Where to Have a Massage in Quezon City

Aside from running, I always try to have cheap massage in places where I travel. I’ve had a massage in Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), and countless other domestic and international destinations.I never go a month without having a massage at least once.

During my 70-day solo backpacking trip in Europe, however, I never had a massage. Not once! I couldn’t afford it! Here in the Philippines, I could have a good Swedish massage for PhP99 (1.75 euros or US$2.25 promo price) and Thai massage for PhP250 (US$5 or 4 euros). Everywhere in Europe, it cost a minimum of 50 euros!

That’s why when I got back to the Philippines in April, I had my fill of  cheap massage sessions left and right. I have two favorite massage places in Quezon City: Nuat Thai and Heaven & Earth. (Note that these are CLEAN massage parlors. For those who are after another kind of massage, go elsewhere.)

cubao massage

Inside the Heaven & Earth Spa.

I started appreciating the value of a good massage in 2003, and I’ve always chosen a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu for their therapeutic effect on my highly-stressed out body.

I was very happy then when Heaven & Earth Spa (which offers these) opened in Cubao in 2005. Very centrally located in Araneta Center (facing Eurotel), I could always rely on dropping by there after a hard day out in the city and getting the usual P199 massage.

Unfortunately, they’re getting popular nowadays, so just dropping by is no longer an option. They only have a few beds; three in the first floor and around three in the second floor. It would be best if you call in advance to make a reservation: (63 2) 913-4679.

cubao massage

Heaven & Earth Spa in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

Why I like Heaven & Earth Spa:

  • They still offer the cheapest, but good, massage in the area. Regular full body Swedish massage costs P199.
  • If you go during the dead hours (10am to 1pm),  a one-hour massage costs only P170.
  • If you’re the first customer (did this once!), it’s only P99, and service remains the same.
  • All their therapists are experienced, and I never had a bad massage experience there.
  • Location-wise, it’s perfect for me. I could go there and have a massage before I go home to Montalban.

What I don’t like about it:

  • If you go there after work or in the evenings, getting a spot is a matter of luck.
  • They don’t give out a loyalty card except to those who go there once a week. Unfortunately, I’m still not that rich to afford a massage that often, so I don’t get the card.
Nuat Thai

The Nuat Thai branch I frequent in Quezon City.

Nuat Thai is slightly more expensive than Heaven & Earth, but I always go there whenever I have the chance. They started in Cebu and has only been in Manila for a couple of years, but they’re already gaining some following. I love Thai massages; all those stretching moves are good for my body, especially my back. I had my first Thai massage in Cebu, and I loved it so much that whenever I’m traveling, I always ask around if there’s a Nuat Thai branch.

When I went to Thailand, I looked forward to having authentic Thai massages, thinking that if Nuat Thai was good, the real one must be excellent!

Unfortunately, the ones I had in Sangkhlaburi and Pattaya were way inferior to the massages I have had in Nuat Thai. The massage parlors in Thailand were also noisy! The therapists would always talk to each other (I would hear the words Philippines and Filipinos every now and then.), chatting the whole time you’re having the massage. It’s really far from the relaxation I always get in the Philippines.

The Nuat Thai branch I always go to is along Matalino St. in Quezon City, near the Heart Center of the Philippines. Its cheap massage costs only P250 for one hour. If you want oil on your back (an option I always get), just add P50.

Why I like Nuat Thai:

  • They’re the best in their price range when it comes to Thai massages.
  • Very relaxing atmosphere, with darkened cubicles and soft instrumental music.
  • They give out a loyalty card and it doesn’t expire in one year!

What I don’t like about it:

  • You can’t request your therapist. For all the years I’ve been going there, it was fine because I never had a bad massage. The last time I went this week, though, the woman who attended to me seemed new. Her strokes were uneven and she didn’t know how to pop my back (first time it happened to me). Next time I go, I will try to request for a good one.
  • Location-wise, it’s no longer convenient for me since I don’t live in Quezon City anymore. However, it’s not much of an effort to go there from Cubao.
  • It’s not allowed to take a picture inside. #fail

Other recommended Nuat Thai branches that I had tried:

  • Nuat Thai Timog, Quezon City
  • Nuat Thai Katipunan, Quezon City
  • Nuat Thai Concepcion, Marikina City
  • Nuat Thai Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City
  • Nuat Thai near IT Park, Cebu City
  • Nuat Thai Sta. Maria crossing, Zamboanga City

How about you? Have you tried having a massage? Where’s your favorite?

 Aleah Taboclaon is a freelance writer and editor. She likes running (completed one marathon, training for the next!), diving (PADI open water diver), and traveling with her Kindle. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can also email her; she would love to hear from you!


  1. apol says

    No joke yung katabi ng ukay jan sa harap ng Eurotel sa Cubao? Dinadaan daanan ko lng un dati.. :( I will try nga pag nagawi ako ulit dun hee hee.

