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Tortoise galapagos

Exploring the Galapagos Islands: What You Need to Know

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands? Read this month’s contribution by Karin-Marijke Vis and Coen Wubbels on what you need to know about exploring the Galapagos.

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I would have loved to see Wadi Rum from a hot air balloon!

One Week in Jordan

From the ancient cities of Aljun and Jerash, to the rose-red beauty of Petra and the starkness of Wadi Rum, read where else I’m going for a week in Jordan.

coron paradise dining

Review: Coron Paradise Bed and Breakfast

Want to know where to stay in Coron, Palawan? Here’s my review of Coron Paradise Bed and Breakfast, which I would recommend for its price and location.

prague castle

Visiting Prague: The Unexpected Sights and Statues

If you’re visiting Prague soon, make sure to check out these unique sights and statues that this historic city has to offer.

bangkok river

Solo Travel Tips to Bangkok

Traveling to Thailand soon? Here are my solo travel tips to Bangkok, covering accommodations, attractions, and scams to look out for.

Machu Picchu

Why I Fell in Love With Cusco, Peru (And Why You Probably Will Too)

In this guest post, part of the Visit South America series, Amy Rigby tells you why you would love Cusco as an expat.


Pay It Forward: 8 Random Acts of Kindness on the Road

I asked Reddit if they have experienced any random acts of kindness while they were traveling. Here are some of the best responses from Redditors.

microtel boracay

International Flavors at Mama’s Fish House in Boracay

If you love good food, check out Mama’s Fish House in Boracay. The food’s delicious, the menu’s international, and servings are huge.

tayid batanes

Why You Should Go and Visit Batanes Now [21 Photos]

Want to know why I suggest that you go visit Batanes? Check out my post and see if my photos will convince you!

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