the first paragraph of this post) to apply for a visa. Your budget depends on what you will do there and where you will go. For my backpacking trip there in 3 weeks (Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi), I spent $500 all in all, staying in hotels and taking trains.
      Aleah recently posted..A Foodie Tour of South America

  77. Sharon says

    I do travel constantly to different countries too because of work however you blog needs to be updated as their is now an easy way to enter india not going through the hassle of what you’ve been through. Visa on arrival can be done online via the travel agencies located in hongkong for Filipinos all you need to do is fill out the online form scan a colored passport size picture with white background, scan a copy of your passport (colored as well) & pay the processing fee online depends on how many days before your travel, as for me I paid $198 USD because i need my e-visa in 5 hrs time! I arrived in Mumbai & they stamp my passport right away without any hassle. My overall Mumbai experience last month was awesome & though I love the courtyard of marriott hotel where I stayed which is 5-7 mins drive to Terminal 2 their food are a bit expensive!

    • says

      Hi Sharon. Thanks for commenting! This post has already been updated since February 2015. In the first paragraph, I said that all visa applications are now online. It’s actually much easier now, since you can get the visa in just a day, no need for travel agents. Visa fee is only $60. I’ve never been to Mumbai though :(
      Aleah recently posted..A Foodie Tour of South America

      • Jude says

        Hi po…. Ma’am ask ko lng po! My friend in India will gonna send me a ticket(up and down) via email… She wants me to visit her place for just seven days… So, ung printout email ticket lng po ba need ipakita sa check In area or meron pa ho ba other docus and papers needed?
        And ma’am do I need visa? Sabi kc Fren ko no need daw kc 7 days lng nman…..and as I read ur comments up even 1 day lng ang stay, need parin kumuha… Nalilito po me ma’am… Sana u help me po…

  78. says

    Hi! I was browsing the internet for answers. I’ll be having a 17 hrs layover in mumbai airport. i heard we can get visa online. how long does it take to get the visa?

  79. Jalou says

    Hi Miss Aleah!

    I need to travel to Bangalore in two days time and the online processing of visa says I need atleast 4 days ahead of expected departure date. Are you for certain that they do not issue tourist visa on arrival at BLR airport ? I hope to hear a reply from you. Thanks and God bless!

  80. says

    hi! came by again to check the VOA anyways, I have 17hrs layover in BOM (mumbai) and i wanted to go outside instead of waiting in the airport, considering its just a layover which doesnt exceed 24hrs do i have to get transit visa or a voa?

  81. aries says

    hi aleya are you? i am going to India on October for 30 days. a friend invited me to come, do i need to ask invitation letter from her? thank u so much..your blog about India is so helpful..keep it up! God bless

    • says

      Aries, you don’t need an invitation. Just apply for the visa online (link in the first paragraph) closer to your intended departure date. If it will be your first time abroad, remember to prepare documents for the immigration, e.g., certificate of employment/leave of absence, hotel booking (easier than to explain about your friend), bank certificate, etc. Our immigration officials can be strict with new travelers.
      Aleah recently posted..Lessons in Buddhism and Other Stories of Kindness on the Road

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