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What to Do in Puerto Galera (A 3D/2N Itinerary)

16 January 2012 26,711 views 34 Comments

There’s going to be a long weekend—a full three days and two nights for you to go where you will. You want to travel and thoroughly enjoy yourself. What to do and where to go? I highly suggest this Puerto Galera itinerary.

Indeed, if you’re into nature, there’s one place where you can enjoy your vacation to the hilt: Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro. From white sand beaches and mountains, great views above ground and underwater, there are so many things you can do in Puerto Galera that you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave after your vacation is up!

Puerto Galera beach

Glorious sunset at Tamaraw beach. ©Milagros San Jose

In brief, here’s my suggested Puerto Galera itinerary for three days and two nights:

Day 1: Town tour, Tamaraw Falls

Day 2: Swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports

Day 3: Trekking to Aninuan Falls, souvenir shopping


The beauty of choosing this top tourist destination for your holiday is its proximity to Manila. If you leave early in the morning, you’ll be there way before lunch time. Note that this itinerary does not include Sabang, as it’s not exactly a place I would call fun.

Puerto Galera beach

Tranquil beaches. ©Ysrael C. Diloy

Going Around Puerto Galera Town

One of the things you will see when you arrive in Puerto Galera is its beautiful natural harbor. A number of yachts can be found in the cove, as it is safe haven especially when there are storms. Most bancas (outrigger boats) dock in Muelle, the town’s main pier, and people going to White Beach, Sabang, or Coco Beach are brought to their resorts by a shuttle service provided by the shipping line.

The center of the town itself (called bayan or Poblacion) is not so big. One of the things you can see there is the Muelle Cross, a historical landmark commemorating the sinking of the Canonero de Mariveles battleship in the 1800s.

Walking distance from the pier as well is the town church, the bell tower of which can easily be seen while approaching the harbor. If you go there, you can also visit the excavation museum with its collection of Chinese porcelain and shells.

Puerto Galera lomi

The best lomi I’ve ever tasted.

Want to have lomi (egg noodle soup) for lunch? You won’t have it anywhere better than in Puerto Galera. There’s a lomi house in the center of Poblacion, near Candava Store. Just ask the tricycle drivers where it is and you can walk there from the pier or from the church. For around P70 per order, it’s more than big enough for you, no matter how hungry you may be.

Right after lunch, take the jeepney to Calapan and ask to be dropped off at Tamaraw Falls, around 40 minutes from Puerto Galera. If you can manage it, take the seat right next to the driver so that you can see the falls from afar, as it is just a few meters from the highway.

As the largest waterfalls in Oriental Mindoro, it draws a large crowd on Sundays when admission is free. If you go during the weekday, however, you can enjoy it even more as there are not so many people there. If you want to enter the picnic area and use the facilities, there’s a minimal fee of P20. You can also just stop along the road and take pictures.

From Tamaraw Falls, just hail jeepneys going back to Puerto Galera, and from bayan, you can take tricycles going to White Beach. Fare is P30/person, while special trips cost P100-120, depending on your haggling powers.

Puerto Galera fire dancer

A Puerto Galera fire dancer.

White Beach comes alive at night. On Fridays and weekends, there are fire dancers on the beach, and live entertainment as well. For the best seat, grab a table in front of Mikko’s Bar, order a pitcher of Mindoro Sling (an alcoholic mix of Tanduay rhum and juice, among others) for P300, and wait for the gay performers to do their routine.

Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Other Water Sports in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is best known for its rich marine life. For Day 2, take the tour that includes snorkeling at the Coral Garden, a peek at the so-called underwater cave, and a look at the giant clams. While rates are standard (P1500-2500 per trip), you can haggle if it’s not peak season. If there are only a few of you, you can even ask to tag along with other groups to bring the cost down.

coral garden in Puerto Galera

Clear waters in the Coral Garden, Puerto Galera.

When you are at the Coral Garden, you have a choice of either just swimming by yourself, or paying P100 (per person) to have a smaller boat take you around. You’re going to hold on to the boat’s outrigger while snorkeling so that you can cover more areas. However, it’s not necessary as you can see more than enough on your own.

