The Fisherman on Virgin Island

While on assignment for Mabuhay Magazine, I chanced upon this fisherman on the Virgin Island in Bohol. He was harvesting sea urchins, which he said he would sell to tourists for P20 each. He already had bucketfuls of it in his small boat, but I can still see a lot of the scary, spiny things around him.


The fisherman scooping up sea urchins.

According to the fisherman, he wasn’t even the first one there. Others had come and gone much earlier. They would all come back the next day to get more.

Aside from sea urchins, though, he was also on the lookout for the big, brown starfish, which were also aplenty on that side of the island. He would get the fleshy part of the starfish and use it as bait for when he goes fishing later in the day. He would then sell the starfish shell to the tourists.


Solitary boat on Virgin Island.

Virgin Island is one of the destinations included in the comprehensive list of places to visit in Bohol this summer. Read it in the March 2013 issue of Mabuhay Magazine!

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    @ Shalu Sharma: Yeah, sea urchins are another kind of sea creatures. They have a black shell with long spines that can really hurt. They’re usually eaten raw, best with vinegar.
    @ Kat: Most fishers’ lives are difficult. They earn just enough for the next day. If the sea stops replenishing its resources, they’d have no other ways to make a living.
    Aleah recently posted..Snapshot Sunday—The Fisherman on Virgin Island

  2. says

    Hi Aleah, those photos are beautiful. I have not heard of Virgin Island in Bohol. I wish I can get hold of a copy of Mabuhay magazine here in NY. I didn’t know that it sea urchins grow abundantly in our country. I’m sure tourists especially from Europe would be delighted to buy those for only P20 each. They’re so expensive in Europe and even here in the US. I wish all those hardworking fishermen bountiful catch.
    Marisol@TravelingSolemates recently posted..Vietnam: Trekking in the Off-The-Beaten-Path Hilltribe Villages – Day 1

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    Hi Aleah, haven’t heard about Virgin Island in Bohol. And thanks to this so I can add this place to my July-Bohol trip adventure. Thanks. BTW sea urchins are very familiar to me since i grew up in the province. Hehe. Most of the time perfect for rice meal.

  4. JJ says

    Two things I learned from this article:

    1. I previously thought that Uni (sushi) was the only way to eat sea urchin. Now I know better. :)

    2. that Mabuhay mag has an Ipad mag app! And what’s even better? the issues are FREE downloads!!! the March 2013 issue is still not available though.

    Thank you for this blog post Aleah!

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    This morning, I asked our Student Trainee about the one of the best spots in Bohol, and she replied “Virgin Island”. Virgin Island can only be accessed with due permission from the owner. Is that right leah? Anyway, its still one of the best destinations in Bohol today.:-).


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