Snapshot Sunday—Deep Thoughts in the Grand Palace, Bangkok

I was struck by the figure cut by this woman amidst the splendor of the Phra Mondhop structure in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. She was obviously a local, and probably one of the underprivileged ones based on her attire. What could she have been thinking that hot and humid afternoon?

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Deep in thought in the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace complex had then been packed with tourists who all but bumped into each other photographing everything in sight. I did the same thing too; who wouldn’t, with the dazzling golden colors of the wats and the multicolored hues of the buildings inside? But all these didn’t seem to impress the woman, who kept in her corner the whole time I was observing her.

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  1. Koen says

    Great pic and it shows how someone can be miles away in her thoughts among the epic beauty of the Grand Palace…being there only a few months ago, walking in the Grand Palace, it brings back some memories…I can totally understand that woman…


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