One word of warning: do not stand on the corals. There are so many sea urchins there that you can get stung if you’re not careful. Don’t forget as well to bring bread. It will draw hundreds of fish to you, and if you stay still on the water, you can feel them biting softly. That’s instant (and free!) fish spa!

The best time to do this is in the morning. For lunch, just choose any of the numerous restaurants along White Beach.

underwater cave in Puerto Galera

The so-called underwater cave.

If you’re a scuba diver, there’s a lot of excellent dive sites too! You can either dive the house reef (P900 including equipment rentals) or do boat dives (from P1500 per trip). There are a number of dive shops along the beach, just choose one.

In the afternoon, you can just go swimming along the beach, or go banana boat riding (P200/person) or kayaking. If you have a lot of spare cash, you can also go parasailing (P1500/20 minutes) or jetskiing (P2000/30 minutes). You can also go windsurfing, but not in White Beach. You’d have to go to the Sandbar for that (near Poblacion).

For dinner, hire a tricycle to take you to Luca’s, an excellent place for pizza and pasta in Brgy. Talipanan. My favorites are the Margarita and Romana, though the other flavors are also good. It’s very reasonably priced (P350 onwards). Just make sure to ask the driver to come back for you! It’s a special trip, so one way fare is P100.

Hiking to Aninuan Falls

On the third day, you can opt to go hiking. There are two waterfalls in Puerto Galera itself, Aninuan and Talipanan, located in the barangays for which they were named. While it’s easier to trek to Talipanan, the falls there is much smaller. If you’re in the mood for a longer trek (and a bigger and more beautiful falls), go find your way to Aninuan Waterfalls.

From White Beach, take a tricycle to Aninuan. If there are other passengers, it will only cost P10 per person. Ask to be dropped off where you can start trekking, just right before the Aninuan bridge. If it’s a special trip, the tricycle can go further in.

Ask the locals where the trail is and just follow it. The hike is around an hour for a moderate pace. If you can hire a local to take you there (~P100, depending on who’s going to accompany you), you can ask them to take the other trail when you go down so that you’ll end up in White Beach instead of back in Brgy. Aninuan.

You can spend the rest of Day 3 just walking around, either from White Beach to Tamaraw Beach resort and back, or just chilling in White Beach. There are a lot of souvenir shops, and they are cheap too! A white shirt can cost as low as P75 per piece, and bracelets are less than P10 each. You can have your hair braided, have a henna tattoo, or have a massage on the shore.

Just don’t forget to buy your tickets going back to Batangas (I recommend the Minolo Shipping Lines). The last trip is at 4pm on weekends. To make sure you get a seat, buy a round-trip ticket in Batangas and confirm your reservation when you arrive. Be there at the booth designated for the shipping line you’ve chosen at least 30 minutes before your scheduled trip.

Check out my post Puerto Galera in One Day for instructions on how to go there.

 If this Puerto Galera itinerary helped you, please share to your friends!



This is my entry to the 15th Blog Carnival of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers called “The 3D/2N Challenge” hosted by Eileen Campos of PossiblyPinay.

 Aleah Taboclaon is a freelance writer and editor. She likes running (completed one marathon, training for the next!), diving (PADI open water diver), and traveling with her Kindle. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can also email her; she would love to hear from you!

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  • mheanne ojeda said:

    Awesome itinerary Aleah! I’ve been to Puerto Galera a hundred times (seriously!) since every single Korean students that I taught English from 1992-1998 all wanted to go to PG! But never ever thought of hiking. I just know there’s the beach and of course the Mangyan’s Village and their wonderful crafts!

  • 3 Days and 2 Nights: Trip Planning Tips and Ideas in the Philippines | Possibly Pinay said:

    [...] Solitary Wanderer takes us to her headquarters in Puerto Galera. Beyond the noon-til-dawn parties in White Beach that [...]