    Had Thai Massage in Rambuttri & Chatuchak in my recent trip to Bangkok, best massage was in Rambuttri… I liked the idea na kahit sa tabing kalye meron hahaha.. pero yes I agree about the noise. I wanna try Nuat Thai na tuloy!! weee.
    apol recently posted..Photo Wednesday: From a Different Point of View

  2. Joanne says

    I am a frequent client of Heaven & Earth also but not in Cubao, It’s along P.Tuazon, near 20th Avenue it is walking distance from our home. it’s true that they really offer a good massage and you have to pay only 199 for ordinary oil like non scented or efficascent oil.

  3. says

    yay! magkababayan pala tayo. hihihi! San Mateo lang ako. Malamang nagkasabay na tayo paguwi. Pareho na rin uminit ang ulo natin kay bigote.

    anyway, na-realize ko napaka loser ko lang at hindi pa ko nakapag pa-spa sa buong buhay ko. hahaha! Actually, muntik na before. Mega bili pa ko ng pampalit kasi biglaan. Kaya lang, yung napuntahan ko, yun yung tipong pwedeng iraid anytime. Naka mini-skirt at kita cleavage ng mga masahista. Scary. hahaha! Di na lang ako tumuloy.

    Thanks for featuring Heaven and Earth. Pupuntahan ko yan one of these days.

  4. Jan Ashlee says

    Hello! I love ur blog site! it served as my inspiration in creating my own travel blog. I hope you could visit my blogsite too or even add me on your bloglist. thank u so much and good luck on ur future trips!! – Jan Ashlee, breakawayph.blogspot.com

  5. says

    @ Kura: Hi Maricar! Nakakatawa naman comment mo hehe Nainis na nga ako kay bigote ilang beses kaya ngayon di na ko sumasakay dun. Sa across ng Tropical Hut na lang :) There are many shady massage parlors. When you choose one, make sure it’s clean! Buti na lang di ka tumuloy dun!
    @ Jan Ashlee: Thanks for saying that :) I checked out your blog; nice pictures and narrative. Keep up the good work, and hopefully you’ll be back to my blog!
    Aleah recently posted..Where to Have a Massage in Quezon City

  6. says

    @ Spencer: Yeah, it’s really cheap to have a massage here. You can have one every week without breaking your budget!
    @ Josiah: Go! I recommend you take the first customer promo, then extend it to 2 hours. So for 2 hours, you’ll only pay P270. Fun!
    Aleah recently posted..Where to Have a Massage in Quezon City

  7. says

    Me too, my month is not complete without a massage. I think I have backproblems that’s why.

    Heaven and Earth is really cheap. But sometimes, the service is being compromised. I don’t mind giving large tips (because it’s cheap, I give out what I save), but the attendants are not that courteous and obliging. Minsan nakakatulog pa habang nagmamassage.

    • nrsp says

      Bps bka npuyat s anak kya nka2log p yata..try m ibang attendant ndi naman lhat gn0n.kht san naman cmpany my kpntasan..:-)

  8. says

    @ BPS: Sorry you have had a bad experience with them. I would get pissed off too if my masseuse slept on the job, literally LOL If you have back problems, get a Thai massage instead. Or see an osteopath (kinda like a chiropractor). My lower back pain finally went away after I’d had 6 sessions.
    Aleah recently posted..5 Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

  9. barbra says

    hello, thank u very much for recommending heaven and earth spa… we are trying our best to maintain and improve more our services… Heaven and Earth Spa was intended for backpackers and for those who desire for a good relaxing massage but cant afford a high price…

  10. kiko says

    the nuat thai in matalino was really really terrible, the masseur was rude, so she just massage me very very painfully and hard…now i feel like i am limp, i went to the doctor and i was required to do a lot of medical test and prescribed medicines…

    aside from that , there are many perverts there touching beautiful ladies on their chest…

    i think the staff are being paid low plz dop not promote such malicious and terrible place

  11. says

    Im a lover of good massage. Whenever i travel i always look for it. Tried the massage parlor in Kao San rd in bkk and i find it good and relaxing nmn. Hehe… Nuat Thai by the way id the best commrcialize massage parlor. Especially the one in Pear Drive in Fairview. =)

  12. nrsp says

    Bps: mgtry ka ulit s heaven and earth cubao ndi naman lhat gn0n.lalo n pg ngkahulihan n kau ng lo0b.friendly naman cla..lagi me dn ok naman pg treat na skin.

