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Island Hopping in Boracay

Island hopping in Boracay is a must when you visit one of the best beaches in the world. Snorkeling is pretty fun too, with a variety of marine life visible. Be prepared for the sight of schools of the super pretty butterfly fish coming at you!




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Inferiority complex at Salar de Uyuni. ©G.S. Matthews

Backpacking South America – Tentative Itinerary

I'm excited for my backpacking South America trip, that much is obvious. Nine months before my target departure date, I've already bought the backpack I'll be using (a … [Read More...]

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How to Pass the Time at the Airport

In 2012, I left Woodlands in Singapore to go to Changi Airport an hour before my flight back to the Philippines. Needless to say, I arrived too late and had to buy a replacement ticket on the spot, a mistake … [Read More...]


Favorite Solo Travel Destinations in the Philippines

A lot of solo travelers--including those who only traveled alone out of necessity and not by choice--have their own special places they consider their favorite. These destinations could be friendly to solo … [Read More...]