  • Eileen/ Possibly Pinay said:

    Aleah! I had no idea na ganyan kadami pala ang eksena sa galera – kahit akong taga-kawit/dasma – wala akong alam dito (pero parang wala naman talagang magagawa dito)

    go for snorkeling and diving, no trekking please. char! :P
    Eileen/ Possibly Pinay recently posted..3 Days and 2 Nights: Trip Planning Tips and Ideas in the Philippines

  • Mitch said:

    My friend was invited to go here this holiday so may I suggest ako sa kanya nitong itinerary na to. hehe. Thanks for this at sana makapunta rin ko dito.. Sana maganda pa rin ang beaches dito.
    Mitch recently posted..Starts my year off right and with a "BANG"!

  • Aleah said:

    @ Mhe-anne: A lot has changed since the late 90s. Unfortunately, not all of them are good!
    @ Eileen: Yup! Lots more to do and see in PG.
    @ Mitch: Thanks for sharing this, Mitch. Yes, there are still beaches here which are nice and not congested.
    Aleah recently posted..What to Do in Puerto Galera (A 3D/2N Itinerary)

  • Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said:

    natakam ako sa lomi!! i miss coco beach :)

  • gayE @ pinaytraveljunkie said:

    Lomiiii! Haha. Sorry, yun talaga nagregister sa ‘kin. Pagpasenyahan mo na ako at nasasabik ako sa Pinoy food. I haven’t been to Aninuan Falls after revisiting PG 54059084171 times. LOL.

  • Aleah said:

    @ Christian: Yes, walang sinabi ang “lomi” ng Chowking haha
    @ Gaye: So you’re not too familiar with PG eh? ;)
    Aleah recently posted..What to Do in Puerto Galera (A 3D/2N Itinerary)

  • Manong Iskrambol said:

    I have been to Puerto Galera many times yet I have not tried half of what you shared it.. thanks and I will try some when I get back there..
    Manong Iskrambol recently posted..KNOW PRE-CYCLE AND RECYCLE FOR YOUR HOME FURNITURE

  • Novie said:

    Wow. It looks like a paradise. Wish I could visit Puerto Gallera someday. This is a very good guide and info’s for people planning to visit the said place. Well done to you.
    Novie recently posted..One Lovely Blog Award

  • Michelle B. said:

    Beautiful place! Haven’t been there yet :( I rarely find the time to travel actually. That’s one of the places I wanna go to. Thanks for sharing. At least I can live vicariously through you and your beautiful photos :P
    Michelle B. recently posted..Beauty Review: Mary Kay Concealer in Ivory 1

  • Aleah said:

    @ Manong Iskrambol: Do share your experience when you go back there :)
    @ Novie: Thanks! It’s a beautiful place.
    @ Michelle: Thanks, do keep on dropping by my blog!
    Aleah recently posted..What to Do in Puerto Galera (A 3D/2N Itinerary)

  • Boris said:

    I haven’t been to Puerto Galera but I’ve been wanting to! One of the activities I would do is the snorkling and just laying down on the beach. Maybe some hiking would do too :D
    Boris recently posted..Wimpy Braille Burgers

  • Eigroj Stain said:

    Nice Post,, I heard about this place but i didn’t realized that this place has so much to offer… I would love to try the cave adventure that seems to be more fun,,, and of course sunbathing on that beautiful white beach that u showed will complete the whole trip/vacation..God I miss Philippines!! Thank you for sharing…

  • Aleah said:

    @ Boris: Even just swimming and snorkeling is enough in Puerto Galera. It’s really wonderful there.
    @ Eigroj Stain: Next time you come home to the Philippines, make it a point to visit Puerto Galera!
    Aleah recently posted..What to Do in Puerto Galera (A 3D/2N Itinerary)

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  • Simurgh | Ang Pala-lagaw said:

    on my last visit..
    I went to this so called underwater cave.
    Had fun in there, hahaha! good thing weve come prepared with slippers, the rocks above the so called were sharp, the other guest on that day werent so lucky..
    ayan, ng kwento nako! :)
    Simurgh | Ang Pala-lagaw recently posted..Caramoan | The Off Beaten Path to Umang Cave