  13. migz ong says

    hi miss aleah ang gnda nman po ng review mu about sa 2 massage parlors actually my 3yrs nko nag pla2no magpa massage pro d pdn n22loy dhil dko alam saan ako pu2nta mganda then nbasa ko ang blog mu tamang tama dhl tga cubao lng dn ako then mura pa tnx.. po sa review ng karoon ako ng idea

  14. migz ong says

    mdme po ba mga lalake like me na nagpapa massage dun ksi knina lng ng search ako my nkita ako massage parlor located also in cubao dyan lng sa farmers then bnsa ko ang mga comment hehe ung nkita ko pla massge parlor ay pang bading buti nlng ngbasa muna ako ng comments kundi npagkamalan din ako bading dun

  15. Tara V says

    Aleah, thank you so much for this post.

    I wanted to send you a private email, but your “Email Me” link (http://www.solitarywanderer.com/about/) would post my message as a comment on your site.

    Could you email me your reply (along with a copy of this message of mine :-) )

    I’ve been wary of getting a massage in the Philippines after one incident years ago.

    Years ago, someone told me of at-home massage service. So I called the number and the masseuse came over. We went to the bedroom where the massage would take place. My Tagalog isn’t very good, but I think she said “Maghubad ka”. “Um, you want me to remove all my clothes?” I thought to myself. Well, whatever she said, she didn’t leave the bedroom. Back in North America, the therapist leaves the room to let me undress.

    Okay, back to the present. I’m looking for clean massage and am thankful for your post.

    Is Heaven & Earth still your recommendation, a year and a half after you wrote this post, or do you have other suggestions?

    Do you know whether they accept credit card?

    On their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/H.ESpaph/posts/10152058874094459, they say that they are temporarily suspending the PHP99 promo.

  16. says

    @ Tara: No, Heaven and Earth doesn’t accept credit cards. Your question is timely, as I’ve just been there last week. Based on that experience, I can’t recommend them anymore. The therapist I had didn’t seem to know what she was doing. Hated it.

    BUT maybe the time of my massage was also a factor. It was 9pm, almost closing time, and they were all probably tired.

    There’s another one I recommend, if you can take the time to go to Marikina. It’s Yon Jai Thai Massage in Concepcion–just take the FX to SSS Village from Cubao and ask to be dropped off in “Concepcion Simbahan” (Conception church). The massage is across Jollibee near the church. I highly recommend getting the combination massage for 1.5 hours (P400). They’re very good!
    Aleah recently posted..My Wishlist: More Christmas Gift Suggestions for Travelers

  17. habib says

    Heaven & earth has mature, professional and expert ladies in massage. I always go there when time permits. The place is simple, quiet and very accessible. Just park your car under the Puregold in front of the Farmers Plaza for P35/3hrs for safety and just walk towards H&E. Have tried many massage places but this place I frequently visit before. Now I seldom go there because of work schedule and you will be lucky if after office hours you can be accommodated. Better to call first and be there 15min before sched or else you’re sorry. I have a home service massage at least once a month instead in my place in Fairview but still missed the Heaven & Earth in Cubao.

  18. raquel kabigting says

    me and my hubby is a frequent customer in nuat thai matalino st….we always choose to have an aromatherapy… but unfortunately i had a bad experience last feb. 14….ung therapist na assigned sakin is kinda tired and sleepy na, had our spa at around 11:30 pm…nung nag start na kami, nakapatong lang ung hands nya, i’ve waited her to rub or massage me pero it took some seconds bago nya ko minassage kala ko may inaayos lang cya kc nakapatong lang ung hands nya skin when i checked her ayun bigla nyang nadiinan ung leg ko which i told her na masakit…tapos rub lang cya ng rub (hindi massage ha…) with matching dami nung oil…nag transfer lang cya agad sa kamay ko then nagulat ulit ako kc tumigil ulit cya…i saw her na nakapikit na pala cya so i caught her attention na if she’s sleepy na, tama na itigil na then she told me “dapa na po kau” tapos so kala ko okey na, i was expecting na i massage nya ung back ko ng maayos since i’m so tired talaga from work…ayun maya maya nakarinig ako ng humihilik while nakapatong ung kamay sa likod ko so i asked sino ung humihilik sabi nya and ung other therapist (ng hubby ko) na si husband ko daw so di ko nlang pinansin to make the story short di nya ko na msssage ng maayos basta pagka rub nya sa likod ko stop ulit cya pag tingin ko tulog ulit cya….so i told her na itigil na natin to kc instead na marelax ako naiinis lang ako…so nag bihis ako and went out sa receptionist to tell her (i left my husband sa loob)about it… after a while lumabas na si hubby…nagulat ako kc nung nagbayad na ang husband ko sininggil pa din nila ung service daw na ginawa skin…my gosh di nga ako na msssage ng maayos, TINULUGAN LANG AKO NG THERAPIST, tapos i have to pay pa….wala man lang kaung ginawa sa reklamo ko talagang sininggil nyo pa ko …kaya ayun sirang sira ang araw ko ..it’s our valentine date pa nman sana…haizzzzz…so dissapointed with NUAT THAI MATALINO BRANCH!!!!!!!

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