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Things To Do in Coron, Palawan

I had always wanted to go to Coron in Palawan. It’s a diver’s dream with its numerous dive sites, and it’s any water-lover’s paradise as well. I did buy a return ticket there once; I made hostel reservations, contacted tour

Lovers in Pulag

Romantic Date Ideas in the Philippines

Pretty soon it’s going to be Valentine’s Day. For those who are attached, it could mean a stressful time trying to find unique date ideas you could do on this day. After all, it’s so boring to just go to …



Learning Thai Cooking in Sangkhlaburi

If there’s one thing I would highly recommend you to do in Thailand, it’s to take a Thai cooking class. I’m far from being domestic, and sautéing vegetables is the best I can do at home. I learned, though, that …