  • Aleah said:

    @ Simurgh: Oh yeah, I forgot about those rocks! Those were pretty sharp!
    Aleah recently posted..Make Waves—A Unique Souvenir Shop in Puerto Galera

  • The Shades of Grey | Elal said:

    Never been to puerto galera. Your IT looks inviting. Sayang sa occidental part ako this feb. Yun kasi may plane eh(palusot ng byahilo) :) super love the sunset pic btw. :)
    The Shades of Grey | Elal recently posted..changed to —> theshadesofgreyelal.blogspot.com

  • Aleah said:

    @ Elal: You’re new pa naman in Manila di ba? Di bale, when you have time do go to Galera even for just a weekend. It’s so much fun there.
    Aleah recently posted..Embassy of Belgium—How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Manila

  • Ian l brownmantrips.com said:

    salamat sa post na ito…hindi na dudugo ang utak ko…. friend is asking for an IT kase…. hahahaha salamat this very helpful
    Ian l brownmantrips.com recently posted..Zambales: A Two Day, One Night Adventure (Anawangin, Nagsasa and Capones)

  • Aleah said:

    @ Ian: Thanks. Share all you like!
    Aleah recently posted..Embassy of Belgium—How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Manila

  • Ada Lajara said:

    I’ve always wanted to go here, after 4 years of inviting several friends, classmates, workmates di matuloy tuloy. Siguro punta na lang ako mag-isa lol, I might use this as my itinerary na rin ;)

  • Aleah said:

    @ Ada: Ada! It’s so near! It’s best enjoyed with friends though (or fiance haha).
    Aleah recently posted..Caving in Wawa Dam, Montalban

  • Aya said:

    Hi! We’re planning a trip to Puerto Galera in a few weeks. Where did you stay? Where can we find contacts for the tour of the Coral Garden, underwater cave, falls, etc? Thank you!

  • Aleah said:

    @ Aya: We stayed at Basilico Lodge in White Beach. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of accommodation available there, as long as it isn’t the holidays, you’ll find some. What’s important is to see the place FIRST before paying. Some look really icky. Re tours, there’s a lot of people who will offer you that. If there are only a few of you, try hooking up with other travelers there so that you can split the banca fee (1500-2500).
    Aleah recently posted..My Interview with Peter Greenberg, CBS News Travel Editor

  • Nica Mandigma said:

    Great travel tips! I haven’t been to Coral Garden but I will make sure that I will visit it the next time I go to Puerto Galera. I also want to visit Tamaraw Falls.

    In case you’re looking for other places to visit in Puerto Galera, please check out my post on Talipanan Beach.
    Nica Mandigma recently posted..2012 Run United 2

  • Aleah said:

    @ Nica: Coral Garden is a must when you visit Puerto Galera! Love snorkeling there!
    Aleah recently posted..One Day in Verona, Italy

  • ana said:

    My friends and I are planning to visit PG. Kindly suggest affordable and nice accommodations in White Beach. Thank you.

  • Aleah said:

    @ Ana: I have stayed in Basilico Lodge in White Beach and they were not expensive. However, if you’re going during the summer months, it’s peak season, so prices will be different. Your best bet is to go there in person and look around. I’m sure if there’s a group of you, you can find a good deal. Accommodation’s expensive only in PG when you’re a solo traveler.
    Aleah recently posted..Of Eve Teasing and Solo Travel in India

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    [...] Galera aside from water sports and watching these fire dancers at night, check out my guide on the What To Do in Puerto Galera for 3 Days and 2 Nights. For directions in going there, here’s how to go to Puerto Galera. Photos ©Tuan TrungVu. [...]

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  • Fred said:

    Hey. We are a group of 16 and we are travelling from North to PG. I am just worried as our expected arrival in White Beach, PG is on april 20 which is Easter Sunday. We did not make any reservation for accomodation. Do you think we will stand a chance of getting a place to stay on an Easter? Please lemme know soon. Thanks.

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